BlackBerry Travel now available for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Travel
By Adam Zeis on 21 Mar 2013 12:17 pm EDT

One of the most loved apps, BlackBerry Travel, has finally come to BlackBerry 10. If you have used BlackBerry Travel in the past, you know how great it is for frequent travelers. It's a free solution to keep track of flights, hotels, rental cars and much more right on your BlackBerry 10 device.

There are plenty of sharing features, alerts, price change notices - you name it. We've been waiting on it for a while now and can't wait to put it through the paces.  

Feature of BlackBerry Travel include:

  • Trip Status Sharing – It’s now even easier to post your trip updates on BBM, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With Trip Status Sharing, you can keep your friends and colleagues up-to-date on your travel adventures immediately as they unfold.
  • Flight Status Sharing – BlackBerry Travel has always kept you up-to-date with real-time flight statuses and with BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10, you can share this information with your colleagues, friends and social networks. If your flight is delayed, cancelled or changed terminals, you can easily and quickly inform others and make sure they know when and where to pick you up from the airport.
  • Price Alerts, Change Offers and Upgrades – The new Price Alert service with BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10 helps ensure you’re always getting the best hotel deal. It will put your mind at ease and automatically notify you if there’s a better price for the hotel room you booked, a comparable hotel for a cheaper price, or if there’s a much better hotel for slightly more. In many cases, you can cancel your original booking without penalty and re-book the better deal through BlackBerry Travel.
  • BlackBerry ID – With BlackBerry ID, you’ll never have to login to BlackBerry Travel again. You’ll have instant access to all of its features as soon as you launch the app. Even on your first time using BlackBerry Travel, BlackBerry ID will automatically fill in the registration form for you.

BlackBerry Travel should pop up over the next 24 hours, so if you're not seeing it available just check back later.

More information/Download BlackBerry Travel

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BlackBerry Travel now available for BlackBerry 10


It is great to finally start seeing some of these big apps drop. I hope this is just the start for today.

"BlackBerry Travel should pop up over the next 24 hours, so if you're not seeing it available just check back later."

Miss that? :P

How dare you suggest that people read the article in its entirety before commenting on it. What do you think this is?! Mensa?

If the membership of CrackBerry was the same as Mensa there would be no reason to read the article. Mensa members know all but you must ask them the right question to get the desired answer. ;)

It's only supported in Canada, UK, and US for the time being. I'm in Indonesia and I had it on my 9790. Now can't have it on my Z10. Strange move by BBRY.
By the way, any news on BlackBerry Wallet?

"BlackBerry Travel should pop up over the next 24 hours, so if you're not seeing it available just check back later."

Oh my precious. This app has saved my butt a couple times before when traveling. Search for Alternate Flights rocks. Plus all the trip info in one place.

Sweet! Love this app. Although I don't travel frequently, when I do, I love it. One caveat as a Canadian user, though. Maybe sure your currency is correct before you book anything through it! I booked hotels in US funds, then subsequently had to cancel the trip, and the credit card conversion fees got me both ways... >:(

It up in bbw... still network air when hitting DL button....wont be long, have patients

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

One big note to BBworld. Instagram, keek,a lot of application you can see the Icon in BlackBerry Marker. But you cannot download any????????

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Try downloading it again. I had an issue initially but got it finally. :)

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BlackBerry Travel is great but I do hope they start widening the support for other countries as well, just like the BBOS app :(

If you actually login to BlackBerry World site and search there you may find the app and then click download and it will get sent to your phone.
When looking for it directly from my phone I wasn't able to find the application.

Wooohooo! It's a good day for BlackBerry. Plus.. the lady opposite me is using the z10 also. 2nd person I've seen so far.. the more the merrier. Live and direct from the bus 341 in London.

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Man, I'm annoyed.
"Not available for your Device", same problem I had with Whatsapp.
I guess I'll have to wait 24 hours?

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Maybe the one app I could not live without. And just in time for me to pick up a new Z10 tomorrow morning from AT&T. ;)

2 key features not mentioned by Adam in his article.
BB Travel frequently posts flight delays/changes before the gate agents at the airport know about them. If a flight is cancelled or delayed that gives you a brief head start over other passengers on rebooking or seeking alternates

And one of the best features not mentioned above is the ability of others to make changes via the web to update my travel info if circumstances require.

Currency update settings won't change. Reverts back to daily after exit...come on folks they gotta work @ launch

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Another bug. Areoplan. Trip confirmation emails would always scan in trip planner on other versions, but not supported in the bb10 version. Why release an app that does not even have the functions of older versions, thought I was moving forward with the z10... frustrating

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Nice to see the app but doesn't look like it was not well tested before release, try logging in using BlackBerry that was not registered for BlackBerry Travel and you will get a nice user friendly error message.

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This is a great app on OS7. I can't wait to try it out on BB10. BB apps are usually much more desirable to me than most of the 3rd party apps people say BB is missing.

Worked without a hitch for me, just downloaded, opened app, it did its log in thing automatically, now I just need to book a trip!

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When I click "Email Itinerary" only 8 of 400 contacts come up, anyone else have that issue? (And yes there are emails associated with many contacts)

Thank you Blackberry, I have really missed this app. I need to be told when there are gate changes and this program does it for me. I check hotel prices and book all wtih this program.

It doesn't get my location right. It thinks I'm in Oakville, and I am in Mississauga. Can't trust it if it doesn't even get that right...

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I love this app on my 9900, I 'll be picking my Z10 up on T-mobile Tuesday unless I lose patience and switch too AT&T Friday but as somewhat of a traveler this app is really amazing.

Seems kind of ironic for a system that espouses security to have a a native app that contains a feature for publicly sharing your travel plans over Twitter ;)

Nice to see the app is here - definitely awesome for keeping up to date on flight timings and finding good prices.


Awesome! One of the last apps I was waiting to hear about before the US launch.

Btw Adam, why do you have a Canadian passport? :p

Not working for me. I can log on to the Web version with no issues to see my trips but when I try logging in to the app using the same credentials, it says email already exists and gives me an error message.
Tried logging out of the Web version and retries but no luck at all.

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Oh man! I can't believe I never used this before!!!

Just installed it, It scanned through my emails and I'm put all of my future travel info into it!!! I don't care if some people think that it's creepy that it reads through your emails this baby is saving me tons of Hassel and time.

5 out of 5 for me.

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May I ask the travel provider that is working for auto trip scanning. I think some of mine are not supported yet, although they were in older versions

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Yippee, the last app I needed for my "to be purchased" Z10. Just a few more months to free upgrade time. Roll BB Roll.

Awesome news, I travel every week and was so reliant on this app on my 9900. Now I can have it on my Z10.

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Do you know if they made it so you can link to the carrier's checkin for a flight page from the app? Previously, you couldn't, and they even made the confirmation code a non-copypaste field, so when you had to checkin online, you would have to remember and type that data.

Other than that, the travel app bb7.1 was well thought out, and useful. It saved me countless times, where a flight would land late, and I could know where the connecting flight gate was without having to stop to look at the airport monitors.

Sigh, another waited application... only to be "unavailable for this device"...

Guess, need to wait longer...

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BBTravel is a great app - downloaded and already have my first trip in - it looks great on BB10 - This was one of the key apps I've been waiting for!

Anyone having trouble with it? I can install it just fine but when I run it and try and log in it just gives me a log in error. I am fully able to log in on the blackberry travel website and review my travel information there. just no luck on the app.

Wow this picked up a flight I recently booked and automatically put it on the monitoring list. Glad to see why people were crying to have this app on BB10.

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App world says this app is not available for your device.. why so? I m in India and bought the device Z10 from Dubai.. please help.. WhatsApp, BlackBerry travel and many apps link from crackberry says same when directed to app world..

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Downloading now! I've never used this app before but very keen to try this time with my trip to Europe in the next few months.

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BB Travel...words can't even express how much you mean to me. Even though you were gone, we were still a team. but now you're back!

FINALLY!!! Installed, works like a charm, and automatically pulled in my next three trips I didn't have to do a thing!!!! Really missed this app. My Z10 life is now complete. Just want blackberry traffic now....

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Guys from Vodafone UK - please let know when it is available. I'm from Poland and getting to be tired of swaping my polish carrier sim card and the one from Vodafone

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One of my biggest gripes with BlackBerry is the restrictions that they place on some apps. Why US, Canada and UK only? Come on BlackBerry what about the rest of the world?

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One of the features I really like about BB Travel is not listed in the blog above. I like when I get an email confirmation on a flight that BB Travel automatically recognizes it and adds it to an itinerary automatically in BB Travel. Is this functionality in the BB10 version?

First time I installed it wouldn't even launch. Reinstalled and now it's working. I didn't have this on my old, old BB, but it looks freaking amazing here on the Z10 -- what a great tool.

To all of you having issues clicking the link to download:
open BB World on your Z10
Search for Blackberry Travel
Click the Download button
Enjoy the app

Downloaded and installed the app. But hate the auto login with the blackberry ID, my BB Travel account uses an old ID...

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Ok, I see a flaw. It will import my itinerary but it goes into my local calendar, which isn't my default on my device and one that I don't use. Anyone figure out a way to get it to use a different calendar on your device to import?

It's the best travel organizer I've ever come used while on the 9800... so looking forward to this app on my z10

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It said that the app is not available for my device and I have a blackberry 10!! Help please!! It's not the first app to say the same thing!!

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WTF man, not available for my device
Is this because I didn't get any carrier pushed updates?????
This is horse shit man, first whatsapp and now this
I love BlackBerry travel, this update shit is starting to pass me off

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New to this app. Never used it on previous BB's. Awesome app! It's got everything in one place. Love it

Posted via CB10 powered by BB10

BlackBerry travel states that you can add travel details from an email by simply selecting add to BlackBerry travel from the hub. There is no such option for me?

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Two options/solutions
1. Information of new apps should be one day AFTER launch by blackberry.
2. Just wait for another day or 12hours after reading the article before downloading.

Jeez... It's expected when a new app arrive (which is highly anticipated), just take your breath slowly, do something else (like sleep or work).
And then only, click on the link or search BB world for the app.

be calm like water. Be water. - Bruce lee

Well, unavailable for this device is the message i got. Z10 here, anyone facing same issue?

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Argghhh.... why isn't BlackBerry Travel available in Dubai. I was only able to download this app outside of the region on my BlackBerry 9800. There is no reason why it's not a global launch. Why only US, Canada and UK. I travel frequently and was expecting a full roll out of this but once again its restricted without any explanation. I love and rely on this app and urge BlackBerry to come to the party and roll it out to other countries... Quickly

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USA, UK and Canada only ??? WTF ? I just don't get some of the business practices of BB sometimes. We have been BB users for years but are frankly weeks away from pulling the pin. The Z10 may be a great bit of hardware but its a massive productivity step backwards from an old 9900 whilst we wait for basic apps that you can get on old devices (I'm not even asking for apps from other platforms). You would think that BB would be able to get their own apps out before launch. And still in Australia we wait...............

There are a few apps for z10 which shows that "This application is not allowed to this Device" message when trying to download. What's app, and know the BlackBerry travel application, with Kindle is the same too. I am in Hungary, with unlocked z10. Can anyone suggest a solution to this or is it a matter of time when the developers are allowing "Developing " countries to access their software... :)

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BlackBerry makes money from selling at highest price in India, but is only happy serving its masters in USA.

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Blackberry (the company) really suckz. I love the Z10 but this company threats their customers different.
No service provider supports bb10 in Thailand.
Lots of apps are not available for my device.
Greetings from a third class customer who paid a first class price for his new Z10.

Looks like I will have to go back to using my 9900 until it's released in Spain. Come on BlackBerry get your act together or you will fail.

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Unavailable for my device through the link given here. Try searching for it in the blackberry world but can not be found.

Any ideas?

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For all you guys, who are not seeing the app in app world or is not available for your device, what os version are you running?
I believe it's not an issue of availability in country but an o.s. Version issue

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Blackberry Travel is only available in 3 countries... WTF !!!
It's really going on my nerves... Why the apps aren't availaible for EVERYONE ??!!!!!
It's exactly the same for music downloading... It's not availaible in Blackberry world for my country.
I live in Switzerland and we pay the most expensive prices regarding the devices and the roaming services.
PLEASE, help us !!!

I'm running and I'm getting not available. Think it is country related as I'm in Spain. Even tried Vodafone UK sim and nothing.

Posted via CB10

How to make everyone angry with the exception of those living in three favored countries : publish essential apps and let them know it's not for them.

Direct from blackberry support :", it may take a few days to become available to your region." I'm in Europe France

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For those who need an alternate to BlackBerry Travel, try Skyscanner as an alternative. It's built for BB10 and works a treat. I guess there are alternatives out there but for BlackBerry not to roll this our to the rest of the world its a real shame..

Lets hope that some oxygen reaches the brain before dying of a slow death

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I am still unable to get BlackBerry travel on my Z10. It says that this app is not for Z10

Posted via CB10

For anyone following up on this, Blackberry Travel for BB10 is now available almost in all countries around the world and not just the initial three that were available at first a week ago.