OEM BlackBerry Tour Replacement Battery Doors Now Available - Come in Variety of Colors

BlackBerry Tour Replacement Battery Doors
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Sep 2009 05:26 pm EDT

This is sweeeeet! While you're waiting on your BlackBerry Tour to complete its operating system upgrade, you may just want to jump over to the ShopCrackBerry store and check out what just got added... replacement battery doors for the Tour! These are OEM (BlackBerry brand) doors and come in a variety of colors. Blue and red are already in stock and shipping, and our e-commerce team let me know the silver, pink and black doors are in-transit (arriving shortly), so you can pre-order now to be first in line to receive them. Each door sells for $17.95 (MSRP is $19.95) and are a great way to add a touch of personalization to your device.

On the same topic, the e-commerce team also let me know that more colors are now in stock for the Seidio Innocase 360 and Innocase Surface II for the Tour.

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OEM BlackBerry Tour Replacement Battery Doors Now Available - Come in Variety of Colors


I'm sorry but any other color except black is absolutely dumb. Why have an all black phone with a pink, red, blue, or silver door? Just wouldn't look right.

i believe they are the sprint style doors, that is all i seem to see when it comes to 3rd party stuff, even coveroo uses the sprint doors.

A colored battery door is useless without color matched bezels and trim. Introduce matching bezels and trim and these will sell like hotcakes. There is flat black on cnn.cn already....

Sell the colored bezel, matching trim and battery door for $50 and people will buy. It would be a great alternative to that Colorware $159-ship-my-Tour-away BS. On top of that, we can switch the stock pieces back in if we need to swap the device.

These are fucking ugly. Where are the Verizon TOUR battery covers??! Those one's are sick, and we Telus, Sprint, Bell users all want one!

I'm glad I don't need a new battery cover.
I hope these are not my only option if I ever do need one.
My BB Tour looks just fine TY.

best buy has blue and red already, they give you a choice of one for free if you are buying a tour, otherwise i think it was $25 for one

You have to be joking on this. Why would you buy a colour door? NO one will see it,If you buy a case for the Tour........LMAO Did any one really take a look at the picture above....There,s two bumps on the door. Come on CB you should have had the whole shell in colours for sale! Not the frigging DOOR!

I signed up for my Sprint Tour on Sep.6 right after my TMO/Bold contract was out. Best Buy phone department gave me one for free... infact they gave me the option to take a blue one or red one. I took red. :) free!!!

You know how you can tell when a car was in an accident when the car is all red but with a green door, this is what your tour will look like.

Why do these photos show the charging contacts that are attached to the phone? That's not an accurate representation of what you'll get when you order one.

Maybe it's just me, but I find it odd.

Too bad I don't have a curve. I have the storm and there's not much in the way of customizing your storm..... Only 1 year until I'm eligible for a new BB..... Then we'll see what's out there...