BlackBerry Travel updated with UI improvements and bug fixes

By Bla1ze on 29 May 2014 11:23 pm EDT

BlackBerry Travel hasn't been updated in quite a while but someone at BlackBerry realized it needed some love and has pushed out a new release. Appearing as v3.2.2.20 this release has plenty of bug fixes in place and sports a few UI changes as well as some improvements to how itineraries are added, edited and displayed to users.

  • Ability to choose from multiple addresses when using "Email Itinerary" feature.
  • Updated "Help" and in-app messaging for BlackBerry Balance users.
  • Improve interface for itinerary, flight status, and itinerary sharing.
  • Fixed crashes when manually adding or editing trips and itinerary details.
  • Bug fixes

We're still going through the update but it's showing now in BlackBerry World and should be available to everyone. Go ahead and grab the update and let us know what you spot in the release.

Download BlackBerry Travel from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

BlackBerry Travel updated with UI improvements and bug fixes


I think it's all locally stored and the feature that adds trip plans from parsed emails can be disabled. I may be naive but I don't think it collects and stores info for marketing or other nefarious purposes.

Posted via CB10

I don't think it's purely stored locally because you can access all your trip data at

Posted via CB10

It is stored on worldmate servers since bbtravel is powered by worldmate. Also bbtravel sends your email itineraries to worldmate if you have activated the email scanning function. I don't understand why such an app can't work entirely locally (apart from checking flight status).

Posted via CB10

You can choose to only send your travel itineraries and disable email scanning, which I've done. The BB Travel app also lets you book hotels and car rental based on your itinerary directly from the app. I've been using it for years and have never ever received a single SPAM email from them. It can't work on your device because the scanning of information is constantly changing. For example, Marriott just changed their email format and since the scanning is done on the server, it was updated to read the new itinerary within a day.

It's not about Spam. I don't like that I have to send personal details to worldmate. Ah, and I don't think that it is necessary to scan emails online in order to offer a reliable service. Think of in app updates. If BlackBerry travel would have an in-build email scanning module, only this module could be updated if the structure of an email itinerary has been changed.

Posted via CB10

Would be nice if they would add a history log or past trip lob. It's still power by worldmate.

Anyway this is the best travel app on BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I'd really like to be able to share my itinerary via BBM rather than just by email.

Not sure why that wasn't thought of already by BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Terrible update. Completely screwed up my font size on screen view. Now I can't see everything formatted to fit. Fix this blackberry.NOW. I have 12 trips I can't follow with a quick view after this chap update!

Posted via my Z30 Droidberry.

Wolf, I don't believe it looks different on your Q10 than my. Did you check i.e. 'Add a trip' and scroll down to the bottom of the screen? You will notice that half screen is cut

Posted via CB10

Works fine on my Q10. I did not notice any change in font or any screens cut, including the "Add a trip" screen. If you're talking about the black bar at the bottom, that's always been there, even before this update.

I got that as well when I clicked on the link. Just go to BlackBerry World and it's there. Not sure what the problem is with the link

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Very good update but there is a minor typo in flow-over menu option for "More Travel Apps"..I sent a screen shot to BlackBerry World support already.

 CB10 

One of the fix was it crashes when you try to add a trip manually which happened to me last night.

 CB10 

Yes I rebooted. Still looks worse than before update. I have to downsize my font just to use and don't need to see blanks about hotel and car reservations. I can't delete these reminders and they were deleted before the shit update. Thanks BlackBerry for screwing up a simple functional app

Posted via my Z30 Droidberry.

Christ I hate updates, Android users shake in their boots on updates always a horror story is this what we are going to expect from a Droid berry phone

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

BB Travel, along with the stock Weather app, have been messed up for me since I loaded 10.3 leak. This update hasn't fixed anything.

In the forums you can, in the comments section (right HERE!), you can't.

Just open a thread there in the forums, it works in the CB app as well as the desktop browser version, you should be able to attach screenshots....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Don't use the link on this article. Will work if you just go to BlackBerry World directly.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Love it but it still doesn't handle cruise itineraries.
*le sigh*

Create Trip ->Select Trip Type ->CRUISE
Edit Trip ->Add Details ->CRUISE


Posted via CB10

Uhh, Ha.Ha.Ha?


Can someone explain the reluctance to include cruise trip management in BBTravel? Is data parsing on that type of itinerary such a challenge? Do Canadians not cruise?? (teehee)

Type A travel personality :)

Posted via CB10

Awful update, fonts messed up. Can no longer see all details on screen, not very use able right now.

Posted via CB10

Update worked well on Z30, started using the app not long ago, very useful. I wish you could store the boarding passes.

Posted via CB10

I use BlackBerry travel...will not....will this Update !

Just like the Google App in B WORLD called Hide Files you must unhide files before updating the App " it's a warning " works well but if you see the update in B world and to not unhide...well your FKT !!! scarry

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

This App has saved my Ass twice. Happy to see it get some love!

C0007CCC8 PING BlackBerry info Channel

I have a Z10. It says this is not available for my device. Is this only for the Q10?

Posted via CB10

Just got the update on my Z10. I never had any real problems except the occasional crash. Time will tell foe me I'd it's any better.

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There's only a couple of things I really miss about BlackBerry, but Travel is close to the top of that list. One of the great apps; worth having even if one only travels a little.

I absolutely love this app. Gave me alerts faster than the airlines did at the airports.

Sent from my Q10 or Z10.

Fonts on my Z10 are all screwed up too. Yes, I did reboot, and changing the font size in Settings didn't help.

I'm sorry, because this is absolutely my go-to travel app and it's saved my bacon on numerous occasions. Hoping for a quick fix.

Posted via CB10

I don't think it offers local exchange rates any more, which it used to. Considering I am flying out of the country tomorrow, I wish I hadn't updated.

Posted via CB10

Why don't they add a boarding pass thing to the app? Would be so cool to have your boarding passes there.

Posted via CB10

The app still has a bug when manually updating the flight info. It does not recognize the departure and arrival times that are manually entered and returns a message asking to enter the them after pressing submit. Otherwise, the apps works well.

Posted via CB10

I never understood why you can't book a flight with it. Everything else (hotel, car) but not a flight. Am I missing it somewhere? Otherwise it's the best experience ever

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

Would be nice to have a passbook system attach to hit, all the major airlines already issue mobile boarding passes.

via  Z30

I love BB Travel, however when I attempt to share an itinerary by e-mail to one of my contacts, they never receive the e-mail. I'm using the latest version of BB Travel.