BlackBerry Tour Owner Poll: Have You Returned Your Tour Due to Issues with the Trackball?

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Sep 2009 10:35 pm EDT
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* Update: Well there you have it. A quick 5,500+ votes later, and the trend is clear... the claim of the BlackBerry Tour return rate approaching 50% jives with what the community is reporting. Some 26% of Tour owners returned their device once, while another 15% have returned their unit multiple times. Another 26% have had issues with the trackball, but kept the device. That leaves only 33% of respondent Tour owners having a trouble-free experience thus far. Ouch. Better get the Tour 2 out quick and give Tour 1 owners a cheap upgrade price. *

Issues with the BlackBerry trackball are not a new thing. There's a reason replacement trackballs are the number one seller in our accessory store and why in another recent trackball poll we ran here in the blogs that 47% of respondents voted that they have had to replace their trackball at some point in time. I've said it before and I'll say it again... sticky balls happen.

Where there's a real problem, however, is when issues with the trackball pop up on a newly-purchased smartphone and not one that has been used and abused, and the internet is worked up tonight over this being the case with the BlackBerry Tour. Gerard Hallaren, Director of Research at Townhall Investment Research, put into a research note that "RIM is having a big trackball problem", especially on the Tour and that "return rates have been climbing toward 50%" and that "Verizon is angry about this recurring trackball problem." David Eller, also for Townhall research, said that nearly 50% of Tours being sold on Sprint are being returned. Apparently he also said -- get this -- that while the trackball problem is the primary reason for the returns, some customers are complaining about the sensitivity of the touch screen. Wow, that's awesome... the BlackBerry Tour has a touch screen and all this time I had no idea!

I don't doubt that there have been/are issues with the trackball on the Tour. However, I've used about six different Tours now from various carriers (Verizon, Telus, Bell, and a few pre-release, non-branded versions) and haven't had an issue yet. Watching the BlackBerry Tour forum since the day the device has been released, we know others haven't been so lucky with many people reporting issues and taking the device back. It also seems that newer hardware has been better. Is the return statistic as high as the one actually being reported? I'm not sure, so I figured a Tour owner poll on the blogs wouldn't hurt to see if the stats reported by the analysts are on par or not with our user community. We do know that the trackball is being phased out in favor of the trackpad, and that the BlackBerry codenamed essex (think "Tour 2" with trackpad, WiFi, and apparently/potentially an improved camera and orientation sensor?!) may be coming along sooner than might typically be expected, so perhaps the stat is that high. If you own a Tour, cast your vote above and let's see those results. And Tour owner or not, feel free to sound off in the comments! via Barrons & PCWorld

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BlackBerry Tour Owner Poll: Have You Returned Your Tour Due to Issues with the Trackball?


I returned one because I didn't realize the right side convenience key acted like a regular digital camera shutter and depresses half way down to utilize the auto focus. You have to really push it extra hard for it to work. I find this kind of annoying but the auto focus is a nice feature.

As for the track ball I'm seriously considering returning my second one. Even before this article came out I was well aware of how horrible it was when moving horizontally. I was able to fix this for the most part by upping the horizontal sensitivity to 90, but it still sticks every now and then. I was really hoping this was a software issue, but alas it doesn't appear to be.

1. Muffled sound, Dead pixels
2. Trackball wouldn't even move right at all before leaving store counter.
3. Muffled sound
4. Trackball
5. Trackball, dead pixels, horrible screen ripple - looked like a wave pool(screen would ripple when I touched any of the top 4 buttons or even pressing the trackball to click)
Horrible battery door on all of the above.

On number #6 now and it is perfect.(new device out of 30 day return window)

Bingo. Trackball problems and screen rippling. Glad there's more "official" acknowledgement now. Sprint would not take mine back. But check the reasoning: all the Tours are like this, so it's just the way it is, even if the way it is sucks or doesn't work. So therefore, you can't return it. You're stuck.

People debate more about the screen rippling, but let me ask you: if you touch any other screen that's not a BB, will the screen ripple? Even touchscreen phones don't ripple. I've owned them all. So for people to say it's the way the screen is designed or these high res screens are sensitive, is a dumb argument. It's a design decision, and in my mind, a flaw and an annoyance. No matter your thoughts, the facts are that BB's competitors' screens do not exhibit this behavior--even when touched. We don't even touch them and the screen ripples. On all of them.

about the screen: if you press the screen on a bold, curve 8900 and even a storm--the storm has to be pressed rehard, but it does it, the screen ripples. same as on a laptop. now, you can say the issue is more when you press the top buttons, but all the screens ripple. these are lcd screens and are sensitive. some ripple more than others.

I returned the Tour 3 different times due to the trackball. Each time I returned it, the Verizon Rep used the unit and immediately said "Yeh, thats pretty bad" on each occasion and gave me a new phone. Eventually, I only had 2 days left on my 30 day return period when the trackball became immovable on my third phone. I returned to Verizon and asked them to take back the phone and that I didn't want a new one. They called in a manager and he tried to talk me into a fourth phone and remaining with Verizon. He said that the trackball issues were under control. This was 2 months ago. I declined. I did not want to chance having ANOTHER Tour past the 30 day trial period so I canceled my account and picked up an iPhone. Its the best move I ever made. I was a blackberry person since day one. Loved them. But this just left a bad taste in my mouth. Verizon lost a customer over the Tour debacle. Sprint and Verizon SHOULD be pissed.

You went to an iPhone? Surely there was something else you could have done. That's like selling your three story house and moving into a single wide and paying more for it. -_-

Bad call.

You went to an iPhone? Surely there was something else you could have done. That's like selling your three story house and moving into a single wide and paying more for it. -_-

Bad call.

i dont understand why so many people get hung up on this "30 day period" shit. The 30 day period is like a test run to see if you like the phone. If, you dont you can return and exchange it, no excuses needed. If there is something wrong with your phone that wasn't caused by water damage or you blatantly damaging it, they will replace it for you outside of the 30 day period. ESPECIALLY if its a replacement phone you just received. ..

I'm on my 3rd tour, got both replacements after the 30 day period once I did some research on and found out I wasn't alone on the trackball issue. Now my new phone has a perfectly smooth trackball and I've had no other issues with the phone

And I must say it has been a much more pleasurable experience than the tour and storm x 1000000. I wont get into details because this isn't the time nor place (as this is a blackberry site)but everything I use a phone for is done about 1000 times better on the iphone. And it WORKS flawlessly.

I just returned my Tour for trackball issues last week. I got it the first week they were out. The trackball got progressively worse until it would barely move right at all. Verizon Customer Service would not help me - made me go into a store. First thing the tech said is "your trackball won't move right." Fortunately, I got an new, not refurbed phone, which was nice since I was outside of my 30 days. Trackball on the new phone works great, but now I'm having the complaints that I sound like I'm talking through a pillow or that I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher... I'm going to try some of the tweaks I've been reading about, but if it doesn't get better, I'll be moving onto my 3rd Tour.


Appreciate the post but you should have mentioned the Green Dot boxes and the recent builds which, according to the vast majority of people who have them, are rock solid. No trackball issues on my Green Dot. See Tour forum on CB for more information.

RIMM is up, what, 7.5% in less than a week? Apparently, Wall Street doesn't consider the trackball a serious problem. ;)

even the replacements before the green dot craze had a green dot on them, I myself received a "green dot tour" on like, August 1st, and the trackball sucked. So mentioning that is pointless, however the reports are true that the tours shipped out after Aug 21st have had less issues

I've returned mine once because of the trackball issue. I'm not sure what's going on with RIM. First the Storm 1, now this. The carriers tested it before they released it, so I'm not sure why they didn't catch it, but RIM, first and foremost, makes the product, and needs to do a better job. RIM's made more great devices than poor ones, so I'm not too concerned, and my second Tour was fine.

I just got my new Tour today. I have had my original Tour since July 17th. I had issues with the trackball and a lagging OS, but decided to wait it out because it wasn't that bad. Eventually, the issues became progressively worse. It got to the point where my cursor would move left when I was trying to move it to the right. The vertical motion was fine for the most part, but the horizontal motion was absolutely horrible!! My new Tour appears to be doing ok, but we shall see. I hope I don't have to get a new one.

I returned my Tour 5 times and am now on my 6th Tour. My 6th one is good, but every now and then it gets stuck when scrolling to the left. It has done that since day one (did it the VERY FIRST TIME I used it right out the box!).

I think Verizon and RIM needs to give the Essex to those who have suffered through this fiasco.

My 2 cents.

I bought two tours. My wife's is going back as the trackball will not move horizontally at all. My trackball sucks also, I can't scroll through text to correct errors in apps such as browser; however I am afraid to return mine as it may be as good as it gets. People I call also say I sound muffled, especially with blue tooth.

All that aside, I really like the phone.

im on my 3rd, i felt the same way but trust me it is not as good as it gets. go in tell them you have the trackball issue. My third is so smooth. The second you use a proper one you will know it

Got the tour on launch day, no issues what so ever. Working like a charm. I know several others (15+) that also use the tour and have no issues. I also got the Storm on launch day and have not had any issues with it either. I switch back and forth btwn them every couple of days.

haven't had any problems yet and have had the phone since the day after Verizon released them. I use my phone a good bit also, we'll see

Yup Ive returned two, because of trackball issues. trackball typically didnt physically "stick", but moving the trackball horizontally often had no or at best intermittent response from the cursor on the screen.

Just turn up the Sensitivity in the options. deflaut is 70 turn up to 80 or 90 and it will work. next software patch release will adjust for the trackball

I was having similar issues with my 8900 trackball and ended up switching it out for the one I had in my 8320.

Wow, the BB Tour is the worst cell phone I have ever owned. I can't count ho many times I have replaced it, every single one with a failed trackball.

Just this week I FINALLY, after 2 months have a working Tour. The Sprint reps at the store acknowledged there was a manufacturing issue and this latest one was a newer production run.

But besides the trackball issue, I really don't like the Tour. I think the keyboard is poorly designed, and the phone runs extremely slowly.

If this is the direction RIM is going, I am done with them. I had thought they were all about quality, but that has changed.

Of the 4 that were purchased in my office, my 2 have been fine. One guys worked for a hour and died, the other was DOA.

I am editing to add to my frustration... if I was not waiting for my rebate I would be back on my Curve...

This thing lags all the time, battery life sucks and the keyboard... don't get me started.

I am positive it either has a crappy radio or a funked up PRL on sprint.

I have one I simply use as a modem for my laptop, I thought with the REV A it would kick it up a notch, I can have a curve and this tour sitting right next to each other, the tour will have 1 bar and the curve full bars, the tour just will not roam when it needs to and the curve switches like it should.

Just my 2 cents, I am on Sprint.
HTC Hero will be my next phone for a while, been a BB user since the 7260 so this is a big step.

I have had my Tour for about a week now and have had no problems at all. Phone has work great! I have had every blackberry except for the pearl, and this is the best one to date.

The first two weeks the track ball was all messed up. Then I just turned the horizontal to 80 and the vert to 80. And I've had no problem since. Now the curve! Complete trash! Much happier with the tour! Swear on the switch to 80!

RIM tried to keep this quiet, but it looks like they gambled with the green dot approach and lost. A quality company would have initiated a recall, but this bad press will do far more damage. I am SO glad I read the forums and did not buy one of these e-Edsels. Even before I read about the trackball problems, I knew the trackball on the Tour was bad design. Trackballs need to be regularly cleaned and the design of the Curve etc allowed the trackball to be serviced from the front by merely removing a trim ring. If the Curve and other older models had the permanently installed trackball like the Tour, you would have heard about this long ago. The defective nature of the Tour's trackball just sped up this demise. Doesn't anyone remember when computer mice had balls and rollers inside that you had to clean?

Returned my first one for left to right scrolling issues. My current tour is ready to be turned in for the same reason, the only thing keeping me back is that this one is unlocked. Hopefully OS 5.0 can fix things....

Add another result. Haven't returned it but are planning to. I fit into that category more than No - I've had some trackball issues on my Tour, but have not returned the phone.

I have had mine for two weeks (trying to feel it out) and since day four I knew I was having an issue. I got the BOGO Tours for myself and my wife, I didn't think hers had the issues, but hers has same symptoms as mine since I have questioned her about it. Signal strength is awful fluctuating very fast at times. Trackball does ok up and down, but left to right is slow, and sometimes non-existant. Dropped calls like I don't even want to mention. I have averaged 6 dropped calls a week with the Tour traveling in the same area where with my Curve I MIGHT have 2 a month. Screen ripple is there, but as most have mentioned it with all four top row buttons, mine only happens with the End key (Which I could live with) Unfortunately I have not been to a retail store to return them YET as that is a day off from work and we are really humping it right now, but many more dropped calls and it will be worth it because I am losing business. Not sure if I'll ask for a Green Dot, or just go back to the Curve and get my wife the Curve also.

BTW, this was her first BB and she is not impressed. My daughter got my old Curve as her first BB, and she is impressed, hasn't put it down except to sleep.

I just activated my green dot replacement Tour today and I think this one might have a slight problem with the trackball as well. I'm going to give it a few days to see what happens. I really wish this device had the trackpad like the upcoming 9700.

Although some of these posts look like Tour horror stories, my experience has been fairly pleasant all things considered. To be perfectly honest, any phone would have been better then my old Storm so I was happy to ditch that incredibly buggy piece of hardware and move onto something a little more, how do you say, RELIABLE haha. I think the moral of this story is that life could always be could own a Storm ;o)

just got my storm after 3 tours and kinda strange but so far no lag no bugs i actually kinda love it .......

I returned my first tour which i had since day one because the track ball was sluggish and i could only score a two on the built in test. I was given a brand new green dot one which is fine by me. Battery life is great and speed is quite snappy- was not a problem on the one i returned either. The track ball issue i can understand, the speed and the screen issues i just don't get.

I guess I am in the minority here. I bought my Tour on July 25th. No trackball issues, no screen ripple, no OS lag and no sound quality issues. Only minor complaint is a slightly loose battery door which does not bother me but I'll probably eventually fix that.

The only question in my mind is what will happen 6 or 8 months down the road when the trackball gums up and sticks. With the involved replace from the rear trackball, I envision lots of phone stores messing up trackball replacements and damaging a few phones. This will be interesting. Glad I got the insurance. I seriously doubt RIM will be so generous as to replace current Tours with the touchpad Essex when it hits even though the longevity of this phone is questionable. I think this phone is going to be problematic for RIM for quite a while.

Well the people, like myself who have returned at least one Tour due to trackball issues are in the minority so far. But if you factor in thos unlucky souls who have returned multiple Tours it may "be approaching 50%" like the article says.

Got a new BB last week after my other one took a swim. Was going to take it back and exchange it for the tour when it came in, but I think after reading these messages I will stick with my flip. Thanks for keeping me from making a huge mistake that I would probably regret

I have never had any problems with any BB I have owned.. No trackball problems either. My tour phone box has no "green dot" but was built Aug, 12/Mexico 5.. My old pearl was seriously abused in the almost two years I had it, I send thousands of messages a month... Never cleaned the trackball and it always worked, still works like new.. I did however always return it back to the case after use. Same with my tour, it goes right into the case each time.

I went through a couple of tours because of the headphone jacks not working loose bezels dead pixels in the screen and high pitched screen noises maybe im too picky but something tells me a 500 dollar phone maybe shouldnt have all these problems

This scares me. I'm able to upgrade in a couple of months and now I wondering should I do so. I've had my Pearl 8130 (my first BB) since Feb 09 and it has been nothing but 100% rock solid; not a single issue with it however of course I'll like a device with much more internal memory which is the Pearl's shortfall. I wasn't impressed with the Pearl Flip nor the Storm but I do love SureType and despite the Tour not having it I thought the other features would make me forget about SureType but now I'm like ???. Luckily I'm on an employee account so I can upgrade every 9 months but I still favor having a rock solid device over all else so I'm now thinking about the Curve 8330 and hopefully the Essex will drop and have the kinks worked out by my next upgrade. I do think it's a shame that it takes a year for RIM to work out the problems instead of delivering a complete non buggy device to market. I know these phones do a lot more than the regular phones but come on; if you choose to build, do it right for goodness sake. I love Blackberry but that would be the one thing that would make me jump ship to another platform. It makes me think of some handgun manufactures in the 80's that sold guns that were less than 100 bucks and some of them was not quite reliable. You might have a mis-fire every second or third trigger pull. Imagine betting you life on that firearm or the reason there are no Windows based PC's on the Space Shuttle! Us Crackberry heads need to start flooding RIM with letters complaining about the quality of the devices that they are putting out. Maybe they'll start to get the message. Just imagine sending your coffee maker, washer machine, fridge, juicer, mixer, heck your stove back in up to six times in order to get a solid one; just some food for thought!

I read in the news yesterday (Sep 17) that Verizon Wireless admitted to a 50% return rate for the Tour...primarily for the trackball issue but also for other reasons. I was one of those statistics and will now wait for, and try, the Storm 2.

Please if you could let me know where you got that info, casue i work for the company and that could help myself being a tour owner and others in the company if we had our hands on that peice on infromation

Would love to see the story as well. I work in one of their call centers where a lot of us use the tour. VZW is a smart company. They would never admit or release the rate of return on any device. If you go back and reread the story it stated that it was an analyst that made this guess based on Sprints numbers. In fact RIM, VZW nor Sprint actually gave the "reporter" any info at all... see the quote from the story.. "Research in Motion did not reply to a request for comment in time for publication. Neither Verizon nor Sprint replied to a request for comment."

So in short, prior to spewing your crap, check your sources and facts...

Why doesn't RIM just replace all the Tour's with the Essex's when the come out. That would fix there ploblem, Right!

last time i had a problem with my phone and they wouldn't take it back, i just went home and blew out the OS... then took it back they had no choice.

My bold trackball got stuck/jammed after about 8 months of use. sent it back to Vodafone for repairs, landed up sending it back another 3 times for other graphical issues soon after recieving it back. Vodafone finaly decided too give me a new handset. problem is the trackball on the new one is starting too jam already. mind saying that I'm always on my bold.

i went thru (4) tours because of a software reset issue. every time i pushed my quickpull pro reset icon, whwen the phone came back on it went "nuked" thats the issue i had with the tour...sad, i liked that phone. now i have a storm.
i had a 8330 curve before this storm, and that phone IS the best phone rim ever built. sad situation since i paid $319 for the phone!!! but verizon gave me a new one each and every time.

So after just over 4,000 responses, only a little over 1,000 have had no problems....

That's quite a high number of people with issues. I can see how the 50% mark would be very possible.

Vertical works great. Right is okay. Left is no bueno. On the upside, it has caused me to become a better BB typist. If I make a mistake, it's too damn hard to scroll back to fix it.


When they released the Tour with a trackball since they released 'lesser' phones first with the trackPAD.

Kinda wierd they have problems with a trackball when they've been using them for years on millions of devices.

Maybe they should release a replacement kit that is a trackpad so people could upgrade.

One main reason I switched to the Storm was I was sick and tired of the trackball navigation. I found it effective at first, but limiting eventually.

Just my $0.02

#1-#3 had bad Trackballs and creeky housings.

#4 (First Green dot Tour) had a completely mis aligned
housing. Edges where a mess and the screen was raised
on one side.

#5 (Second Green Dot Tour)Has a lot of lag in the OS in
almost all aspects from going in and out of apps,
folders even going from the app screen to the home
screen. Sending texts and emails there is a 10 second
freeze before it sends. Often there is typing lag,
again it takes about 5 to 10 seconds to unfreeze and
catch up. Under the battery cover it seems that it has
been scratched up a bit. This unit is supposedly brand

All ready talked to Verizon about sending it back,and reinstating my upgrade as well as a refund. Probably wait for the Storm 2 or maybe the 8530 or 8550 (what ever it is going to be).
Messed around with the HTC Ozone and Touch Pro2 but I know I wouldn't be happy with anythng other than a Blackberry. It's back to the Storm for me...hopefully not for too long though.

Apparently I also joined up for the impossible to use trackball Tour Fan club. Didn't realize it, but I became a ranking officer in a matter of weeks! :)

Had all the problems mentioned before, but had a great Verizon store here locally that upon my second return, spent the whole afternoon going through each box of Tours to get me set-up with one that works. Spent a lot of time in the store!

That being said, I love the Tour! It's unfortunate that so many people had a bad experience though.

I'm on my third Tour, The first one I returned to store about three days after purchase, BIG mistake. After about a week I had the same issue with trackball, called in for a replacement this time. I saw all the information in the forums about the green dot Tours. I had my doubts about them being better devices, I thought the green dots were an inventory thing. Anyway, I received my "green dot" tour last week and it works like a champ, no problems at all. Maybe there's something to it after all.

I didn't have problems at first other than the screen ripple. The phone was out of the 30 day warranty when the trackball went bad. The phone was replaced with a "green dot" Tour, but the screen still ripples when the buttons are touched and I have had the trackball lock up twice now since receiving the replacement.

The Storm was crap when it came out, the Tour is not much better. I'm stuck with this phone for another two years. I've been with a BB since my Nextel 7100 series, but this may be the last one. The quaility is CRAP.

RIM needs to get there sh!t together.

I think that if RIM wants to keep the market share they have and the large customer base, then they should take after OtterBox!

Developing the new Essex (Tour with TrackPad), ok. But go to your vendors of the Tour, find out how many people they have who purchased the lagging Tour, and then send enough to do exchanges for those people to get them off the Tour and put them into the Essex, maybe even before it's street released by like a day or two. That would keep them having VZW as their largest vendor in the U.S. AND keep the customer basis that they do have.

I read on BBOS that VZW is going to try to push BlackBerry people into Android based Motorola phones... Psht! I won't have that. I love BlackBerries and don't want anything else. I think RIM, albeit they're a corporation, are just looking at turning a profit now rather than keeping customers and putting out QUALITY. My old trackwheel devices never had problems, I never had a problem with my 8830WE OR my 8330, ONLY the Tour. So fix it! Stop working on new devices, except the Essex (maybe take my advice above) and develop an OS which ACTUALLY works well on the device and supports BBM5.0!

Not sure how to put this, but it seems to me that RIM or any other manufacturer *should* fully test out their devices before sending them to retail. From what I've read, the Storm 1 was a disaster when released and now the new Tour might be in similar circumstances due to a trackball issue??? In my mind, that is inexcusable for the retailer, and the end-user both.

I have had my blackberry tour since the first week it came out & overall am extremely happy with it. It isn't a perfect phone, but I've been able to make it work efficiently for me in my everyday life.

That being said, I have two main gripes about the glitchiness of the Tour. Now, this is my first blackberry so I can't compare the Tour to any of its predecessors. However, I have noticed that many of the 3rd-party apps are quite buggy. Both my flickr & fbook apps constantly have trouble making connections to their servers, and flickr has yet to be able to use my GPS for geo-tagging (it claims GPS is not available despite the fact that my maps work fine).

Secondly, after the first week I noticed my trackball becoming less responsive than it was when i first got it. It wasn't unusable, but it also was not being very responsive. I stayed patient & through practice & observation realized a few things.

- the trackball only had problems moving HORIZONTALLY. No issues vertically.

- the trackball was more responsive in some apps over others. FOR EXAMPLE: I have absolutely no response issues when navigating w/ the mouse cursor in the Web Browser, or when exploring maps in the Maps app.

- I was able to get the trackball to respond if I changed the amount of pressure I applied & the angle from which I placed my thumb. Essentially I've been able to finesse the trackball into working for me.

Since I've been able to get my Tour trackball to work I saw no reason to return the product, considering my other complaints were obviously software-related. And now I wonder if the problem with the Trackball is a software issue, not hardware. Which would make sense considering how widespread these problems are.

- JJubela

I didn't read through all the comments but when I was having issues with my trackball Verizon had me adjust the sensitivity higher and that fixed the issue. It was having issues moving left or right and after adjusting the sensitivity to around 80 it cleared it up.

waiting for my replacement to be delivered today. my trackball is progressively getting worse. i only have a problem scrolling horizontally. 1 of 2 things happens. either i have to scroll alot to go anywhere (yes my sensitivity is up) or 2 when i scroll in 1 direction the curser actually goes the opposite direction.

Are any of these fixed with the new OS 5.0 perhaps??

Is anyone running OS 5.0 and found that the Trackball is better?

The problems I've experienced are as follows:

- Trackball going out horizontally (notably when scroll right)
- Receiving audio distortions
- Constant rebooting

The screws behind the battery cover on the Tour may be over-torqued and if you loosen them about 1/8 to ¼ turn it will possibly solve the trackball issue.

There are people who have dismantled their Tours and jimmyrigged the ball housing to make it work so it's not a software issue.

I'm on my third Tour. The first one trackball loose door... I returned for a second; as time progressed door loosened and trackball got progressively worse. I maxed the sensitivity, upped my patience and waited a few weeks for the bad batches to run their course before exchanging it again. Went back to get my third last week. Trackball is much better (green dot). They didn't replaced my door though, I had to macguyver that.

I have heard of some people trading their Storms for Tours, perhaps Verizon will allow a trade for Tour to Essex. Althoguh I'm not so sure I'd prefer a trackpad over a trackball. In my 2 years with my 8830 I never had a trackball problem that a little alcohol didn't fix.

We purchased two new 9630 tours one week ago and have been using them extensively without issue. When we first started using them the trackball was unfamiliar to us and required some getting familiar with. A light touch is all that is necessary. In addition and most importantly the track ball sensitivity is adjustable to your liking. There are two adjustments. So if you are having trouble I would like to suggest adjusting the trackball sensitivity.

I love my TOUR but, im pretty upset with the trackball quality...I'm suprised with out of all things that could go wrong on my device I'm extra suprised that this simple function does not work on the device is with VZW...and since im affiliated with them im having problems getting it swapped wondering if i should just get the Storm 2 or our just tough it out...or get the tour 2! honestly this is some BS.

When I used the stock OS, I had problems with the Tour's trackball too, I would have to set the horizontal sensitivity to 90 in order to get it to work properly. When I upgraded to the leaked .191 OS, or to one of the Hybrids available, the trackball issue wasn't as bad, but I'd still have to set the sensitivity to 80 in order for it to work well. When I heard about the Essex potentially coming out, I decided that it may be best to go back to my curve for now and wait for a trackpad based BB to come out. I returned my tour on the 30th day and am content with the prospect of waiting for 6 months or so, hopefully it won't be longer. I miss my tour a lot but the curve gets the job done for now, well mostly.. the camera sucks haha

My VZ rep said tha the Tours with faulty trackballs were made in Mexico. The ones without problems were made in Canada. Open your tour and check near the battery to see where yours was manufactured and see if that is indeed the case.

It must not completely true. I'm having an issue with mine and it was made in canada 1. Still on my original and waiting for my fedex to show up today with my replacement.

I thought I had a flawless trackball but the past few days I suddenly am having troubles scrolling to the right. Scrolling left is touch and go. Scrolling up and down is still flawless. *sigh* I watched kingzee's video and it looks all too familiar to what I've been dealing with these past few days. Looks like my tour may have to go back.

I had problems with the trackball and just last week got my new one and it works great! Really that's the only problem I've had so far and by the looks of it I"m pretty lucky.

I am an "Alltel" Tour owner and my phone is just fine. Seeing as how our phones were not released until 8/21, I am wondering how many who are having issues are with Alltel? Could it be that the problem had been corrected by the time our phones were released? Just curious as I note the majority of the issues seem to be with those that are on the other networks....just curious!!! Any thoughts?

if you change the sensitivity to 90 it resolves most of the time the lag in the track ball. so far its helped everyone whos asked me about it but its just a thought.

I have been reading all the CB talk about trackball problems and thought that I had a winner. Well tonight my trackball stopped moving north. Moves fine in all other directions, but won"t scroll up.
Purchased in July 2009. Verizon customer service seemed pretty good, tour is under warranty. They will send a refurb out to me. It better be in mint physical condition like mine. I love this phone though. I just want the TB to work.

I work for verizon and i have replaced my tour 3 times. im on my 4th one!!!!! i cant wait for the curve to come out with the track PAD no more lousy track BALL

I received a new tour last Nov 09. I tried to sync it to my computer and when it rebooted, I had a "reload software" error. I took it back and received a "returned in 30 days" tour that was more or less brand new. That was Dec 30th. Jan 14th I had an app upgrade available so I upgraded and every thing was great until the reboot. Guess what same error message. "Reload software" Now I am with out phone since I accepted a "new returned phone" Blackberry won't honor the warranty on a returned phone.
Has anyone else had a software dump?

i have owned a blackberry tour for comin up on 6 months now, and i just recently had to replace it with another one because it would start playing random media or audio from a MMS that i received from somebody else. it would start playing whatever it was i received instead of playing the sounds/ringtones i have chosen for all occasions....i love my tour but has anyone else experienced this same thing, i mean it stops after i do a quickpull but im just wondering if it is happening to anybody else. and i took it to verizon store and they said they had a few come in with the same thing but they really couldnt explain as to why....just curious if anyone else knew about this..oh yeh and they replaced it with a brand new one at no cost to me!