BlackBerry Tour Photo Gallery

BlackBerry Tour Photo Gallery
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jul 2009 11:34 am EDT

Full Image Gallery of BlackBerry Tour - Lots of BlackBerry Comparisons!

Our device reviews have a habit of becoming monsters, so with the BlackBerry Tour we're going to release a lot of our review content in chunks (and then tie it all together at the end). With our pre-release BlackBerry Tour review now behind us and as we start spending real time with the commercially available device, it's fun to become a BlackBerry addict all over again.

Whether you've already purchased your BlackBerry Tour or are still considering one, our comprehensive photo gallery below will give you a good sense for how the BlackBerry Tour looks and stacks up to its BlackBerry siblings, both those on the market and some of those yet to come. Be sure to click on the photos to zoom in. Enjoy the show!!

1. Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 Photos

The BlackBerry Tour can take care of business, but is made for fun too. The battery door is deceptive. It's not skinny - its the full device width and looks good.

Like the 8900 the left side is clean with just a convenience key. Note the lanyard hole and new multi-hole sound escape ports. Taking a tour around the BlackBerry Tour.

The BlackBerry Tour's keyboard is much improved over the 8830 World Edition it is replacing. Hidden buttons. Dedicated lock button and mute key are welcome features.

The Tour's 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus takes awesome photos. The battery door. Check that yours fits tight before leaving the store.

Another new battery door/hinge design from RIM. Same battery as the Storm and Curve 8900. No need to remove the battery to access the memory card.

The Tour's 480 by 360 display is vibrant. The Verizon BlackBerry Tour - how could you not want one of these?!

2. Sprint BlackBerry Tour 9630 Photos

Coming Soon...

3. Bell BlackBerry Tour 9630 Images

Bell Tour (same as Sprint) vs. Verizon Tour - Which do you prefer the look of? A great all around device - bigger than Curve 8330, smaller than 8830 and features great hardware components.

Silver chrome side rails stand out. The BlackBerry Tour 9630 from Bell. It's a no brainer.

4. Telus BlackBerry Tour 9630 Images

Coming Soon...

5. BlackBerry Tour Hardware Comparisons

Curve 8300, Tour, BlackBerry 8830. The BlackBerry Tour really is better in every respect. Verizon Tour vs. Verizon Curve 8330. The Tour is a bit bigger, but sooo much better.

Storm 9530, Tour 9630, Storm 2 (9550). If you're on Verizon and like a physical keyboard rather than touchscreen, the choice is easy. The view from behind - Storm 9530, Tour 9630, Storm 2 (9550).

BlackBerry Bold on the left, Curve 8900 on the right. The Tour is a mix of both these GSM devices with CDMA world phone stylings . RIM can't pick one look for the backside of its smartphones, but it gives each device some uniqueness.

Curve 8900 on the top, Tour on the bottom. They share the same layout on the sides of the device. Tour on the bottom, Bold on top. The Bold's left side is busy compared to the Tour's clean lines

BlackBerry onyx 9020 on the left, Tour 9630 on the right. The new kings of the non-touchscreen smartphone game. Onyx on the bottom, Tour 9630 on top. The onyx is smaller but packs a lot of punch.

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BlackBerry Tour Photo Gallery


I really wish I had a Tour. To bad my upgrade isn't until April 2010. :( I already asked Sprint once if they would let me do it early, but I got a no. :( April is just so far away, I really wanted this phone. Hopefully there will be a newer one out by than...

Call up Sprint and ask for their retention department. Tell them that it would be cheaper for you to switch carriers and get the phone at the premium price than it would be for you to buy it out from Sprint:

Sprint Tour will probably be around $499.99 (minimum.. my expectation would be that it will be $549 or $599 at launch) vs. $175 to cancel your account + $199 for the VZW Tour.

Then you ask the rep, "if you could pay $500 or $375 for the exact same phone, which would you do?" If that doesn't work by itself, multiply your monthly bill by 12 and tell them how much money they stand to lose in the next year if you switch carriers.

You'll get your upgrade if they value your business.

The CS rep could also multiply the bill by 12 and show how you will save money by staying with sprint and buying the tour at full retail. In the long run, while you will save money on the initial device purchase with VZW, you will end up paying more over the length of your contract.

Still, that strategy may still work.

Like that strategy but instead of saying $375 (cause thats alot to pay if Sprint offered the phone to you for that price) say you can get the Tour at BestBuy on Verizon for $100+$175 cancellation (aren't they pro-rated so it could be less) which comes to less than $275 (if prorated cancellation). Now your talking yourself into a deal that is worthwhile if you really want the Tour

Hey, I got mine for FREE! I told them I was unhappy with my windows phones and to keep me they needed to get me in the BB Tour. They credited my account the $299 (since I was eligible for the $150) and even credited me the $100 mail in rebate. So I paid nothing! :)

Yeah mine will be delivered today! Can't wait for the fun to begin.......even though this is a productivity tool my productivity will be at a all time low this afternoon.

I don't really see the appeal of this phone. It isn't that different than the Bold except for the fact that it lacks WiFi and works on Verizon.

If you keep telling yourself that AT&T is the best! Then you might start believing it. "The Net Work with more bars!" Oh, I crack myself up, every time I say that.

Hahhahaa, that definitely made my morning.

Now I'm just waiting for Fedex to make my day by bringing me my Blackberry Tour!

Yea I hear you! It's 'in transit' from Newark NJ right now for me (I live in Raleigh) so, it's coming tomorrow. Can, Not, Wait! Basically, tomorrow (thank God I teach so I'm off anyway) I will be immersed in Tourland.

I'm here close to Newark and yet my phone started in Louisville KY... thats so very backwards... like they want you to just wait by the mailbox.. ugh're serious! Ha!! Verizon's network smokes AT&T's like there is no tomorrow. I've been on both, my wife has been on both, and I've got friends that have been on both and we all agree that Verizon is sooooo much better. AT&T drops calls like no tomorrow and has dead zones all over the place. Verizon is the best network in the US. No doubt about it!

Recent independent tests (the most recent I can recall reported by PCWorld), show Verizon and Sprint with the best networks. Verizon leading in coverage and speed and Sprint leading in reliability. Where do you get your information?

I agree the lack of WiFi is disappointing. There are already rumors there will be a "Tour 2" released in a few months that does include WiFi on Sprint. Hopefully a WiFi verizon comes to Verizon too.

It's not really a rumor. Fierce wireless quoted a Jeff Clemow, Sprint's director of business product marketing as saying there will be a WiFi enabled tour after the first of next year. No release date as of yet, but I would say it's far from rumor.

Here is another voice from the "PEANUT GALLERY"! The Net Work with more bars! I have to stop that. I laugh toooo hard it hurts!

as a bbCrack addict, awesome site, keep up the great work..., The Tour is poised to be a great tool, as a BES Exchange user and crankin out 50+ emails a day, Tour with 8900 keyboard pleaseee for me, now that would be somethin'

Really wish I can get this, but I'm not due for an upgrade from Sprint until October, and my Curve is bugging out right now. I can barely use it.

Looks good! I thought I read somewhere that it had a trackpad though? My mistake.

Thanks Crackberry for the heads-up on the new BB Tour. At first I is another Blackberry Sprint will not be carrying. I was wrong. I ordered the new BB Tour yesterday (and today is already on back-order).

This work for an In-direct Agent for Verizon Wireless my plan is the sh*t but I dont get new customer pricing on new phones uuhhh I dont have to pay retail but 450 is a crap load of money so if anyone knows where I can find one cheaper send them my way. I do have a curve that doesn't have a scratch on it to trade and some cash and what not hit me up.

Looks like Kevin swapped out the Verizon battery cover for the one he got on his pre release device. It's shiny black instead of the soft touch or he got his Verizon badged device before they made the switch.
Hopefully we'll see some after market battery door covers soon. It's the only thing I can find wrong with mine and even though it's not that bad, it would be nice to not have the battery door shift while using the phone.

For anyone out there that is thinking about getting it! I got my Tour on Sunday & it is great! I had an 8330. Everything is so much faster & there are so many improvements over the 8330 & I'm not gonna list em all. Just go get one!

probably because Sprint has been holding on so tight... we customers even had to call and go online. they are not in store. i didnt get that concept, but Sprint went with it so...

Actually those SPRINT pictures look EXACTLY like my Sprint Tour... NOTHING BUT THIN AIR!!! Ship the Damn thing already!

How come the Verizon Blackberry Tour has a smooth shiny battery cover around the "carbon" insert? Mine is a black rubbery material. Anyone else have a shiny one?

Im looking at these pics, and then looking over to my baby (bb toure) and it looks a lot sexier up close..THe pics don't do the phone justice...Love my TOur

I highly doubt they pay one single penny for any of these devices. Maybe a shipping cost, but I highly doubt even that.

i just went too verizon store to see the tour what a crap
is the same curve better camara diferent look, i own the storm and i tell you what i check the browse, camara speed
my smoooooooooke big time the tour not ofense but they should change the name from tour to toy what a plastic crap

I am not the happiest with my Storm, I actually wanted to switch to the Tour. I went in for some hands on time and there is no way I would ever switch. The Tour felt like a toy. It was not really faster than my Storm. There was more app memory at the time but there is also no apps on it. It only come with a 2 gig card. I felt like I would be losing a lot if I would switch.. BB is going to have to do better than that if I am going to be switching phones.

Obviously you didn't spend that much time with it, there are apps preloaded such as flicker, facebook, and myspace. As far as the 2 gig card, just swap it with your 8 gig from your Storm, I did.

I waited outside of a Verizon store on Staten Island on the 12th for this baby and I was the first one to walk out the door with it. I LOVE IT. It's nothing over the top crazy but if you wanna take a nice step up from your Curve than this is the complete Berry for you. Love the keyboard and the more fined OS is you ask me. Nice new features like download folders and a new Profiles (sounds) system. Verizon is by far the best network and they need too stay running with newer Berry's and smartphones. AT&T is only still doing well because they have the iPhone and thats it. This is a great edition to the Verizon line and hopefull RIM will improve the Storm and keep Verizon on the cutting edge of Blackberry.

I will be getting the Tour (for free) on friday. i am SO STOKED! I've heard 95% good things about it and 5% bad. I'm upgrading from the Storm which freezes all the time and I have to keep restarting it. Also, I'm over touch screen phones altogether. I text a LOT and need a keyboard!! I can't wait.

Is there any of you who text a lot, and if so, are you satisfied with the Tour keyboard vs. the storm?

I have a friend with a Storm and I've tried to type on it. I just can't do it. Before I bought the Tour on Sunday, I had the 8330. The Tour keyboard is much easier for me to use and it just feels better too.

Btw, my battery door is not at all loose.

the storms keyboard takes getting use to, i find using the suretype, makes things alot easier. i didnt think that i could get used to it but i can type fast as hell on it now.
but i must say the first few months on the storm was pure hell, i thought it was the os , got the update and the same piece of shit from day one, they sent me a new one and its perfect. i love my storm, so much that im gonna pass on the tour and get the storm 2. i cant give up the large screen.

I can confirm that after owning and using every blackberry ever made that call quality and speakerphone are pure crap on the Tour. The people in here that say otherwise are really not that perceptive (sorry). I tried calls from 3 tours in one verizon store and 2 in another and every person i called said the call quality was bad, speakerphone was worse. Dont quite understand rim on this one. The BB bold and BB 8900 and BB curve are all very good. For curiosity i tested the storm and it was also very poor!

Rim! what is going on. Are all new BB going down in quality?

Considering that my Tour worked magnificently in the store, in my car, in my garage, in my basement, in my elevator and in my apartment, I'd have to say that your rather 'astute' observation is pure crap and unnecessary (sorry).

And when I say it worked magnificently, I mean that the quality was as if I was in the same room as the person I was talking to. The speakerphone is hands down the best speakerphone out of all of the blackberry devices that I have used (and I've owned 6) except for maybe that of the 8703e, which was just a rockstar of a phone.

But, I am glad that you have "confirmed" that two of Verizon's flagship Blackberry devices are subpar in comparison to AT&T's and T-Mobile's. I think all of us Crackberry users needed your groundbreaking and thoughtful insight, so on behalf of all of us, I thank you.

And for those of you who for some reason aren't going to take mmm208's observations to be the biblical truth, the Tour is an amazing piece of technology. The keypad is a bit too compact for me considering how I haven't used the 8830 for over a year, but a couple of days will get my typing perfected.

As for those users who use the hip holsters, try to avoid the one that RIM includes in the box. You can't use more than two fingers to take the phone out of the holster, and you can see the obvious consequences of that. I wish RIM had just created a smaller version of the holster that the Bold came with.

I visited a VZ store today and found that the call quality on the Tour was horrendous! It was incredibly muffled, both on my end and the other. Honestly, it was the worst phone quality I've heard on any phone, ever. I tried calling the same person with 2 other phones (LGs) and they were much better. What a damn shame. All the pretty gadgets and tricks in the world can't make up for crappy call quality.

I've been using the new tour for the day. GPS is unlocked.Google maps and such works great. So do a few other travel aps I've tried. Nice!

What did you do, throw all the models up in the air and photo them where they fell? You don't indicate what any of the models are.....can guess the Storm, but who the heck can guess what all the others are? I've yet to develop mind reading capabilities. I am a Bold user, so I can pretty well pick that up out of the lineup, but what is everything else? Or perhaps I'm just an idiot.

I visted a Verizon store today to try out the new Tour. I've been following the launch of this device for months and was really looking forward to it. After trying it at the store, however, I have to say that I am *deeply* disappointed. The call quality, I find, is not bad, it's horrendous! It sounds incredibly muffled, both on my end and the other. I thought it might be the particular phone,so I tried another one (the store had 2 available to try). It was a smidge better on my end, but the other person said I sounded very muffled. What is going on?? Call quality us #1 of me. How could they put so much into the design of this device and come out with a product that sounds so terrible? I am so disappointed! Has anyone else discovered this?

He made a huge BB comment while being interviewed today by Versus. I didn't check, but that may be at, it was on today's race. AWESOME, we knew it anyways though!
Go Lance!!!

I have the tour and I haven't had a problem at all with my call quality, I was speaking with someone earlier on the phone for a few hours, I heard them perfectly and they had no problems at all hearing me, even heard me when I was murmuring to myself, sometimes the ones inside the store are not provisioned so well

Why have this god foresaken alien type usb cable!!!!
have to remember to bring that thing everywhere.
new car charger
new chargers, cant use my wifes,

por que!!!!!

Some people are just ridiculous .. if you don't like the tour, don't buy it. No one cares about your 2 cents (which in fact, is worth less). 98% of the reviews I have read state that the Tour is by far the best blackberry out. And as far as my professional opinion goes, I will agree with them all day long. I work for VZW and I have owned EVERY single BB on the market right now, plus ones that are no longer on shelves. I currently have the Curve and I am waiting for my company to activate my Tour. Stop whining and complaining about every little thing you find "wrong" with a device. Most of them are that way for a reason.

Hello this is called a forum. The purpose is to give feedback and opinions of a persons individual experiences with a device so that one can make an educated decision of whether or not to purchase one. Its purpose is not to praise the heck out of a device so that one can never see its flaws.

So thank you for you Verizon Homer viewpoint. And if poor call quality is done that way for a reason I hope that you are not working with product development.