BlackBerry Tour Color Clarification

BlackBerry Tour Bezel Colour!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jun 2009 08:42 am EDT

After the initial BlackBerry Tour press releases from Verizon and Sprint a lot of people asked the question regarding the color of the devices... Would the Sprint and Verizon Tours look the same or feature different bezel colors?

PockLint went hands-on with both carrier versions and from the above shot you can tell the Verizon one will indeed come with a "Titanium" bezel whereas the Sprint version will come with a "Silver" Bezel (more photos here). So which do you prefer CrackBerry Nation? I'm thinking you're a winner either way!

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BlackBerry Tour Color Clarification


Definitely Titanium...but the only thing I don't like is that it looks like verizons tour is going to be all black while sprints has the silver outline..still getting it for vzw tho

Would it be possible to switch the bezels at some point if they were available? I like the titanium but I'm using Sprint so it looks like chrome for me. But, I'll probably put a case on it and will mostly be covered up anyway.

While I'd personally prefer the darker, titanium bezel, I'm not certain that Telus will ofer it. Here's to hoping...

I really preferred the Titanium color of my 8310 on AT&T vs. the Silver of the 8330 I currently have. I've longed for the black housing on the Curve, and while I'd still prefer black here, Titanium is a big improvement over Silver.

Well if I got one it would be the Verizon model, but I prefer the look of the Sprint one. Guess I could get a bezel from cnn, or Horizon.

Does anyone think that they will come in any other colors? I know the curve and pearl did, but so far the Bold and 8900 Curve haven't. Just a thought, I love my pink curve.

The silver looks good to me, but I will not give up my Verizon.

Not that it really makes one whit of difference considering that either way we CDMA subscribers are getting a wonderful phone, but:

I believe the Sprint Tour looks far more appealing. It's got the aesthetic of having the bezel match the "frets" between keys which, in my humble opinion, knocks the socks of the Verizon Tour. It's like matching your dress socks to your button-up shirt. Nobody is REALLY going to get all on your case about it if they're two different shades, but if they match, people will notice. (Not to mention my weakness for shiny silver things...)

I was tracking with you all the way up until you said you wear white dress socks whenever u put on a white oxford. I would laugh at you daily if you worked with me. :p

Titanium bezel FTW!

Btw I agree it would be hot if the bezel and frets matched though.

I love the Verizon color and I am with Sprint. Ebay already has colored bezels for the tour...I will be going with the black out effect with a black bezel when available or the tour will visit the colorware spa....

That Titanium is Bad A$$ but, I gotta go w/ Sprint.... Also, SOMEBODY HAS A SPRINT BRANDED TOUR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ohhhhhh July 12, please don't fail me now!!!!

Without question the titanium looks much better in my eyes and I roll with Vzn. After having a silver Pearl for what seems forever, I'm lovin' the new "tight-anium". 3 more weeks! I'm getting giddy!

I would have to go with the Titanium bezel from VZW. And not just because I work for them but because, no matter what, titanium has always been better than silver to me. It's more METAL!

I like the titanium one but either one i'd be happy with. if you have a case that will be covered up anyways

Looks so smoooth!! I can't wait to get the Verizon Tour. I will be waiting at the door before my Verizon store opens!

Titanium for sure, the silver bezel was the only iffy part for me. I had already planned on using a "Spray Tint" like nite shades to darken the bezel up. Now I guess I don't have to!

Thanks Verizon!

Personally, I like the Sprint phone. It looks like the Bold, and I like the Bold's look.

I do usually like a darker phone, but the Silver, i feel, is a nice touch.

Plus, as others have commented as well, once you put a case on it wont even matter.

I have contacted Speck to see if they have a case yet, and they said they do not at this time. I hope they come out with one, becuase I'd like to see the beauty of this phone as I use it with one of their clear plastic cases.


Dang... I'm on Sprint. So, while I'm still excited about getting a Tour...

That Darker bezel looks so much sexier than the silver. I'll be sure to change that once aftermarket bezels are available :p

Would love to see a red 9630 like the red 8830. Nothing is worse than everyone having the exact same looking phone. And I'm not a fan of least not yet.

Black chrome or maybe gun metal bezel/frets might look nice too

or does the Verizon model look so much bigger than the Sprint??? Maybe it is the titanium color that makes it look bigger, as it blends more with the phone. I like the Verizon one better.

Hate the looks of the VZW one Like the looks of the sprint one.

Doesnt matter really I am on AT&T and this phone is not going to make me switch.

i've always loved the titanium... not too dark not too light... nice to see that us big red customers FINALLY get the colour on a berry

I have been SO looking forward to the 9630 on Sprint, however that silver bezel is brutal! Looks uber tacky....hopefully it was crappy lighting, if not it WILL be replaced.