BlackBerry Traffic updated to v3.0.2.18 bringing multiple bug fixes

BlackBerry Traffic
By Michelle Haag on 16 Mar 2012 03:40 am EDT

Research In Motion released a small update to their popular BlackBerry Traffic app. This update brings the app to v3.0.2.18 and includes bug fixes for both a text UI bug and power management. If you were seeing either of these bugs with the last release you will definitely want to grab this update in BlackBerry App World and put an end to those pesky problems.

BlackBerry Traffic is a great app for your device. With options like giving you your ETA based on current traffic conditions, alternate routes to avoid toll booths, voice guidance, and the ability to send your estimated ETA to contacts via SMS, email, or PIN, you will wonder how you ever travelled without it! You can download it from App World at the link below.

For more information and to download BlackBerry Traffic

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BlackBerry Traffic updated to v3.0.2.18 bringing multiple bug fixes


Well, it's a good idea to charge your phone while using BB Traffic anyway since it uses, GPS, data AND it keeps your screen on while in use.

I use a bike and it doesn't cover off-road traffic. :D

But I might put it to use when actually travelling on heavy streets. Bloor is one of them.

I'm all over the GTA and this software rocks. It's destination times that compensate for traffic are very accurate.

I'm always testing the software. Looking to see how accurate the traffic data is. Anyways, traveling on the 401 yesterday it was too funny. I was stopped in traffic right where BB Traffic went red. Dead on.

Great app. I have been using it for awhile now. And to the above poster I think we ran in to the same traffic jam lol.

Great really well. The one thing that would make it complete is pairing it with BB maps.

Also need a hands free feature. Considering it is completely unsafe and illegal in most jurisdictions (at least in North America) to sms/email while driving, the ETA function is pretty much useless unless you have a passenger to send it for you.

Need something kind of like Vlingo for Android where you can say "Hey Traffic" to wake it up, then dictate the message. As it is currently, it encourages unsafe behavior with this one feature.

The rest of it is awesome.

You must not have a touchscreen BB -- it's a 2 button push on the touchscreen, the envelope icon button and the send button. Changing the radio station is more dangerous.

I do have a touch screen BB.

You're forgetting the addressing part of the message. That is a click on a little box, then selecting from your address book (easiest) or entering a number (the equivalent of texting).

It's not like changing the radio station from a button on the steering wheel.

I like the fact when paired to my car stereo I can here it through all the speakers but I wish it would mute the music when the voice guidance comes on like it does when a phone call comes in. Other than that this is a great app, now I regret buying a GPS last year.

These are the kind of things that the developers need to hear. Why not join the BB Traffic Beta program so you can give your feedback.

It's loud enough that if I have my music turned up, IT'S turned up, too, and frighteningly audible over the music.

One bug I hope is fixed here is where you have voice nav turned off, but the volume keys on the BB's side still give voice feedback by number as to voice nav volume instead of turning the volume of any music up or down.

This app is awesome...definitely the best option for directions on the blackberry. When I first got it, the voice direction worked great, but now it doesn't voice guide at all. I've checked all the settings and even tried a reinstall. Has anyone else had this problem?

I really love this app as well but of course the vital piece missing here is the map view. Will it ever happen? Is it in developing?

Doesn't appear in AppWorld for me - I assume this is because I am based in the UK (have done a battery pull and then Alt-RST within MyWorld)

This is a shame, and would be very useful for when driving a hire car in the US and Canada

Does anybody know a workaround?

Thanks, A

Same for me. I wish I could download and have it available for when I travel, even though roaming charges will kill me. Why can I have Blackberry Maps which shows where I live as a blob, and not this?

some biking trails would be really nice to have on it for sure!

for sending sms on ETA - Before you leave it should have a function that you set - *Scenario* your going to your Grandmas, you will be 2 hours so you input the information to get to her house. But you also set (set* send auto sms to "grandma" when I am 5km away or 15 minutes away "Hey Grandma I'll be there in 15 minutes see you shortly" ) something like that would fix it so it would be 100% handsfree :)

I have upgraded to this new version and it works so much better. I. Had a meeting to attend the same day that I upgraded and needed a gps to get there. This app (upgrade) is excellent!

Used this app in the Hawaiian islands, and throughout NY and it works amazingly well, and is dead on. Great job Rimm.

J.R. Squire

Great ideas for improvement submitted by previous posts. This is by far my favorite app of my BB9930, I so hope BB returns to top of Smartphone heap. I will always use BB for its Querty keyboard.

I've been using the app since its release and concur that link to a map is essential. I was in Calgary last weekend and went to use to to meet some friends at an address they sent me. BBT was sending me on a 20 h trip. Mapped the addy on GMaps and it was 15 min and 5 turns away!

Ok so you can't see a map, something they should work on, but besides that this is as good if not better than google maps! Why isn't blackberry showcasing this and bringing it to the for front as an amazing marketing tool???!!! It works amazingly well, I just don't understand why blackberry advertisement is not all over this app and highlighting it. Blackberry has it all but they need to showcase it.

I'm a huge fan of BB Traffic. However, they need to update their information. BBT wants to send me onto a freeway via an on-ramp that's been closed for about a month now. Oddly, Tom-Tom, which provides the underlying technology for BBT, doesn't send me through the on-ramp.