BlackBerry Tour On Telus Website ... Kind Of

By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2009 08:35 pm EDT
BlackBerry Tour On Telus Website, Sorta!

Alright - so again, it's not really much, but it's a clear sign it is coming and that's good. Earlier today we posted about Verizon setting up their webstore for the announcement of the BlackBerry Tour by redirecting links. This time CrackBerry forums member E_P did some poking around on the Telus website adjusting file link names, and low and behold when the BlackBerry Storm image link is changed to BlackBerry Tour, this image shows up on the Telus website. Can you feel it? That's the feeling of a sexy new BlackBerry coming soon.  Check out more in the CrackBerry forums. And oh yes, all signs point to June 22nd, but sadly still no documentation.

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Michelle Haag

I soooo want one.
But...I still think my Bold is hotter. :P


"And oh yes, all signs point to June 22nd"

What signs point to that specific date?
I really hope that it will be in June, I would be pleased.


image has been removed from Telus website so it's a broken link now.


Check out this link -

If you look at some of the accessories your eye will be drawn to the car charger with a Sprint logo on it! Could it be that Sprint will be getting this beauty first?!


Согласен естественно :) Для меня это точно очень актуально :)