BlackBerry Tour2 9650 Appears In CelleBrite System

By Bla1ze on 17 Jan 2010 12:13 pm EST
BlackBerry Tour 2 9650 Appears In CellBrite System

Some information for those out there that are awaiting the release of the BlackBerry Tour 2 aka 9650 aka Essex. If you have been holding out for the Tour 2 your waiting may soon be over as rumors abound claim the Tour 2 should be arriving anytime soon now. Be it this month or next, that window of release is there as a rumor.

A often used indicator for this is when devices get loaded into CelleBrite. CelleBrite can be used as a collaborative POS system, but also has the capability to allow transfer of contacts to and from wireless devices. It's used by quite a few carriers in their stores. This time around though, seeing the Tour 2 loaded up in there and given its source, being that of a Verizon tipster, it's safe to say that this one came from within Verizon. That's all we have for now folks but as the day gets closer we're sure well see some more release information pop up.

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BlackBerry Tour2 9650 Appears In CelleBrite System


I still find it comical that there's even multiple listings of BBs in the Cellebrite machines. The contact management is THE SAME in ALL BBs. The only differences (very small and not widely used fields anyway) come from OS versions differences, NOT model differences. Too funny...

Even though I'm a Sprint guy, this is exciting because Big V and Sprint did Tour 1 together...I think I'm ok in assuming they'd do the second generation together as they practically did with the 8530. That gets me thinking though, will there be a Sprint Storm2 one day??? Not that I want it but just curious.

Glad to see more signs of hope. My upgrade is at the end of January. I really want the Essex bad. Upgrading from a 8330 (which is awesome). When I get the Tour2 I will be very happy.

Verizon people are so funny... My brother talked to a higher up tech guy the other day that claimed he had no idea what a tour2 even was? And that he had never heard of such a thing hahaha!

I'd be hesitant to be an early adopter for anything Blackberry.
Save yourself the grief & let it roll out for a month or 2 to be safe.

My palm is on its last leg...I can't wait to throw it in the dumpster after I crush it with a hammer...but I wait patiently for perfection...Essex!

I have seen these teasers from everyone for a year now about Tour 2. Still not out yet? Will it even come out now?

Verizon put in a major wifi network over hte last few months and has re-written the access manager to use "Verison Hotspots". I can even log into them as a service.

Do you think Tour 2 will get killed off if VZ annouces an Apple Iphone at CTIA?

This also means anyone with a CelleBrite device can download all your information, including deleted info from the BlackBerry Tour2 9650.