BlackBerry Traffic updated to v3.0.0.389 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Michelle Haag on 21 Dec 2011 03:29 am EST
BlackBerry Traffic

Though just updated about two weeks ago, BlackBerry Beta Zone members can log in and get a new version of BlackBerry Traffic for testing. This update brings the app to v3.0.0.389, and provides several fixes and improvements.

  • *Fixed* Audio guidance directions spoken after user selected “Cancel Destination”
  • *Fixed* “Towards” is pronounced with speaker contracting the “to” instead of “twa”
  • *Fixed* Exit number on road list spoken (when exit number available)
  • *Fixed* “Application not responding” on BlackBerry Storm 9550 SmartPhones
  • *Fixed* Application exiting during a phone call
  • *Fixed* BlackBerry Calendar integration
  • *Improvement* Audio guidance and quality improvements
  • *Improvement* GPS detection improvements

If you're a BlackBerry Traffic user, head on over to the Beta Zone and get your update. If you're not currently a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone, now is as good a time as any to get signed up and take advantage of all it has to offer. 

Download the update/get registered in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Traffic updated to v3.0.0.389 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


That's not true, all previous versions (up through the immediate prior beta version .353) installed and worked just fine on the 9810.

The last beta update wouldn't let me connect to download it. The release before that worked fine for me.

I should have been more clear...I installed the leaked 7.1 and it wouldnt work..,.

My only issue with it and I use it a lot, all the audio comes out the speaker and if I am in an area where I get a lot of direction from the map, turn right, turn left, in 200 meters, etc, it shuts down my handfree device cause all the sound is coming from the speaker and my handfree device thinks my phone has gone away and turns itself off. It is really annoying and I can't change the settings on my handsfree device, if my phone is missing for more than 2 minutes it turns itself off to save battery life, built in setting, no change allowed.

i have only ever tried the speaker option (mostly to show it off to non-beta friends lol) you're saying it won't work on your bluetooth device?

It will work with any A2DP bluetooth device, but if the device isn't A2DP compliant, it won't use it. Many dedicated speakerphones and bluetooth earpieces don't use A2DP. The Motorola T505 I have, which is a speakerphone and streams music through bluetooth over an FM modulator, works great with BB Traffic.

I have an A2DPcompliant bluetooth earpiece, but I can't find how to route the voice directions to it. By contrast, Nobex Radio streams fine through the earpiece.

How do I change the settings?

The voice navigation feature is awesome especially I stream it to my A2DP bluetooth device. I don't even look at the phone at all. The only one issue I'm having with it is sometimes it will lose GPS signal, switch over to aGPS and never came back to GPS even when the sky is sunny and clear. And when that happened I just basically had to turn stop using it because the directions didn't get updated under aGPS connection.
When it stays on GPS, it works like a charm. I'm loving it.

I would love for the betazone to actually be allow me to update it......wont work at all on my verizion 9650 OS6......strange, isnt that that model its supposed to work for.....