BlackBerry Tour Shows Up On Verizon Rebate Form

Verizon BlackBerry Tour Rebate
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jun 2009 03:11 pm EDT

For those waiting on the BlackBerry Tour from Verizon, it can't come soon enough. Thankfully, the wait is nearing an end - RIM and Verizon have already announced the Tour and we've known it's launching sometime relatively soon ('this summer').

The document above reinforces this... the BlackBerry Tour 9630 is present on this Verizon Wireless Mail-In Rebate Form which is valid from June 28th to August 1, so we know it has to hit somewhere within this window.

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BlackBerry Tour Shows Up On Verizon Rebate Form


Maybe there will be a version without a camera for the govt/business issued phones if this phone is actually replacing the 8830?

this is awesome! I just hope it doesn't come out at the end of July. I still think it's going to come out July 13th. That'd be awesome if it came out sooner! Does this mean that Verizon is going to annouce a release date soon?

Hopefully sooner than July 13th. Wasn't the timing from when the flip was announced to when it was available only about 10 days? Why would they announce the Tour and then not make it available for 4-5 weeks...just to build excitement?

I would hope RIM and Verizon would give us at least a month for the rebate. It certainly would be beneficial to both Verizon loyalty customers and new customers.

shouldn't they atleast annouce it at the end of this week or the beginning of next week since the rebate is valid on June 28th? Or do they normally have random phones on their rebate sheet?

I would say really soon they don't like to waste space on there rebate sheets :)like maybe the 28th!of JUNE

Anyone know why there are two different upc codes... Maybey one box has more accessories... any thoughts?

someone posted above that there might be one phone w/o a camera for business people and one with for consumers.

this makes me super happy! i am getting so tired of waiting that i've actually contemplated just getting the curve lol! my env died on me yesterday forever, so i am in desperate need of something new! my old flip phone will do for a few weeks but not for long - so this better be happening soon!!!!

If you give in and get the curve, you have 30 days to change your mind, and as long as you're above $80 a month in your monthly payments (for the last 6 months I think), you'll have the $35 re-stocking fee waived for the trial period.

$70 Mail in? How many people wanna co-sign on Verizon charging around $279.99 for the phone after MAIL IN

it will be 200.00 after rebate, maybe 150 after new every two and rebate? so the beginning price is 270-300.00

I still think training, etc. has to happen so at the very least it will be the 13th.

md12 seems pretty sure (as in "concrete" not a "guess") that it will be $249.99 before the $70 MIR. I really hope so!

I saw the Tour on there and immediately scanned the rest of the sheet.
For a split second I got really excited. Under the Verizon phones it lists a CDM 8950....Ha!

Very excited for the Tour!

My NE2 was up the 18th of June...I'm ready to go!

I must say I wasn't that impressed first with the Tour, however the phone has shaped up really nicely and cannot wait to get my hands on it. I love my Storm alot, don't get me wrong, but this finally looks like the phone for me!ALL YOU STORM HATERS KNOW WHERE TO GO!

We should all be glad that the release is delayed giving RIM more time to iron out all the last minute glitches in the Tour.
HaHa! Just kidding, I bet they have been hammering out the money details all this time.

My sister works for Verizon and said that the phone should be out July 15th or 16th. She has been pretty close in the past few phone release dates but only time will tell.

Ask that sister of yours why they would offer a rebate on a phone before it is even released! Your sister doesnt make sense!

They do this pretty much with every release. It always comes up in the rebate form before it is released. I remember when I was waiting on the XV-6800. It was on the rebate form as above but the phone still was not out yet. They are just getting read to launch it but I know when it comes out I'll be getting it the day it comes in. Cash in Hand.

I know many Storm users who are just dying to get their hands on this thing! I happen to be one of them!

Really hoping the $249.99 is before rebate, and with a $70 rebate that brings it down to $179.99, a price I'd be willing to pay for the phone!

This is exciting news! Now im gonna go watch Ebay fill up with listings for Storms!

Cya! ;)


I'm also a Storm owner and ready to jump ship. I always go back between my Curve and Storm due to the full keyboard but I just love the screen on the storm. Now I'm getting the best of both worlds so I'm all over it!

I'm approaching my upgrade window with VZW, and the Storm, Tour, and waiting to see if a Storm2 makes an appearance are my favorite options right now.

I need a world phone, and I need it before 9.1.09, so I think the Storm and Tour are my only current options with VZW, right (not crazy about what I've seen of WM)? When I read the specs, the only differences I see are the screen/keyboard. This will be a personal phone that I will use as an iPod replacement (a couple of 16GB cards of music, audiobooks, and video) and an e-reader, so media management is really important to me.

Questions for current Storm owners: Am I missing something else? Is it all about the physical keyboard vs the touch screen? Is there no real upside to having the larger screen for video in your experience (resolution comparison seems very, very close)? Do you miss the wifi if you've had it on other platforms before (should I hold out for Storm2 or even move to AT&T for the Bold)?

I'm leaning toward the Tour right now, but I would appreciate your opinions (I know, like the boards here aren't full of disappointed Storm owners). Thanks for your help.


Moving in the right direction (read: CDMA), but hey - how about us loyal Sprint users! C'mon man - why must we always be the LAST to get the new stuff...

Okay, I'm done bitching for a little while now. Thanks for listening.

Sprint usually ALWAYS gets the new devices before Verizon. Lately its been switched but usually it's always sprint rolling it out first.

A release date before the weekend would be a great, but if they act on the flip timetable I came up with Monday, but I'd be glad to be wrong in this case.

As for price I think it will be 269-70 rebate = 199
Glad this is all coming together looks like verizon will be first...
although Sprint sent me an email today saying I would hear very be continued

yeah it definitely should only be $199.99 it doesn't have any stand out features like wifi or anything.

Maybe they will release it for the 4th of July, since that IS after the 6/28 period of rebate,.. "Tour" the nation/world linking to Independance Day and replacing the 8830?.. that would be AWESOME since that could be NEXT WEEK! Oh the theories... lol