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BlackBerry Traffic v2.0 now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 16 Mar 2011 09:16 pm EDT
BlackBerry Traffic 2.0 now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry Traffic has seen quite a few changes since its initial release. While still a beta app, Research In Motion has rolled out v2.0 to anyone participating in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you've not updated as of yet, be sure to login and grab the latest. As listed in Beta Zone the following changes have been made:

  • Complete UI revamp – You asked for it, you got it.  BlackBerry Traffic 2.0 features new icons, color scheme, 6.0-style theme, and more!
  • Route selection screen - You told us you want more routes to choose from, so we took action.  There are now two route choices (including ETA and trip distance info for each) available to you as soon as you select a destination.
  • Future traffic view - A new future traffic view can be accessed by selecting the current time on the route selection screen, or by flipping through the different views when a route is selected.  This view can be used to determine the best departure time based on predicted traffic conditions.
  • Next maneuver drive view - The simple view has been revised to display the next maneuver with corresponding turn icon in a large, easily viewable font.
  • Search history - Frequent search terms are now available from a drop down on the search screen.
Lets us know in the comments what you all think of the update, hit the link below to get started.

Download BlackBerry Traffic v2.0



Just downloaded, I uses this app a lot.

I'm really happy about this update.

Rebooting phone now.

EDIT: Got some screen shots off the new UI.


Not working in Puerto Rico, same as the previous version...


Can anyone comment on the effectiveness of this vs. Google Maps with GPS and Traffic Layer?


Way WAY more accurate than the traffic layer in Google Maps.


I haven't used this app since it first launched. I tend to resort to google maps. Can anyone compare and contrast the two?


google maps is nice if you're just sitting down before you start driving, but I've found the bb traffic makes the instructions larger and clearer while driving. It's easier to take a quick glance when stopped - as opposed to google maps which is very very small font or small maps.


Thank you! Do I need blackberry maps for it to work?


Doesn't look like it has turn by turn navigation :(


It's not meant to be a full-scale turn-by-turn GPS system. For free turn-by-turn GPS, take a look at Waze.


Or LifeInPocket...

I thought this did turn by turn as you drive just without voice or sound prompts (just a noise as a turn is coming up would be nice).


Still waiting on my keycode..


Now works with Curve 9330 os6! Missed it when I moved from Tour 9630.


Perhaps this is RIM's (slow) evolution towards a full featured GPS style app? I've always wondered why they don't have one.


Exactly.........I don't know why this simply isn't integrated into BB Maps to give us much better GPS capabilities.

Anyone know exactly what the benefit was from RIM buying Dash a year or so ago???


I hope they make it easier to move from screen to screen.

With the 1.x version, half the time I practically run off the road trying to check one of the other screens in my Bold 9650 while I'm driving. I have to go the the trackpad and go "swipe swipe swipe" 80 times before it changes - first down to get to the part where it will change screens, then to the side...


I thought this app was pretty uninspiring when it first came out, but I'm surprised with how often I use it. It has basic functionality, but it does it well.

The app locks onto my location extremely quickly. I find the traffic information to be very accurate (I'm in Toronto and usually take the highways, so there's probably better data for this than for other city roads or for smaller cities). As I walk to my car for the morning/evening commute, I quickly select the Work or Home destination to see what the drive is currently like.

The 'Share' feature is handy to let someone know my ETA (e.g., as I get in the car, let the wifey what time to expect me home).

I've never used the integrated Bing Search.

Looking forward to downloading the update. Hoping they added a feature to share with multiple saved contacts per location (e.g., for my parents' place, both BB users).


Its a nice rework of a great idea! I love the UI, like the alternate route feature, and love the accuracy. I used version 1.x a lot to see when I would need to leave to get somewhere on time. This version looks to have a few funtions I will give a try. Good stuff I think.

@ Omnitech - use space bar to switch views ;-)


Traffic 2.0 is looking great! I am just laying in bed playing with it but like a few things. Especially the estimated travel time that takes 'traffic' in to account.

I'm quite looking forward to testing this out tomorrow.


Yeah me too.

I drive everyday for Pepsi. Around 50-100 miles a day, depending on the route.

The ETA has 98% of the time been spot on.


Sounds like a good app, wonder if it will become available for people in Europe as well


It's just for USA or is it possible to use it in Europe?


I use TelMap, best sat nav ever IMO!


This is awesome, I always loved BB Traffic since I started using it, but the UI was my one complaint. This update fixes everything I was hoping for. We will see if there is a chime when I need to make a turn now or not.


Nice new turn-by-turn screen.


It looks alright, but it's still not very useful (for me at least). Now if they added spoken turn-by-turn directions that would put it over the top.


I like this app. I like how it integrates with BB Maps, which I've always preferred over Google Maps.


@MattDub22: Thanks for the spacebar tip!

Wouldn't you know it, that's buried in the device that I use to hold the phone while I'm driving.. ;-(

Well I'll figure out something - thanks again..


anyone know why when i try searching for a location it says, "no location was found"?


I've found BB Traffic to be great in the suburbs and outer burbs but awful in the city. The direction in the City are always off and don't give me the best options. Hopefully the new verison will work better when it comes to directions in Cities. But that said, the directions are acurate, just not the best (they are different than what google and mapquest say)...I guess sometime knowing the shortcuts still beats anything a GPS can tell you.