BlackBerry 9630 to be Branded the BlackBerry Tour?!

BlackBerry Tour 9630
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Apr 2009 05:00 pm EDT

All BlackBerry smartphone codenames must come to an end, except of course in the case of RIM's touchscreen where the "Storm" codename stuck. But in the case of the "Niagara" I think we always knew that name would eventually die, and BGR today has proposed what the final name for the BlackBerry 9630 may just end up being... the BlackBerry Tour.

World Phone... World Tour... Music Tour... Media Phone... BlackBerry Tour... BlackBerry Tour 9630... it all kinda makes sense. My initial reaction to the name wasn't overly positive, but as I'm typing this it has already grown on me. 4 letters, just like the Bold. Makes it seem fair.

Of course this is still speculation, but what do you think?! Like the name BlackBerry Tour or would you rather see it launch under something else? I'm sure whatever the name is, those wheels are already in motion and it's too late to change now, but you can always drop your ideas in the comments!

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BlackBerry 9630 to be Branded the BlackBerry Tour?!


.....i couldn't care less about the name myself, I just want the phone!! Thanks for all the info on the 9630 so far!!

I don't care what they call it, just release it! I think they should just stay with numbers and forget the name business.

I guess I just don't get it. I like the "Bold" or "Storm" names. They sound like power. Pearl makes sense as it was really about being a more consumer oriented device, and it's trackball looked like a pearl. Curve actually wasn't bad. But with "tour" I don't get anything. Other than arguing with my family over the proper pronunciation of "tour" versus "tore."

i dunno... blackberry tour doesnt sound right to me.. maybe itll take awhile to get used to too.

No. No. No. No. No.

tour? TOUR? Seriously, RIM? That's the best you could put out? Tour? That just doesn't sound cool at all. Bold and Storm sound cool, like applejosh said, but Tour? Come on. Why not just make it another Curve, huh?

It's kinda odd. Considering before the Bold, RIM has always released their devices with 5 letters. 7100 series was Charm, then Pearl(81XX), Curve(83XX), World(88XX), etc. But I do like the name..

it could be called the blackberry flaming poo and it would still be a sweet a$$ phone. niargra, tour, don't care. just bring it on.

I don't care for the name "Tour". This is a world phone, correct? That name is not trendy nor catchy. "I just bought the new BlackBerry Tour", what kind of name is that?

How about something a bit more grabbing. How about the BlackBerry Xternal.

"Hey, I just bought the new BlackBerry Xternal...". Now that's HOT!!!

Alright already ! Just come on with it. What is RIM waiting on ? Here's another proposal - The BB 9630 with a SURE-TYPE keyboard like the 7000 series. I just switched from my 7000 series about 5 months ago to a World 8800. You can peck out e-mails 2x as fast on a SURE-TYPE versus a Curve, Bold or World. RIM ought to think about that platform style again.

seriously you guys are arguing a name. at least it isnt iPhone..

apple is so creative with the name of their products. iBook, iPhone, iLife, iSuckAFatCock

But at least it works. For the most part, RIM has been good with names (Bold, Curve, Pearl - still think the name Storm sucks) but WTF is "Tour"? I say just stick with the model number, 9630. (If they do go with "Tour", I don't care what the reason is, that person needs to get fired)

If we are have to wait this long for the much anticipated new Blackberry why did they drop the ball on the name? Tour or Tool? Really? Can I have get paid a large amount of money to name the next one? I bet it will be a much cooler name for the product line that carrier are going to have on their shelves for the next 1 to 2 yrs at least. Thanks Blackberry

Makes it sound boring and lazy. How do they expect to get people excited about it? I mean the general public who don't even know about it yet. To folks here it probably doesn't matter, but when they start advertising it for the rest as the "Tour," people are going to yawn and fall asleep.

I guess Rimm should just not use names, just numbers. I suppose Niagara offended someone. And that wouldn't be politically correct now would it. Maybe they could call it Bold 2 or something. Oh heck just call it a number. I think Tour sucks. Did I say that I think the name tour sucks?

This suits it. Blackberry genus Rubus 9630 umh but then again this would be beter for the one that will have a keyboard and touchscreen.

I see this phone being aimed towards the business crowd and the "Tour" doesn't fit that. I like the BlackBerry 9630 WE.

The names are rediculous. Using the Pearl and Curve for 2 completely different phones. Knowing RIM they will call it the Curve again.

That's actually a pretty good name for the phone. If they were going for a new way to spin the whole "world" thing, they could've gone with the Blackberry Atlas.. That sounds cool.. Well anyway, not bad RIM, not bad. You can name it the Blackberry 9630 TwinkiePoodle, and I'll still purchase it!

They could launch this with the name "BlackBerry Horse's Ass" just so long as they launch it soon.....I could care less what they call it..I just want it!

Wasn't the Storm originally the "Thunder"? It seems that post- 8000 BBs start with a multisyllabic code name and end up with single syllables for their marketed names. Curve, Pearl, Bold, Storm, Tour. So far, no 2 have the same first or last letter either! Just an observation. Quit looking at me like that.

Yeah like i said in an earlier post.. but going more on that. Thunder was 7 characters, Niagara is 7 as well. And every device before Bold, was renamed to 5 characters. 7100(Charm), 8100(Pearl), 83(Curve).. 8900 is an anomally cuz it has the model number in the name..

Well it does make sense with the RIM/U2 stuff in the works. Tour does tie in with what the device can do. It being a World Edition and something that you could tour the world with. It's not a horrible choice but not my first.

not a big fan of calling it the tour... i just don't really like the name and i don't feel the name is powerful enough. bold storm curve powerful and sleek names...... tour ... ehhh not so much

Must admit, "Niagara" was a pretty random name, from my perspective. Of all the innovative things one could name a device... Niagara really makes no sense, what does this device have to do with water? I, at least, understand why "Tour" is a more appropriate name. I suppose I don't really care what the verdict is, I still would not buy it.

what service is it for? please let it be att. I wanted the 8900 but found out it was for tmobile and my mom told me to wait because sooner or later att is going to come out with a new curve. so me and my boyfriend have been unpatiently waiting.

I think they should leave it the Niagra but best of all...

I WANT A DEFINATIVE (SP) DATE OF RELEASE because if not, I'm going to buy another toy instead and just keep my 8330VZW Curve.

I thought Niagara was pretty cool sounding.
Someone mentioned BB Journey, or BB WE.
I like BB World too.

But BB Tour??

I might buy the phone, but I sure as heck would
NEVER call it buy that name!!


Oh yeah, i think its a great name to build around. tons of ideas for catch phrases and loads of ideas for the media,swag,promotions,gadgets,add ons,etc.
catch blackberry, on Tour now...coming to a city near you soon!! be a groopie and jump on the Tour bus now!
how bout a blackberry tour bus stress squeeze toy for work that doubles as a holder/cradle for your desk?? a blackberry branded t-shirt with major release cities on back and your city highlighted where you bought your. show us a Tour of your Tour around your "Tour" wins I should have stuck to marketing and public relations.

wow...but Blackberry TREK???? like davfancb says....yeah, that could be a great tie in with the new release on the star trek movie coming out. that would be a great meadia........."storm".

i really like the Trek name now

i think its kewl cuz how att has a 4 letter blackberry (bold) and it just makes sense to me and it sounds good...blackberry tour!

What an awful name. BlackBerry Tour? I hate it. "Niagra" was a better name for it, and I didn't like it that much either.

Niagara is WAY better! But that's not going to make me even hesitate about picking up this baby!

Oh and guys, this is not a Bold and not a Curve so neither name would be appropriate. It's basically the Storm (chassy, battery, radios, etc.) with the Curve 8900 screen and (slightly smaller) Bold keyboard.

The FORK, KNIFE, AND SPOON. and the ever cool Blackberry Spork.

Think about it, how cool would it be to tell people you have the new Blackberry SPORK?

The more often the name tour is used, the more people will like it. Just like the Niagara. I mean really, Niagara Falls? Like most of you, I couldnt care less what the name is because 1. Its a super awesome device that could be given any code name and 2. whatever the code name is, it wont be present on the device.

Can I have get paid a large amount of money to name the next one? I bet it will be a much cooler name for the product line

German Reviews

I would suggest McGuffin -- "Hey, I just got a BlackBerry McGuffin!" -- but the diminutive would bring it too close to Apple.

I just want to know if it'll have wi-fi.. is that too much to ask? Tour.. Schmore, who cares I just want specs!

I think it would be funny if they named it Niagra, since it is often misspelled that way. Apple did it with the McIntosh...

BB Olympico....LOL

with the winter olympics in Vancouver, wonder if a special edition BB would be on the horizon

could it be that the first u2 concert on june 30th is a tuesday, so the phone will debut at the concert and be in stores on the 1st of July?

Makes sense since Blackberry is the major sponsor of the new biggest music tour in history (by ticket sales)- the U2 360 tour.

Makes sense since Blackberry is the major sponsor of the new biggest music tour in history (by ticket sales)- the U2 360 tour.

Tour... *thumbs down*
It doesnt roll off the tongue.

Sally: "What kinda phone is that?"
Joe: "Oh, I've got a Tour."
Sally: "Oh really, where are you going?"
Joe: "Uhm... right now? To the bar."
Sally: "Neat. But what kind of phone is that?"

Oh gosh that is freakn funny, and it totally makes sense! I agree with adamrocks it doesn't roll of the tongue, it makes the phone sound bland, AND its name would definitely not make someone want to jump on that band-wagon and but it personally if i do say so myself! the Blackberry Zap, Flash, Twin or even the Blackberry Guide sounds better then Tour

The Storms codename is Thunder. The _only_ device to keep its codename was the 8100 "Pearl", where "Pearl" is and was the original codename. 8110, 8120, and 8130 all have different codenames, but the 8100 is "Pearl"

Yeah I agree with most people. The name "tour" kind of sucks, but I'll be buying it regardless.

How about something like the Blackberry Quest or Safari?

Tour is just not exciting enough.

BB SLICK!!! just to help with the ladies.....?
But I was trying to think of an uglier word than tour//and I came up with Ulga...but thats it..

Hmmm could this be the U2 phone....maybe special edition for their tour...they said that they would be doing something special with blackberry.

I'm guessing the annoucement of when the 9630's release date is going to be, will be before WES on May 5. IDK, it just doesn't seem like the place to annouce the release of a new phone or else i'd imagine they'd wait until then to had made that annoucement about the BB flip phone coming to..well where ever it went this week lol. If the release date isn't annouced by this event i'm afraid i'll have to wait until (i dare say it) JUNEEEEE for my 9630 which its painful enough to have had to wait all the time i have already! I am seriously going to be sitting outside Verizon an hour or two before they open waiting for that door to open for my BB. I visit this site about 3 times a day hoping for info or a release date.....Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the Niagara name. Keep it Canadian. I no it also represents the US side, but, but hold your canadian flag high.

Who cares about the name, I'm highly looking forward to this phone, been too long for a good CDMA Blackberry.

Is that picture from Winnipeg?

More like Blackberry Bore *yawn*

Niagra is much more powerful, invigorating sounding. Tour is more Celine Dion sounding.

Code names have often been so much better than the real deal.

I still can't wait for the 9630 but the name makes my lil pink thing go back in a bit.

What about the Blackberry Onyx, or the Lite, or Flow, or Wind, or or or the Trap. I dont know, just not the Tour. I like "Niagara" it sounds cool and is fun to say

i like it i like it :) yeah basically anythng besides "tour" Onyx, Wind, Best, Twin, SOMETHING!!!!

Like many other people are saying i dont really care what the name is as long as its still planning to make it to Verizon and come to market then its fine with me :)

However if they sticking with the whole 4 letter name thing i say they should call it the Blackberry Twin: because its closeness it appearance to the Bold but its shape like a Curve, etc.

Or call it the Blackberry Best: because its giving you the best of both of the Curve and Bold in a new better device!!!