BlackBerry Tour - The First 48 Hours

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jul 2009 09:25 am EDT

BlackBerry Tour

So you camped out in front of your Sprint or Verizon store Sunday morning to ensure you'd have a shiny new BlackBerry Tour. I made it to my local store an hour or so before they opened and was surprised I was 1 of only 3 "in line." We got to chat with a rep who was shocked there wasn't a gathering of "Storm proportions." We were also told they had 120 units in stock, so you can imagine I was thrilled I got out of bed so early.

I've had the device for a little more than 48 hours and I'm still in love with it. Compared to the 8830, Curve 8330 the device is better in every respect, and the ease and speed of use makes my touchscreen Storm feel slow to use. That said, I do have my complaints, and it seems I'm not alone as other users are reporting various issues here and there as well. As with any new device, a few problems can be expected. From the "screen ripple" or the loose battery cover to the ill-placed USB port, the reports are in and the Tour forums are buzzing with problems, complaints, fixes and also a whole lot of praise. Check out some of these forum threads and weigh in on your first days as a "Tourist".

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BlackBerry Tour - The First 48 Hours


I was first in line at Verizon on Sunday morning to get my Tour! I am fairly new to the Blackberry's in general but after having the worst luck with first Pearl's and not much more when they switched me out into the Curve...but 6 months and 6 phones later, Verizon agreed to let me upgrade to the Tour before my contract time was up. This phone is amazing!!! I absolutely LOVE IT! I've never been a big fan of the Storm, so this is a welcomed addition to the Blackberry family. I cannot put this phone down. I LOVE IT! Way to go Blackberry!

I've been reading the Tour forums a bit this morning. It seems like every post is someone complaining about the phone. It is a mass produced product that gets QC'd by someone getting paid $7/hour. Did you really expect every unit to be perfect? If you have an issue with yours, go back to the store and get a new one. This time, open the box at the store and make sure the new device doesn't have the same problem. Don't post on Crackberry complaining about....ugh.

I love my tour. It is of course and huge improvement over the Storm. Yes it does have some problems but non of which are deal breakers by any means. My Tour does have a loose battery cover which shifts while talking on the phone or typing on the keyboard. The screen is very dark even when at 100% compared to my storm or my curve. I love having a physical keyboard again but I seem to be having problems with the small keeps but that is nothing Im sure i wont get use to and grow to love. The over all speed of the Tour is amazing and its held up to all the torture ive given it so far. On day one i dumped a month or so worth of data into the phone via smart guard restore and the phone kept chugging even at a slower rate. A simple battery pull fixed that issue and it was back to out of the box condition. I am able to run a number of taxing apps at the same time which i never could do on the storm or the curve and the battery lasted me the whole day yesterday ending the day at 60% and im always on my phone. Over all the only improvements i can see are small and dont really affect the over operation of the storm. I would recommend this phone to anyone who want the bold but doesnt want to deal with AT&T.

I WISH I could have camped out in front of the sprint store. I am now stuck in limbo with getting it or not. i had an order placed at 1205 am on sunday and being shown it is in back order status lol so i donno !

I've had a great experience with my Storm and can't imagine going back to a smaller screen and cramped keyboard. The Tour is a very nice looking device in pictures and if I still had the Curve 8330 on Telus this would be the next upgrade for me. Giving the Storm a chance, I am very happy with the UI menu's, usage, and overall experience. Nothing is perfect but lucky for me I haven't experienced all the issues many Storm users have had. I'm one of the lucky ones.

My biggest issue is whether to hold out for the Storm 2 (iPhone killer?) but at some point you have to throw in the towel and pick something. My Tour is on the Fedex truck but won't come by here until late afternoon, so I'm enjoying a bittersweet time with my 8330.

My Tour dosent have battery cover issue, thankfully. But as stated before, once loaded up it slowed a little. Problem was completly solved after a hard reset and I have been very pleased with it overall. I do dislike the charging location but that is pointless to complain about.

I'm a little disappointed with some of the flaws but overall, the device is great! My profiles are messed up (Storm was the same), and the trackball is a little funny. The keys are super stiff but I'm sure after more use that'll become a non-issue. Great device over all. I'm happy with my Tour!

Verizon store had plenty of Tours' in stock on release day. I walked in and out in few mins. The phone is slightly bulky, but the OS is zippy compared to Pearl.

Just got my Tour last night and they had plenty left, although clerk on the phone made it seem like they would run out at any time (Liar) and so far my first steps into the world of BB are very good, much better to use than my wife's 8330.

I don't know who would camp out for this phone. This phone was not nearly as highly anticipated as the disappointing Storm. Just another blackberry. You really have to be on crack(berry) to think there was going to be some long line and shortage for this device.

These poeple will camp out to get a curve 83XX when they release some new color. Then come on here and complain that is has OS 4.5 on it lol.

and got the Tour- had a slightky loose Battery cover and used some of the Clear screen protecter on hte battery- the door is fine now ! And I'm impressed ! I'll be an Abuser in no time