BlackBerry Tour 9630 User Guide!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 May 2009 02:12 pm EDT

BlackBerry Tour 9630 User Guide

Jonesing for the BlackBerry Tour 9630? Looking for some light reading to do this Memorial Day? Well good news! I just err.. uhh.. came across this User Guide for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 up on MegaUpload. You can click the image above to jump on over and grab it. I know you won't actually read the manual once you get your hands on the device, so you might as well kill the time in an educational and productive manner.

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BlackBerry Tour 9630 User Guide!


Even the manual picture is sexy....Come on Sprint I NEED THIS PHONE.....My birthday month would be prefect JULY

Is it just me or this just seems like any old Blackberry user guide with the first page changed. It talks nothing about the phone specifically and it doesn't even have a little diagram of the phone showing what each button does. It also says nothing about it being a world phone.

A little suspicious to me ...

WTF is with people having to put themselves over for making the first post on every eff'n blog that is on this site. It's really annoying!

Back to this phone, I think it's going to be sweet for CDMA users; although the lack of WiFi is annoying. My brother in law is on Telus and he's waiting patiently for this device! I can't wait to play with it! haha

WTF is with people having to rant and rave about people making the first post on every eff'n blog that is on this site. It's really annoying!

Seriously though, if it annoys you and is on every post - then just like the semi-invasive Google text ads - you should learn to ignore it.

I, too, am suspicious of this. It clearly looks like any other Blackberry manual with just the first page conveniently changed. There's not a single thing that proves it's real, or that it's intended for the Tour.


yeah also I have a feeling the real one would say Blackberry 9630 World Phone

I think smartphone is a weird choice of words.


...because of the SIM chapter. No mention of Global capabilities. Plus it only talks about SIMs from a non-Verizon/Sprint perspective...funny when CDMA carriers are what this phone is aimed at. I'm gonna call fakesies too; this is just a generic manual with a revamped cover page. Plenty of people have Adobe and too much free time. Thanks for the effort though Kev!

oh yeah i forgot to mention the SIM thing. that was so weird to me. the person who made this could have at least copped the 8830 manual and changed it to 8930 to make it a little more legit.

Have any of you guys actually looked at the manual or another manual to compare? Neither the Storm 9530 nor the 8830 were called World Phones on their manual covers; they were both called smartphones.

Second, world phone capabilities are clearly talked about under the sections "About global roaming mode", "Connect to a GSM or UMTS network", and "Set the wireless networks to use with global roaming mode".

Third, none of the manuals contain a diagram of the phone.

All very good points. I rushed to judgment a bit too hastily. I went back and reviewed all the manuals on the BB site (which I had never done, only my own 8830 manual) and the user guides are all pretty generic regardless of which phone they belong to.

I was thinking of the "Getting Started" guides which offer more detail about the specific models in question. And let's be honest, that would be a more fun read.

yeah I did too. It still could very easily be fake, but it doesn't change anything because there's like a 70% chance it will look like that anyway. I was thinking of the getting started guide as well. Please leak that whoever leaked this!!!!!!!

Alright everyone who always says come on RIM release the darn thing already, Its people like you who are the first ones to complain when it does come out casue something was wrong with it or something like that. Just give RIM time and they will try to make it as perfect as they can

This looks identical to official RIM documentation. Someone is getting fired for this one..

The "Tour" name leaks in official RIM doc. Corporate office is loving this..

Thanks Kevin, very helpful for getting me excited all over again! Only bummer thing that I saw in there is that it is for software version 4.7 and I guess I was really hoping that it might launch with 5.0. Still hoping.

Kept getting pop-ups and when I finally made some sort of progress I got the message "Download Limit Exceeded". Sweet. I'll just sit here and keep dreaming :-/

so...i first heard this phone was coming out in MAY. awesome, my contract was up in April, $100 credit baby! i can wait a week or two...

then i heard it was June. since then i havent heard/seen a wiff of news since the rename from Niagra to Tour and the video comparing the sizes...


now I'm seeing comments on here for FREAKING JULY?!?! My phone is turning into a huge pile of junk, i can't adjust the volume so i never hear phonecalls and i need to hard reboot the damn thing once a week now... AND THEY WANT ME TO WAIT UNTIL JULY?!?!?!

*pulls out his hair and screams*

#%^&$% This the Curve 8900 just came out on ATT i guess it's time to switch.