BlackBerry Tour 9630 Pops Up In Verizon's System

By Adam Zeis on 15 May 2009 11:35 am EDT
BlackBerry Tour 9630 snagged this image of the BlackBerry Tour 9630 listed in Verizon's internal system.  It doesn't give us much information, but it is definitely a step in the right direction for CDMA users and it's a solid piece of "visual evidence" that the 9630 will be called the Tour, in case you were still believing otherwise. It beats the 9630 SKU that showed up in the Telus system that's for sure.  No release date just yet, but hopefully it will still be out on or around the July 13th rumor we heard last week.

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BlackBerry Tour 9630 Pops Up In Verizon's System


Obviously with the storm 2 pics as featured post...this one got pushed down quick... I'm a little shocked more people haven't commented on this, it's already 15 minutes old!

As said, step in the right direction.

they were still calling it Niagra, but said the buzz around the office was the name would change since it sounded too much like viagra

Way to pick out the Bell Gift Card. It took me twice to see it, but its verizon just yet.

I'm actually surprised that Bell doesn't get some preferential treatment being a fellow Canadian company. Even if it means only a few days/weeks earlier than VZWs launch.

On a side note though, Bell definitely did a better job than VZW on following up with the majorly-failed OS upgrades to Storm 1. What's VZW on now .75 1/2 and Bell's on .122?

Our corporate FY ends June 2009 and we need to replace our handhelds. Almost everyone wants this BB, but if we dont know anything by first week of june we have to buy about 500 crappy Palm centros on Sprint to get the PO in by the end of June. I wish I knew why VZ doesnt provide at least some information.

it has been pointed out that there is a bell gift card line item in the forums ---

is this actually a verizon or is this a bell screen

Does the "NC" on item ID indicate "No Camera"? That would be so frakkin' awesome. It would be the answer a whole bunch of us lookin' to move on from the 8703 and 8830 have been looking for. Since I can't have a camera, I have been stuck in "old" devices for a while, envious of all the complaints about OS updates. Look at the 8830 for example, just did get the official upgrade a short while back.
No Camera = Good News for lots of us government and corporate users!

Doesn't the DUM in front of the description mean it is a dummy phone?? When I was a VoiceStream (I know it's now TMo, but when I worked there it was still VStream), all of our Dummy phones had that coding either in the description or the part number

the bell gift card is actually a gift card, that had bells on it.

its the VZW inventory system. I was lookin at it earlier for new moto phones.

The number of the phone shows "9630". The "30" means Verizon...always has always will. BELL would have a different number. Come on, guys. VZW employees are saying that the BELL GIFT CARD thing we are seeing is a literal Gift Card with Bells on it.

yeah the bell on the nineth line is a giftcard that verizon wireless sells. along with all the other accesories on that list.

This looks like a great phone and hope VZW does in fact get it. I've realized with the Storm being my first touchscreen phone that I think after using my friend's curve's that a "traditional" BB would be better suited for me. Obviously gonna try it out first but Storm is gonna go on the Shelf cause I'm just tired of all the lagging.

It looks like the Tour is going to come in a camera and "non-camera" version. BB9630TR and BB9630TRNC (NC = no camera). Nice to know the 8830 will finally have a true successor for those customers that cannot have a camera attached to their BB.

The MOC sku is a mock up SKU, aka for the fake (dummy) versions. Those are mostly for kiosks or "high theft" locations as stores will put the real version on display. As for the "Bell" gift card, LoL, it really is an old holiday gift card that had bells on it. You guys are QUICK to jump on the little things, but sometimes, an easter egg is just egg. Nothing more.