Public Service Announcement: BlackBerry Tour Owners Please Be Advised No Themes Are Currently Available

By Bla1ze on 13 Jul 2009 09:03 am EDT
The Plazmic Waiting Game!

If you have been a long time BlackBerry user this information will likely come as no surprise. However, if you are new to the BlackBerry world this is something to pay close attention too. Currently there are no themes available for the BlackBerry Tour (for free or for sale). This is based on the fact that the tools needed just simply are not ready as of yet to create and design themes for your device. 

The company (now owned by Research in Motion - so I guess there more like a division) that creates these tools is Plazmic and for the longest time now Plazmic has had a bad habit of not having in place the necessary updates to the Plazmic Content Developers Kit so theme makers can have it prior to / at the time of a new device launch. This often means it's usually 2-6 months before theme developers can get ther hands on software needed to make all those free and premium themes you see now for existing devices.

Why it takes so long and why Plazmic cannot have these tools ready for developers is really unknown to me, considering the same process is used to create the themes which come preloaded on your device. And in the case of the Tour, the screen resolution is the same as the Curve 8900 - there really isn't much "new" here. Developer tools and their readyness is something RIM truly needs to work on. Even if it is just themes, it's still a big aspect of the BlackBerry ecosystem that RIM is neglecting.

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Public Service Announcement: BlackBerry Tour Owners Please Be Advised No Themes Are Currently Available


I really can't understand this. For the Storm there was some excuse because that was such a different device running a new OS but being stuck with the stock theme really sucked. At a minimum they should provide some flavor of today plus theme for those of us that want our calendar up (it is a business tool right?). Anyway, the Tour is so much like exiting BBs that it seems nuts that they can't have a small update to Plazmic to add themes. Hopefully this will be out quickly for you Tour ownwers!

I'm with you there Greg. Everyone was saying that the 8900 themes should work on the 9630 since it was the same screen resolution but I found out after bringing my Tour home that they do not work. I tried everything from DM installs with DM5.0 and installing them off the SIM.

It shows themes added in the "Applications" menu on "Options" but you can't access them. I hope that Plazmic comes out with updated software SOON so I can try to learn how to build themes for the Tour.

I mean, come on, only 2 themes come with it, you've got to be kidding. Let alone, you can't get the OS software yet for it either. I found out when connecting my Tour to DM that there is a crizzlap load of stuff that can go but am afraid to remove any of it due to not having the full OS package like I can get for my 8830 and 8330.

I ordered 2 Today themes yesterday $7.99 each from hoping they would work for the tour - the tour is listed as one of the devices. FYI... It didnt! Make sure you no one does the same until all the gltches are worked out. Im now working on getting a credit back - What a pain!!!!

As far as the themes go, it is just like the storm, I don't see any excuse this time around though. The Storm had the new Surepress UI. The tour is a traditional berry so I don't understand why the hold up. Its not like Rim was unaware of the release date. It seem Rim is getting a little to comfortable in releasing phones that are not ready. To me no theme support = not ready for release. I did not purchase my storm until Plazmic supported it. It is a tool to me and I need a today theme.

I LOVE the Tour...but I'm going to die without my "BB Dimension L" theme. OK, I'm not going to die, because the euphoria over getting the Tour is going to carry me for a while, but it's definitely disappointing that they couldn't make a couple of simple themes in time for the release. (On the other hand, I would not have wanted them to delay the release JUST to offer more themes.) It is pretty annoying, especially going from one BB to another, and being used to having everything set up just the way I like it. Oh well...

I will be happy when the Tour gets some love and gets some themes. For right now the base theme the BB comes with is all good!!! We're waiting patiently!

I'll be returning my tour tomorrow.

I wish I checked this forum before I got my Tour yesterday. I live by the today theme and not having it is a big issue. Add to that the fact that the battery cover on my Tour is defective. It doesn't sit flush with the device leaving a gap and is loose.

I still have my old 8830 in hand and will be reactivating it. I'm happy to sit on the sideline till RIM gets it's act straight.