BlackBerry Tour 9650 Visual Voicemail Install Files Found Online

By Bla1ze on 6 Feb 2010 07:25 pm EST
BlackBerry Tour 2 9650 Visual Voicemail Install Files Found Online

We've seen RIM's little mistake with the Facebook posting. Kevin went hands on with it way back in October of 2009 and finally, just like the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 it's been spotted more times then a leopard. Now, here are rolling into February full on and no release of the BlackBerry Tour 2 / 9650 is to be had as of yet. But, thats not to say there isn't still news and rumors to be posted about it.

The keen eyes of the Twitter world provide us with the latest tidbit. Mike Lawson has spotted, which was reported by Berryscoop the installation files for visual voicemail for the BlackBerry Tour 9650 directly on the Verizon servers. No telling exactly how long it's been there or what might one do with it since you can't exactly go out an pick up a 9650. But lets all just hope it's a new edition to the VZW website and it means the BlackBerry 9650 is closer to getting all official like on us. 

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BlackBerry Tour 9650 Visual Voicemail Install Files Found Online


I just wish the dern thing would be released already....or even still, I wish they'd give us a release date, so we can stop speculating WHEN. I'm still rocking the Curve 8330!!

im rockin the 8330 too and this darn thing just freezes up on me too much and im sick of battery pulls so im going to just pick up the storm2. i really wanted to tour2 but i just cant take this anymore.. its like using a freeken commodore 64 now. i would get the tour but im afraid its just too outdated.

I'm wielding the 8350i (OS 4.6.1) on NEXTEL with WiFi and take it anyday over my 9530 for the keyboard alone...

The Storm/Storm 2 is a dream to READ email on but I just can't get into the whole touchscreen deal for typing.

I mean, I absolutely can't stand typing on it even after 4 months of owning it for work alongside my personal 8350i.

Just trying to make sure you think that one over very slowly...

There is nothing bout the Tour that is "outdated" except for maybe the trackball...besides, Verizon is trying to deplete inventory and you would be helpin for getting a Tour. Get the Tour and download the OS 5.0.419 and you'll be fine! If you want the Tour 2 then you'll have exactly the same with the Tour 1 just without the trackpad and WiFi.

I have the 8330 as well. I've been able to hold on for the Tour 2 just fine ever since I upgraded to OS 5.0 (thanks to Crackberry). The improved SMS and other fun features have been great. I would really think hard about buying a new phone just weeks before a new model drops. You will kick your self later! Just read about the Tour 1 owners on this site.

i have been thinking about it since november and no one really knows when the tour2 will drop for sure. the essex sal had still had the silver convince buttons and if you look at all the previous versions of every blackberry they switched them to the rubberized, including the storm, bold, curve and pearl. you cant help but question why rim has done this on all the devices except the tour.. my reasoning is that because the one sal had was an early prototype.
just my .02

OS 4.7 sucked so so oh so bad. I think I'll wait for the 9100 I prefer typing with one hand and can do so very quickly with multi-tap on the Pearl. Hurry Rim and Sprint with that Pearl.

Just exchanged my Tour for a new Bold9700. After using it for a day, I can tell the quality difference between it and the Tour. Very happy with the trackpad & wifi. It is much snappier too than the Tour.

In this photo, there are no black bars behind the icons on top and bottom. OS5 on the Bold9700 and my old Tour still have the transparent black bars. When is RIM getting rid of these? Screenshots keep showing them gone as above. ???

Anyone else here that the 9650 is supposed to hit sprint this month? My brother works there and say they are going to release this month but no word on a release date.

Hurry up and come out! I want this phone so bad! I am also still on the 8330 but i put the boost 5.0 and a new theme on it along with memory booster 3.2 and this thing works better then it ever has. I was about to give in and get the curve 2 but i am going to wait it out and get the big dog!

i hope your right i'm out of contract and can't stand the 8350i was ok in the begining but now it sucks wont do half the stuff any other blackberry will do. ptt is a dinosaur i just want to go to a regular sprint phone. going to wait till the end of the month than going with the bold.

I have had my Tour 1 since December and upgrading to the .419 made it so much better than the 4.7, as far as switching to the Tour 2 probably NOT I prefer the trackball over the trackpad anyday! I have been hearing ppl complain about their trackpads moving and sinking into the phone. As for wifi on Sprints 4G network its not needed!! I am sticking with the ORIGINAL TOUR!!!!

Please fix the word choice and grammar mistake:

But lets all just hope it's a new ***addition*** to the VZW website and it means the BlackBerry 9650 is closer to getting all official like on us.

Mhmm... I hate to be "that guy" but I'm not sure how they'll sell any 9700s when they release these. they look basically the same... and don't they do the same thing?