BlackBerry Touch promo video leaks out

By Bla1ze on 14 Apr 2011 12:08 am EDT

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Not to be left out of all the fun, the BlackBerry Touch video also got posted up for everyone to see. Again, leaving very little to the imagination remaining about the device in question here. Needless to say, not that the BlackBerry PlayBook is here -- we're ready for this batch of BlackBerry smartphones.

Source: N4_BB

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BlackBerry Touch promo video leaks out


This looks a lot more fun than the Bold Touch commercial! Not fair! Bold users have fun too! Shuffleboard FTW! :D

Anyone notice the subtle queues of BBM ID being used to match gaming point status, Music listening status and sharing via BBM and even a status ticker (floor of opening girl jogging just after passing dude? (bottom right corner above the grass to the right of the guy she passes)?!

This needs to come out asap!.. I've been waiting too long for it & I have a deal with Verizon that ends super soon & I'd like to use it on this phone :) other wise I'd have to get the Thunderbolt :(

ASAP is not in RIM's vocabulary. They'll announce it (and others) May 3, but then it will be MONTHS before you can actually buy it. The Playbook was announced way back in September 2010, and it's still not in stores. RIM is all talk, NO PRODUCTS!

If this commercial is already in the pipeline, it's not going to be long before the device drops. It's gonna happen soon. Take that, 'droid fags! ;)

@0:13 Does that imply there will be new Build in games?
@0:18 Filming in HD ^_^
@0:27 Don't quite understand why there is notification for the music Icon?

Pretty excited to see the new BB with OS6.1 features

augmented reality gaming would be a treat ;)

music icon bubble seemed to be visible all the way through the clip with a few other speech bubbles that included gaming, social media etc - looks like sharing stuff will be more flexible especially with BBM.

going out on a limb on this one. maybe will see something like whats on the 3DS down the track where it'll allow people to share profiles.

anyways, I'd love for the BB to be more integrated with every day lifestyles like the jogger at the start with the heart rate monitor etc

At least its a promo because as an ad it was pretty crap, much prefer the torch ads done by AT&T etc

Am I the only one who sees the Touch in this commercial is running on OS 6.0 and not 6.1. Look at the icons on the display at the end

"not that the BlackBerry PlayBook is here -- we're ready for this batch of"

I assume you intended that to read now that the Blackberry Playbock is here ?

It will support natively mobile hot spot. That said, I'm sure some carriers will either block it or find a way to charge for it.

Lots of good stuff here. Still missing a few things.

1. Most importantly, 6.1 looks to be great, but if they don't announce from the start that there will be an upgrade path to QNX, who is going to develop for 4-5 devices that will be outdated in a single year?

2. Why still 2 seperate apps for BB Traffic and BB Maps. For the love of G-d please finally merge these two, make a decent turn by turn (maybe with some voice commands) navigation and give Android a real run for their money!

3. Flash would be nice. RIM is already working so close with Adobe, and a 1.2 GHZ phone with 768 Mgs of RAM is more than sufficient to at least run flash video. Last survey had 95% of all video on the web encoded in flash. HTML5 is the next wave, but I want to be able to ride today's waves as well.

Several months away. RIM is all talk, no products! They "announce" and never actually "release" for months. Maybe in the fall you can buy one. Maybe...

RIM needs to change their ad agency. These videos remind me of the IBM commercials that just say nothing. Apple gets it and shows people using their devices in a manner you can relate to.

I'm still on my Storm 2 running a hybrid OS. I'm up for my VZW update and will definitely grab this phone! I have to say that my storm exerrience has been a good one. Sorry haters, but the storm series wasn't so bad. But its time for the touch to come out already! Let's go BB!

I agree with you, I have enjoyed my Storm 2. Not sure what all the complaining has been all about, I actually liked it when people tried to use my phone like it was an ordinary touchscreen device and couldn't get apps running cause they weren't pressing.
That said, I'm not going to go bonkers that they've decided to scrap it. Can't wait for this phone.

I don't understand why they would pull the ad citing copyright. That is the stupidest thing i have seen yet. Its almost like they want to fail.

I'm just a lowly geologist who knows next to nothing of advertising, but Isn't the whole point of advertising so that as many people see your ads as possible and if you can do it for free you should take advantage of such a platform?

I hope someone gets fired for that as its preventing thousands of people from being wooed by the playbook. I know if I was the head of RIM, I would make some heads roll in that department. Just my 2 cents.

Sure, they'll "announce" the new 6.1 phones May 3, but what about actually releasing them. They "announced" the Playbook way back in September 2010 and it's still not in stores. Are we going to have to wait another several months to actually buy one of the "announced" phones. They're pushing a YEAR between new phones, and they're solely a phone company. All talk, no products!!

Please bring it to all the carriers in the US, specifically T-Mobile and make it compatible with AT&T and 4G.

The video is no longer available due to copyright clam by RIM(Blackberry) Someone please upload it again.!!!!