BlackBerry Travel update brings improved Hub interactions

By Bla1ze on 12 Jul 2013 01:03 am EDT

A quick little update to BlackBerry Travel is now making its way through BlackBerry World. If you find yourself using the app often, you'll want to go ahead and grab what's noted as being v3.1.1.2. There's a small change log to go along with this release that highlights the new and improved Hub capabilities of the app.

  • "Share to BlackBerry Travel" option in Hub.
  • Improvements to flight notification in Hub.

That about covers it. You can update through the my world section on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone or if you're just giving the app a go for the first time, you can hit the link below to grab it.

Download BlackBerry Travel from BlackBerry World

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BlackBerry Travel update brings improved Hub interactions


I use this app all the time! There were some issues where not all airlines booking emails were being picked up. I noticed some improvements last time, and will download this one and see what else they've done.

Another issue is that it was sometimes late in getting the gate information.

Overall though, still an amazing app. It saved our ass once where BB Travel beeped a flight reminder (on a delayed flight) and had us scrambling to leave the restaurant and get to the gate. Other two had iPhone and Android, so BB saves the day.

BlackBerry Travel lacks one of the most important aspects of a business person's basic functions. It lacks the ability to set up meeting.

How can BLackBerry boasts of being a business device, and lack the ability to set up and schedule meetings?

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Ummm. The app takes care of your travel (hotels, flights etc), not your meetings. It has never been about meetings.

YOU IDIOT! Its a travel app. You dope. That's the dumbest comment I've ever seen. Thick idiot.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

I wouldn't call the guy an idiot. Just point out the right information about the app. Cut him a little slack. I know he is criticizing BlackBerry but no need to be harsh.

Well I've updated but still cannot see an option to share a hub email into BlackBerry Travel. Mine hasn't once managed to pick up a flight related email either.

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Depends on the airline. I have had it pick up every Air Canada flight, but non of my WestJet flights. Well not exactly true, it picks up their boarding pass's but by then it's kinda too late.

Never had this issue with my Legacy BlackBerrys....Though at least the new BB Travel makes it even easier to manually add the flights.

I also updated and see no changes to hub or any option to share to blackberry travel. What dies the update to the hub actual look like on the Zed?

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It is there.

Go to the Hub, press and hold any email. In the long list of options coming out from the right, press "three dots". There will be long list of options coming up. You won't see what you are looking for immediately. Press any option and flick upward. This will scroll down the list to an option like "Share | BlackBerry Travel"

Hope it helps.

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Very good app. One that sets BlackBerry apart from others. Surprising that 'one of those fruit companies' hasn't wrote a similar app for their OS but this app is a definite plus for BlackBerry.

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For all of the people who are having problems with BlackBerry travel picking up your flights, just forward the itinerary off to (from your blackberry travel registered email). This way you won't have to enter anything in manually. The email scanning used to work flawlessly on my legacy device but this workaround is good enough.

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Cool thanks! I was able to send my itinerary from my Z10 to my mom's Q10 and this worked flawlessly :)

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Just want to add this workaround is actually well documented in latest version of BlackBerry Travel. Try add a trip manually, and there are some instructions you can expand on clicking a "learn more" link. Such instruction refers to this email address.

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Nothing on Link.
Won't allow me to save hotel info put in manually
Miss the old BBTravel on 7.1
My delete it and reload the application

It partially works, but not as advertised. I am not going to sit and type in all the information in, when I can just print out my e-ticket, and carry it with me. It does not fill in the blanks.

Thanks. It worked perfectly and even made a schedule time change. I had not read the thread all the way to the bottom, before I posted.

For some reason, whenever I update BB Travel it loses the connection to BBM. As there is no option to link it from within the app, I need to delete and reinstall before it will link up.
Also, I think they should make it possible to share a travel itinerary with another person. So for example, if your partner, family or friend was travelling and you were picking them up from the airport, it would be useful to be able to get the same updates as you would for your own itinerary.

I am sure you can share itineraries from within BlackBerry Travel but whether only via BBM I have not checked.

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There is an option to email itinerary as opposed to share status but I can't seem to get it to work. The Send button is grayed out. May be some permissions I set or rather lack of it.

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After the first major update I never had a problem. Picks up every flight and hotel automatically and works like a charm! Best. Travel app. Ever!

There was a time when BlackBerry Travel buzzed me about a last minute change of boarding gate QUICKER than the airline's email/text alert service. That's impressive.

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ok thanks for updating - but still this app needs a lot work.
it still does not import tickets like i apples passbook does!
and WTF did they do with the ACTIVE FRAME?
sry BlackBerry read you guidelines and be first on innovating apps that show wat your OS is capable of!

Right now BlackBerry's own apps are worse than any other apps!

They are working on it but god dam it they are to slow in that!

Why did those guys buy TAT? Where are their astonishing UI's?
Build them in your own apps!

What do you mean "what did they do to the active frame"? Before when minimized, it didn't change. Now it finally has an active frame view that shows your upcoming trip. Though it would be nice if it imported a ticket like you said.

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ah ok for me it did not - maybe an os issue ^^
I was just thinking it is doing the same as all the other apps (twitter fb linkedin etc)

@BruvvaPete, Anik91,Dtarin. BlackBerry Travel was modeled after the Worldmate Travel application check it out when you have a chance. 

As for you Anik91, it is quite evident that you are extremely limited and don't get out much which makes you the thickest of idiots. Let me explain it. May be you can understand it. 

Business people usually travel for the purpose of setting up meetings have you got that. The inability of the app to fulfill that simple need of the business traveler, especially when BlackBerry is supposed to be a business first device, makes the application come up short. 

Anik91, I hope your thickness allows you to at least understand the concept now. 

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Your beef with BB Travel strikes me as a tad silly. I set my meetings up in the calendar where, as it turns out, your BB Travel details also appear.

Indeed, itinerary at BlackBerry Travel got imported into calendar where all my meetings are. No complaint there.

That said, auto tickets scanning never works for me whether on BBOS or BB10. Something to do with ticket format I think.

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I kinda have to agree with your detractors; it's a travel app. I wouldn't call Chimpact or Shark Dash or Super Hexagon stupid games because I can't schedule a game night on my calendar while in the game.

I get that you set up business meeting when you travel. What I don't get is why you think you should be doing this from a flight monitoring app. I don't think I'd do business with someone like you if this is the way your thought processes work

What extension file will this app accept. My itinerary is a PDF file and it won't accept it, sending it to didn't help either. My travel arrangements were made through CAA. The app won't accept my Canjet Flight manually either (it comes back saying it doesn't exist?). If I knew which itinerary extension was most widely used, I could request that from my travel consultant.

It doesn't read files as far as I know. You forward the email you get from the airline that lists out your flight details in the body of the message

That's too bad. I tried copy/pasting the contents of the PDF file attachment inserting it in an email I sent to myself, but it lost the formatting, therefore the app wouldn't accept it either. Oh well, thanks for your kind response. We tried...

As far as I understand, the app is supposed to scan your email accounts then populate with the info. That's how it worked for me in the past. Is the airline you're using only capable of sending. pdf files?

I don't use many apps. But I definitely use and love this one. Glad to see more enhancements.

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Anybody else have the predictive text and autocorrect on their Z10 keyboard stop working after this? Or is it just an unhappy coincidence for me?

i'm not having issues with the flights getting picked up, but the flights aren't getting entered into my calendar (the trip is, not the flights). anyone else having this issue?

This app is one reason why I stick to BlackBerry. The others being BlackBerry Protect and Bridge app-wise but both are now crippled.

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Love BlackBerry Travel too - often get flight delay notifications before the airlines announce them, even while standing at the gate!!!

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Wahoo. This update fixed all my issues. I can finally delete my duplicate account and log on with my correct one. I'm so happy to have BlackBerry Travel back up and running. The BB10 version is now as good t as the one on my BB7 Torch. Well done! This app is a true super app.

BBTravel is superior to any other platforms out the there. I can't tell you how many iPhone user I have helped with this app. I enter their flight details as a new trip on my phone. Then we can check their flight status and gate changes.

PS. Looking forward to the day it can aggregate boarding passes as well.

Not showing up for me. Not a big deal though. App if fine but needs a check in option. Unless I've missed it.

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Just tried the Share feature from the hub and it is pulling in another e-mail. One that is not even travel related.

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This is one of the best travel apps. Just came back from a Europe trip. Airline, hotel, car rental -- all automatically entered from email. Had to manually enter train times as app could not read French emails.

Correctly predicted missing hotel booking in some locations. Hotel suggestions also saved us money.

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Regarding the French emails... I'm wondering if having the French language as an input language would have any effect on the app. is French enabled as one of your input languages?

My holiday package which includes flight information was booked through CAA travel, and the package is through Nolitours, and the airline is Air Canada/Canjet

Sorry for posting again, but
1.) I can't see the Hub option to share a mail with BBT. Even reinstalled the app.
2.) Automatic trip scanning is 'on', but doesn't work.
3.) World clocks show incorrect time information for the Canaries
That's all for now...

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HELP, did the update and do see share with BB travel in the hub, but LOST THE WORLD CLOCK and CURRENCY CONVERTER in the APP. Tried to uninstall and re-install three times but no help. Has this happen to anyone else?

I am a little bit disappointed by this app. It could do so much more. Just book a room for my next trip in France using a website different from travelocity, and when I am sending the confirmation email from the hub to the Blackberry travel app, it will not upload it. Just book a table during my trip at a fancy restaurant in Paris, and again, it does not upload because it did not used Yelp. I am using this application a lot, but they must keep working on the integration of additional travel event. At least give us the option to add it manually.