BlackBerry Tracker: Free Live GPS Tracking, Anti-Theft & More for the BlackBerry

BlackBerry Tracker
By James Falconer on 1 Feb 2008 05:14 pm EST

BlackBerry Tracker is a free web-based GPS client for the BlackBerry. It even functions as an anti-theft app too (cool!).

You can click here to see how it works, but I'll give you a quick breakdown here.

First, register an account here. This creates a profile for you on their website. The profile links your BlackBerry device to you. After this you need to activate your account. Check the email you received when you signed up.

Second, install the tracker on your BlackBerry. You can download the app OTA by going to in your BlackBerry browser. Pick the OS that is right for your device (either OS 4.1 or 4.2). If you're not sure what OS you are running, go to the options menu under settings on your BlackBerry. In options to go the about option and you should see your OS specified for you.

Next you need to configure the tracker client. Click the BlackBerry Tracker icon on your home screen. Then login using the username that you created in step 1. Once you're logged in, the app is all setup and ready to go!

Some key features noted on their site:

Live Tracking
The core feature of Blackberry Tracker is live tracking of your Blackberry device. Once the client application is running on your phone, GPS coordinates will then be sent to the server at the interval you specify on your phone(Ex. 30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc,.).

Tracking History
After the application has been running on your phone, you will begin to accumulate a history of GPS data. You can see the path of your phone between any two dates. On the home page select Tracking History.

Track Friends
Want to let your friends see your location? Now you can with Blackberry Tracker. Start off by having your friends sign up for an account. After they have signed up, all they need to do is search for you under Find User and then select Track this user's location. After they have permission from you, they can go under Track Friends on the home page to begin finding your location!

Fore more info, visit

Thanks to Dieter for sending this one in.

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BlackBerry Tracker: Free Live GPS Tracking, Anti-Theft & More for the BlackBerry


Not sure what I am doing wrong but this doesn't work on my BB. I have a 8820, and 4.2 OS. I registered, downloaded the client, fired it up, and it just doesn't show me any tracking.

Same problem as other 8310 users, sticks at "logging you in". And the tech support for this product is absolutely horrible.

That's their own tech support forum, with a post for the exact same problem every month since June 24, 2008, and not even one admin reply of "I don't know what's going on, but we're looking into it."

Did they just abandon the project?

Not working for me either. 8320 os 4.2, No tracking info recieved. Do we need Blackberry maps installed? reinstall blackberry maps still no good.

Do you have the capabilities to turn off the tracker?
I don't want to have anybody to know where I am exactly 24/7.

To turn it off, go to Menu > Exit. You will have to log in again to restart the tracking. Menu > Close keeps you logged in. No-one can see your location unless you've given them permission. That puts them in your Blackberry Tracker friends list, I guess.

I also have an 8820. Same problem when I try to log in through the app on my device it cannot connect to server???

Well, its probably not working because some of you are not using GPS enable devices. Sorry. TMobile Curve and Pearls aren't GPS enabled. I don't know about the other services- so I guess AT&T is the only clients of this product right now.

I have a 8820 from AT&T and I do have GPS. But its not working on my BB. At first it couldn't update the GPS location and gave the longitude and the latitude as 0 and 0. Now, it can't even log into the server.

I tried refreshing the GPS satellites in Advanced Options -> GPS, it updates the location up there, but I don't think it helps the application itself though.

I have been looking for some kind of anti-theft-tracking so that if i loose my BB or if someone steals it, then I might be able to track it down through the GPS, but no luck so far in finding the right application. Whatever products I came through, they require the user of the BB to manually update the location by "refreshing the location" or something.. No application that I tried actually updates the location by default, on its own.

I, too, am unable to connect to the server. I have GPS.

I suspect that their server is only accepting connections from certain devices or with certain methods (e.g., only via BES or only via WAP). Or, maybe their server just isn't up.

Perhaps just as serious is the fact that they don't have any sort of privacy policy. For all we know, they are selling your GPS coordinates to rapists and killers. Or turning over your whereabouts to the FBI or CIA.

The fact that a site like this doesn't ever bother to have a privacy policy makes me very nervous. I can't believe they know what they're doing.

Hi all,

I'm the sole developer for Blackberry Tracker and I'm glad that its working well for most of you. I am aware of the connection problems that some are having as well as problems with the GPS not updating. I am working on an update to the client that will fix those problems and I should have it available within the week.

Also, the new client will have the option of connecting device side or with BES(I understand some people do NOT want to use their APN, as they are getting charged for it).


As this project started as a side project of mine(not a commercial endeavour), I never really got into working on privacy policies and terms and conditions. But rest assured, your GPS data and all of your information is yours only, and completely private.

I will work on putting something on the site that will explicitly assure you the privacy of all of your data.(Thanks for bringing this to my attention).

Thanks for everyone's support on this project, because as I said earlier, I started it for fun to track my new Blackberry, and now its turned into a great resource for a lot of people.

You'll need one, because one of these days, someone is going to come knocking on your door asking for information.

You could end up sued or worse.

I downloaded it to my 8820 (AT&T) and it works! I have Blackberry maps installed also and I had to go to BlackBerry Maps and start my gps. You might have to be outside in order for it to get a fix with its gps. I moved near a window, Blackberry maps found my location and Blackberry GPS tracker was up an running.

There are versions for OS 4.1 and 4.2. It's not clear if it's supposed to work on 4.3, but I installed it anyway on my Pearl 8130 running 4.3 and I had no problems logging in and accurately sending my position to the website. You can also view your current location in BB Maps.

There's no evidence that it updates the location every 20 seconds as my settings would suggest, but I haven't moved in that time either. I'll have to test some more.

If it won't let you log in, remember that you have to click on the Activation Link in the email before you are allowed to log in.

Sorry about the typo. That said "I had so problems logging in" and should have said "no problems". I've edited my original post.

It works quite well. The only thing is that the GPS seems to go to sleep when nothing is requesting information from it (to save battery, no doubt). It sounds like the programmer is working on that. I had to go into BlackBerry Maps or Google Maps to "wake up" the GPS, then it works, at least for a minute or two. Google Maps tends to send co-ordinates that are off by a mile or so, estimated from cell towers. I'd prefer if there was some way to make the tracker ignore ones that are this approximate, but I don't know if that is possible.

The other problem is that earlier today I couldn't get a GPS signal for anything, even though I tried several times over about 30 or 40 minutes in wide open areas. I expect that the heavy overcast conditions to the south of me were responsible for a lack of GPS signal.

I always get a kick when I read one of these new announcements on crackberry, and inevitably, the thing doesn't work. New Year's Resolution---Never download new apps to my Blackberry until I am sure they work. In other words, ignore the jive.

see comments below by the developer. works for some, not everybody. i'd still much rather have crackberry post on whats new for apps. if you want apps that are 100% good to go and not "news" go to the software store for trials or to buy

The APN for some providers has APN set blank. ie: Suncom (tracker will not work with blank APN) Be VERY careful if you change your APN if using suncom. I changed my APN to internet in order to use Mini Opera and ended up with $600.00 phone bill.

I have an 8830 through Sprint and I just downloaded this program and it was able to locate my Berry while I am sitting in my home. The difference between Blackberry maps and this app is that if you lose your phone you can check on the computer to get a possible location.

I downloaded and installed and registered. But, as I am on Verizon, the application won't work. I understand that Vzw blocks 3rd party apps from accessing the GPS internals on the 8830.

If there are any Verizon users running this app successfully, please let me know!

you really should change the wording on this post from:

BlackBerry Tracker is a free web-based GPS client for the BlackBerry


BlackBerry Tracker is a free web-based GPS client for the BlackBerry 8800.

i just wasted 15 minutes installing this on my Curve before i figured out that it doesn't work unless i have an 8800.

Indeed, this program DOES work on the Curve 8310. I just installed, activated and configured it. It works exactly as described. Be sure to click the icon in your BB Applications Folder. There, you need to set the program to automatically start. I set my refresh interval to 15 seconds. Who is your carrier? Another post offered that Verizon blocks 3rd party GPS apps.

Didnt work for me.. once i tried to log in, it didnt do anything- like i was stuck or something at 'Logging In'

and this app seemed pretty handy too, hope it works eventually!!

I cant get the program to start. once i put in my information. it starts to log in and it stays that way for hours. how do i get the it to log in

I recently bought a GPS enabled BlackBerry (Curve 8310), one of the specific reasons I bought it was to use the BlackBerry tracker.

Registered for an account, no problem.
Activated account, no problem.
Downloaded the software to the BlackBerry, no problem.
Installed the software, no problem.
Tried to logging in using the downloaded application on the BlackBerry and get message saying "Logging you in" - then nothing, at all, just sits there.

Application is working perfectly. Only thing I had to do to get it up and running was reboot and refresh the GPS manually by going into Advanced Options-> GPS. This application is perfect for tracking your phone in case it is lost, misplaced, or stolen. I am running a Blackberry Curve 8310 on AT&T network. Good job James! Keep the good work up.

p.s.- it would be great if it worked with google maps as BBMaps doesn't work on AT&T devices. recording or saving a route would also be nice but not a biggie.

Blackberry Tracking is actually going to be shut down. However, don't fret, it has just changed names. It is now called Moos Trax (

There are going to be newer versions coming out as well as versions for the iphone and windows mobile

hi All,
I installed the app like it says OTA on my BBpearl 8310 with v4.3, and when i look for the app, its nowhere on my phone. It shows up on desktop manager, but when i go to uninstall it, the check mark to delete just keeps reappearing.
So i can't find the app on my phone(using handheld), can't delete the app through Desktop Manager.
Any help would be appreciated.


I just went to and registered, then downloaded the application directly to my blackberry curve 8330. Installed it, put in my correct credentials and away it went.

I have verizon so I have to use an external GPS puck. I also have OS version 4.3 on my phone, but the applet for OS 4.2 works fine. Seems easy enough for me...

I think its pretty cool. Good luck. It still works today, even if on a different website.


I am interested in purchasing the BB Torch and am wondering if Telus and Rogers both enable the GPS function? This will help determine which carrier I go with for coverage. I read above that some other carriers block this app, and wonder if the same is true with Canadian carriers.

my blackberry bold phone with pin number 26166a4d was stolen in June this year. Can you help me trace who the current user is? Thank you.