BlackBerry Tour Now Available on US Cellular

By Adam Zeis on 3 Nov 2009 04:21 pm EST
US Cellular Tour 9630

The wait is over for US Cellular customers. Reports have been flying in on this one, and it is true that the BlackBerry Tour 9630 is now available for on US Cellular. The device sells for $499.95 flat out, but you can grab it for $199.95 after a mail-in rebate. This requires a 2-year contract with a calling plan of $39.99 or higher plus the BlackBerry Email & Web plan at $24.99. So if you're a US Cellular user and have been hanging on to that 8330 (or maybe even and 8830?!) you can now grab a shiny new Tour. Head over to US Cellular for all the details.

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BlackBerry Tour Now Available on US Cellular


I went shopping last Friday night and just happened to go into a us cellular store even though they are not my provider. They had a live demo unit and I thought that I may have just missed the post that said it was available otherwise I would have sent this in.

You're a bit late on this one, crackberry. You might also want to add you get a $20 discount for upgrading to a smart phone from a non-smartphone at US Cellular.

I got my Tour at USCC last week and love it. Even though my area ONLY has 1X speeds I still enjoy it.

USCC customers also get an additional $20 discount for renewals, and it's been available for like a week.

There's also a very nice Black Friday promotion coming.

I got the Tour at US Cellular last week too. Only I got a $70.00 rebate with mine, and you can print your own coupon from for your $20.00 discount.

I just checked out Rogers plan prices and they are outrageous!!!! BB Plans range from $15 to $80 depending on data throughput....although the $15 would probably make due for most users.

Family share plan are $45 for 225 pooled minutes!

Am I missing something here or is it that T-Mo has really good prices?????