BlackBerry Travel 1.1 now available

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2011 10:29 am EDT

BlackBerry TravelBlackBerry Travel

BlackBerry Travel 1.1 has been released today in BlackBerry App World. The app has been updated with a few new features to add to the fun including global rental car booking and a world clock. BlackBerry Travel has only been available for a short time, but it's already one of our favorites. No matter if you're a frequent or weekend traveler, BlackBerry Travel has the right stuff. Keep track of your hotels, flights, rental cars and more. Connect with contacts via LinkedIn and even check the weather for your destination. BlackBerry Travel now also supports hotel and rental car booking in over 20 currencies and localized versions have been introduced in 5 languages and 49 countries. For more on BlackBerry Travel check out our full review.

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I can't tell you how easy this app has made my life. As soon as I get the confirmation email from my travel service, all the info is automatically added to BB Travel. Super easy!


Hi @esbuenodun,

Alex from RIM here. You’re not kidding about BlackBerry Travel! It’s been a lifesaver for me many times with flight status updates. Another app I love and recommend when traveling is Poynt – a BlackBerry Super App that’s great for finding nearby restaurants, movie theaters, events etc. In fact, if you have a PlayBook, you can actually “push” a phone call from the Poynt app on your tablet to your BlackBerry smartphone – that means you can easily call and book a reservation at the hairdresser that Poynt just helped you find.

Check out this demo ( to see what Poynt is all about and then give it a try for yourself.

Alex, RIM Social Media Team


Rim really does read crackberry :)

I'm a happy crackberry abuser lol


Rebooting my phone now. Looks like some solid improvements, I really wish I could cancel the hotel reservations all together sometimes since I might be staying at a friends home etc.


Any ideas why i havent seen in app world yet?


I love this app, I just wish it had an option for Amtrak.


RIM also released BB Travel 2.0.1 in Beta Zone Today, All members should be able to see it. If your a member or want to sign-up here's the link I personally don't use the product but I thought I should share it.


hmmm....I see TRAFFIC 2.0.1 but not Travel 2.0.1 am I missing it?


oh my bad, I miss-read it :) ..thanks!


Any information on why this is not available for germany yet?

I'm starting to consider moving to Kenya, just to use it. ;)


BlackBerry Travel, is one of my absolute must have apps. It is extremely powerful and productive. I cant wait to update. Who knew booking a flight could be so fun! ;)


Very nice app worth a download


not available in my country. Belgium by the way.

Even Tanzania is in the list of supported countries.


Still not showing available for upgrade in Ca.


Nevermind, showed up after a battery pull


my dad used BB travel to organize his vacation last week :\
i ENVY him haha


Is there a way to check somebody's incoming flight # to see if it's running on time?