BlackBerry Tour Gets a Guest Spot on 'House'

House MD
By Adam Zeis on 9 Feb 2010 11:53 am EST

While watching House M.D. last night as part of my lazy Monday night, I was excited to see our good friend the BlackBerry Tour 9630 had a guest spot for most of the show. Right from the start, Lisa Edelstien's character showed she is a true CrackBerry Abuser as her precious Tour rarely left her sight (or her hand for that matter) for most of the show). As her alarm clock rang at 5am (which she should totally scrap for an charging pod and bedside mode combo) she immediately checked her device as any true BlackBerry addict would. Throughout the episode, the stock BlackBerry ringtones made users everywhere check their own devices, not realizing the alerts were actually coming through their TV speakers. I'll admit I looked down once or twice as "Notifier_Contentment" sounded out, thinking it was my Bold 9700. While the Tour was unbranded, it was still good to see a BlackBerry getting great screen time. You can check out the show's intro at Hulu. If you happened to catch the episode, drop a comment and let us know what you thought of "House B.B" :-)

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BlackBerry Tour Gets a Guest Spot on 'House'


She was able to use her Tour for 12 hours straight, even after it was unplugged all night. I wish I could get that kind of battery life!

As a Tour owner, crackberry addict, and HUGE House fan, it was definitely nice to see it get so much tv time lastnight. I too checked my device when her notification went off...thought I had a BBM. Lol.

I WAS a lil jealous at how large the photo was on the Tour screen when her babysitter called. Just sayin.

It's really funny that that is the first thing everyone noticed about that episode. I won't lie, that is the first thing i noticed as well. She needs a Storm 2 though. :)

you wanna talk about a tv show that shows blackberries? try entourage! almost everyone on that show is constantly holding a blackberry no matter what they are doing.

seeing Ari Gold with his bold 9000 makes me want a bold so badly hahaha.

also on Curb you enthusiasm larry david is always doing stuff with his phone.

but, i'm sure you poeple knew that already :D

Another show that has plenty of BB's is "Young and the Restless". Seems everyone in the town has an 8300, 8100, or an 8700.

I remember in 04-05 when House and his team had RAZRs...dang, that Tour was all over the place last night! Really cool! Just not crazy about Cuddy as a mom...that storyline does nothing for me.

Hahhahaha that's the first thing I noticed!! I'm a huge HOUSE fan, and when that came on, I paused it and took a closer look. I have the Tour so I was happy ahaha. Right that moment I knew I was going to see this posted on CB the following morning!

there is absolutely NO branding what so ever, doesn't even say Blackberry on it, and that the battery door is totally the soft rubber one Verizon has

I honestly thought it was a bit annoying, as with most product placement. I'll agree with the "Cuddy as Mom" storyline. Meh.

I don't know anyone on this site would not notice the BB as it was quite frequent in the episode.

I'll admit I checked my BB a couple times during the show to make sure it wasn't mine.

I watch House all the time, I thought it was cute, she was clinging to that as if her life depended on it lol

This is by far my favorite show on TV. I watch it every Monday. I saw this and was really excited. I have the Tour and when I told my fiance that she has the Tour also she gave me that "your ridiculous" look. I am an addict even though this is my first BB. Great show, and way to go Cuddy for having a BB.

The first thing I noticed at the start of the show was the BB. Of course I had to comment to my son sitting next to me with his iPhone. His comment, "whatever". haha. It was good to see them showing off the BB at work throughout the whole day.

i'm a crackberry addict and i don't watch the show but the woman does i had it on dvr and played it and as soon as i saw the 9630 i was hooked atleast for the episode and yes i did look down a few times to see if it was my phone and not hers i also tried to see if i could notice anything on the screen when they would show it quickly it's nice to see bb's showing up in more shows...

wow a rare miss by me last night, i saw the clock but didn't even notice the tour! usually i get yelled at by the gf for pointing out every time a bb is shown on TV!

I have a Bold 9700 and previously had a Curve 8520, so the first thing I noticed was the trackball and wondered why the show chose to spotlight "old" Blackberry technology. I didn't immediately recognize the model as being a Tour. I did wonder why Cuddy was relying on an alarm clock instead of using the BB's alarm. I was also prompted to check my phone once or twice during the show as she received alerts.

Makes me realize I am the exact same way. Yesterday my Tour slept on the pillow next to me! So sad, but funny at the same time!

The second I saw her Tour on the table, I thought to myself, "This is going to be all over CrackBerry tomorrow!" LoL! Like some of the other Tour owners, I laughed when the first thing she did when she woke up was check her messages, and I did check my phone a couple of times during the episode! I was thinking that if she tripped and fell, she would hold up the phone and yell, "The Berry is safe!!!!!" :) Private Practice is another show that also is big on the BLackBerry love too!!

My Hubby was so annoyed when I 're-played' the first 2 minutes of the show and kept yelling, "She has a Berry like mine" Hehe I was happy to see it had a roll for the entire episode.

One of my very favourite episodes of House ever! Not just because of the BB - but it was somehow reassuring to hear those familiar ringtones coming out of the TV. for a lot of us the BB is like a "Blankie" we used to have when little!

I admit it... I looked down a couple times and I don't even have those ringtones set on any of my profiles. Guess the joke's on me.

You see blackberries in other shows, but I can't remember seeing anyone using theirs as much as this, it's probably the closest a show has come how people use their crackberry in real life.

Caught this immediately and loved it! I agree it would have been much better if her BB had been in it's "cradle" instead of just laying there! Made me proud. Love my BB Tour and Love me some House! Good match!

thank you very much I was the first one to post this in the forums. I was happy to see it there and yes I looked for my storm 2 when notifier went off! thats the sound I set for SMS

i love my tour and i do that every morning when i wake up is checking for msgs lol if you have a good working tour ( with a 5.0 upgrade ) u wouldnt want another phone

Huge House fan here and a HUGE crackberry fan as well. Had the Tour with TELUS but couldnt resist and switched to the Bold 9700. Would have loved to see Cuddy using the Bold 9700 but maybe this was filmed before the 9700 came out orrr whatever. In any case awesome that the blackberry got so much face time in the show. Cuddy is just like the rest of us... addicts :P

Fellow tour owner here. Why was the tour featured on house? Yeah I'm aware that the show was taped some time ago...I'm shocked they didnt use the bold 9700! I guess when the show was taped maybe they weren't sure if the bold would be out yet or not???

ON a side note, how much money do you think the producers were paid to feature this phone on house?? I wish I was a tv producer so I could always have the latest and greatest blackberry, even some unreleased stuff!!!

Either way, very cool to see Lisa using my current phone!!! I get so sick and tired of seeing blackberry pearls on tv...

I also own a tour and was very pleased to see it so much in the show. I never had to look at my phone during the show as my ringtone is the house theme. Not to mention my phone sits in a charging pod right below my monitor so I know if I get a notification.

I love House! It's my second favourite Prime Time show! I saw that episode. They definitely showed Cuddy with her BB a lot. At some angles I wasn't sure if it was the 9700 or the Tour. Now I know thanks to CB! A lot of other TV shows are showing BB's now. Great to see that!

I agree with this, at times I was like "that looks like a 9700 but it has a ball" and was temporarily confused. This also helped drive the people around me nuts, I think they felt out of the loop.

I didn't have the show on, but it was on in the other room. I kept hearing the BB tones, and looked over to my desk (whee my BB was resting in its charging cradle) and wondered where the sounds were coming from.

I was wondering what was going on! Now I know, and from now on, whenever unseen noises pop up that make me think I have a work email, I will immediately blame the TV and get on with my life. Rather than thinking I am crazy.

I am so happy to see that I am not the only House fan who spent the entire episode preoccupied with Cuddy's tour! I was driving the people around me nuts by constantly talking about it and referring to it as a 9630 and not a Tour. They were giving me looks like "how can you know what model number device that is?" They're not crackberry addicts so they can't understand. I'll admit I felt a little smug and very special, and reading this post on here confirms that even though we are all probably nuts we are all part of something special.