BlackBerry Tour Cases Now Available

BlackBerry Tour Cases
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jun 2009 03:34 pm EDT

As much as I'm a BlackBerry device addict, I'm also a BlackBerry accessory junky. That being the situation, almost nothing bothers me more than when a new device model hits the market but there's a lack of cases and other accessories available for it. I remember when the BlackBerry Bold was released it felt like forever before we finally started to see lots of aftermarket case and accessory options roll out.

Best Selling BlackBerry Tour Cases

Things are looking good for the BlackBerry Tour though! The device hasn't even been released yet but the BlackBerry Tour cases and skins are already starting to arrive in stock and are now shipping via ShopCrackBerry. As you can tell from the picture above, I'm already starting my collection! Pictured from left to right for the Tour are the: Smartphone Experts Click Case; BlackBerry Skin Case; Smartphone Experts Skin Case; BlackBerry Synthetic Pocket Pouch; ecoLife Element Side Case and not really visible but there is a Screen Protector (for the 8900 but fits the Tour just fine - and Tour BodyGuardz are also available now).

Not a bad start for protecting my Tour! Lots of colors are available for most of the cases/skins above and over the weeks ahead the selection will continue to broaden as more manufacturers bring their Tour accessories online. So if you're killing time waiting for the Tour to be released.... you know what to do! :)

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BlackBerry Tour Cases Now Available


I'm actually debating going from Storm to Tour...

But I love my Storm, and the Tour is so sexay...

Cases look nice too. Trackball is my only reservation...The touch screen is so great. GAH. Decisions.

Some studious (translation HACKERS!) found a Tour case picture on the Telus website. It's mentioned in this CB thread...

None of these cases interest me. Hopefully my favorite case manufacturers will have offerings before the Tour is released.

well good news but 29$ to ship to canada? ridiculous. i dont know why so many companies want to use ups for all their shipments. I wanted to get a skin prior to this launching but ill wait for the $3 ebay prices.

if u guys used usps it would be a lot cheaper and just as successful probably would get more orders too.

I agree, I wanted to order one too but when I saw the price for shipping, I changed my mind.

I ordered the BodyGuardz clear protector for it seems to be pretty reasonable because i drop stuff lol so itll protect me from scratches and all

Kevin truthfully i love buying from crackberry just that pricing on shipping has to go ill start ordering from some where else the pricing here is ridiculus

I'm aware that our current shipping rates are unfortunately not designed for Canadian customers with small orders (under $50). However, you have to understand that our store at least does offer International shipments - something that not many online retailers do.

The international priority shipping option (UPS Next Day delivery ~$30 to Canada) becomes much more economical when you purchase multiple items, which is what the majority of our International customers tend to do - typically spending over $200 per order (we still have tons of orders going to Canada each day).

That's one of the biggest benefits of our accessory store - huge selection. Instead of buying a case from one company, a battery from another and a headset from yet another (and shipping each of those individually), you can purchase everything in one transaction and ship in one shot (and get it right away). So you're right, it wouldn't really make sense to buy one skin case and ship to Canada, but it does make sense when you purchase a few things.

Ideally we would like to offer more shipping options to international customers so that even purchasing a single smaller item and shipping would make sense, and that's something we are working towards - but we want to roll it out *right* when we do so it takes time. In the meantime, thanks for the patience and supporting CrackBerry!


I've been searching for a chrome casing or just a chrome case ever since I saw a beckymae custom curve. I emailed beackmae about a chrome curve job and got a response, but no chrome!! Now I've seen a chrome case for the storm and a 8900, I even saw the ugliest gold plated 8900. Omg dude!.I just wondered if any one had info on a site that would paint any phone chrome. Help please!!!!