BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 now available in Beta Zone - Adds voice guidance and more

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2011 01:25 pm EST

BlackBerry Traffic

BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. It's been a while since we've seen any updates for RIM's BlackBerry Traffic, but this one brings a much welcome feature -- Now included is voice guidance so you can navigate to your hearts content completely hands free.

New features include:

  • Voice Guidance - New voice guidance helps users reach their destination with completely hands free navigation. The audible-turn-by-turn directions can run over Bluetooth or via your vehicle's speakers. Users can set up the voice instructions with varying levels of detail.
  • Additional Road Information - User can find out if a road is closed or under construction as well as note toll routes that lie ahead!

BlackBerry Traffic is a free solution for those looking for easy navigation on the go. You can download the latest version free from the BlackBerry Beta Zone below.

Check out more in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 now available in Beta Zone - Adds voice guidance and more


It's about time. Other platforms free guidance systems far outclass RIM's. This is a positive step in the right direction. Now fully integrate BB Maps, so you have a mapo view and add voice control as well and this should be fully ready just in time for BBX, to make it entirely obsolete.


i couldnt have said it better myself. turn by turn in BB maps will be here come BBX. just integrate this into BB maps and here is no need for this app afterwards

how does this compare to using google maps "dumb" directions (ie no turn by turn voice)?

how about compared to google maps on the android platform which basically becomes a fully functional GPS unit? (understanding that both somewhat require data connectivity, but that google maps on the android can cache rather large map regions).

If you want turn-by-turn navigation, bb traffic has been superior to google maps for bb even before they added voice navigation. The google maps app simply showed you directions and your location on the map. You'd have to refresh in order to find your current location. It is also slow when first starting the app for some reason. Now when comparing it to google maps for android, it isn't even close. I have it loaded up on my playbook using the android player and it just simply outshines nearly every gps I've used.

Yes! Love BB Traffic. Voice Guidance is here. I love RIM. They are giving the people what they want. I'm with BlackBerry for the long haul. Viva La BlackBerry!

Mr Payne,

Scroll down in the list of open apps, it's there! I just found it and installing...anyone else hourglass-ing at the end of the d'load? In related updates, this app is HUGE. 5MB.

Piece out.

That's brilliant and about time . When is this going to be released in Ireland.

Come on Rimm hurry things up a bit .

Didn't really work in my town of 90,000(maybe 100,000 now) either. Not too sure what the criteria is.

Thanks RIM. I feel as thought you've been reading all those surveys submitted on the beta website. Thanks again!

Installed. Voice sounds somewhat Siri like. :)

Going to test it more on the drive home. BB traffic has always been very good for me. Now with voice nav its that much better. The only thing they need to do now is integrate a map view. Seriously how hard can that be? They already have BBMaps?

Awesome! Aside from BBM, this is probably my most used app. Highly reliable and accurate with traffic conditions and now voice commands! :)

i wish this update had been out this past would have came in handy for certain...if this works well i'll be kicking google maps to the curb

more like GMaps will be kicking US to the curb. First Gmail, eventually all their apps will be Droid (or Droid player) only!

Google will kick any of their competitors. Remember their late rival wanted to go thermonuclear on them. Gmaps suck in BB, anyway.

Hopefully they provide some BB Maps integration at some point in the future too, and get this ported over to the Playbook too.

That's any easy one. TeleNav you have to pay for and BlackBerry Traffic is free!

One thing missing is a map view, but I've been using BB Traffic for quite a while and like it a lot!

It's free, give it a try!

I've never had to pay for Telenav on my Sprint plan, BB Traffic is kinda nice but in no way does it come close to Telenav

BB Traffic was great even before voice. Much lower battery drain than TeleNav (I have used both regularly, but this should end my TeleNav use). As for why, that's easy - save $9.99/mth.

Just took it for a spin. Worked great. So cool. I love my 9780. He's my bud. Don't tell him but I'm probably going to get a new buddy soon: Mr. 9790.

BB Traffic is great and with this update it should be awesome. Cant wait for the drive home to test it out.

+1 for bb Traffic on the playbook with Bridge support for the data.
BB traffic on the Playbook via bridge would ROCK!

If this turns out to be able to run via BB servers, like UbiNav (but not at the 50 bucks to buy it) it will be an irresistible driver for people to purchase it. There will be no trottle down or fees added.

This is really awesome news for BB fans!

If they integrate this with BBM, people will know when you will arrive just by checking their BB's.

Go RIM!!!!

I DLéd the app--worked on the 2nd try. first time I got a 507 error failure.

But now I can't get BB to send me a keycode. It didn't send one with the DL, and I've tried twice manually through the My Account Keycodes site in the BB Beta Zone. And yes, I've checked my spam folder. So--can't run Traffic without a keycode.

OK--finally got the keycode by following the instructions in the BB Beta Forum for Traffic.

The whole beta download process is pretty cumbersome, it seems to me, with all the Agree screens you have to go through, then the less than automatic keycode generation.

Voice! Neato! I hope they have a version lined up for BBX, and of course the PlayBook. A lot of work going into developing a java app that will never work on bbx.

Well did a quick test while driving home. Worked very well. Voice prompted every turn without any issues.

Did the same. I did decide to send feedback to them for one small thing. When arriving at your destination it is very helpful when told the side of the street of the arrival point.

Will check on my way home how BB Traffic voice commands are transmitted, but generally to do anything besides make a phone call on a BT headset, the headset needs to support A2DP.

Hooray! Its about time RIM added this feature. It only made sense. I've been envying Andriod users with their Google Maps App that has had voice guidance since its inception.

RIM gets a big two thumbs up from me for this update. Hopefully they'll keep it free and users won't have to pay a subscription fee once they release the official version in App World.

RIM just managed to include 1 of 2 complaints that I had with this app. Voice guidance was a much needed addition to this, and now that it is, this is nearly perfect. Integration into BB Maps is the last thing I think this app needs in order to be one of the best navigation apps on the mobile market.

It is nice to see that RIM is listening to what people want. I am a little concerned that AT&T will somehow force them to block this for their subscribers. Hopefully RIM will start taking a harder stance against the carriers. Android has full navigation on AT&T so why shouldn't Blackberry.

I did find it odd that the voice directions started BEFORE I selected a route, but I suppose the first turn is probably the same for any route most of the time.