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BlackBerry Touch monza full spec sheet leaked

By Bla1ze on 8 Apr 2011 03:17 pm EDT
BlackBerry Touch monza full spec sheet leaked

Getting the same treatment as the BlackBerry Bold Touch, the BlackBerry Touch monza / monaco has also now just had its full spec sheet leaked for all to see. Although at the top it does say Torch, that is presumably a typo in the information and this device now shows the model number 9860, where as the Torch 2 will carry the 9810 numbering. Naming of the processor appears to be left out on this spec sheet but given that it is also listed as 1.2Ghz it's pretty safe to assume it has the exact same as the BlackBerry Bold Touch. More details are after the break for you all.

Source: N4_BB

BlackBerry Touch monza full spec sheet leaked
BlackBerry Touch monza full spec sheet leaked
BlackBerry Touch monza full spec sheet leaked 


haha when it rains it pours


Isn't this the Torch 2?


FTA: "Although at the top it does say Torch, that is presumably a typo in the information and this device now shows the model number 9860, where as the Torch 2 will cary the 9810 numbering"


edit: answered my own question...


If only they could have got a 1ghz version of this out last fall. I hope it brings customers back, but I know I'm too deep in the Android ecosystem now. :-(


Knee deep in s...... Ahh nevermind ;)


No, I love it. But if this had come out 8 months ago I'd still be a happy BB user and not know any different.

Now RIM is stuck in the position of having to not just hold on to users (although this will help with that) but they're going to need to attract users back, and I fear that is going to be a much rougher proposition.

Still, I wish them the best of luck - you always have fond memories of your first (smartphone).


I'm so glad they are keeping suretype reduced keyboard. I can't wait to type on it and not have to click. Going to be FAST


Want it.... and want to get rid of this Torch 1


Great, I'll be soon selling my Torch in order to buy Torch 2


3.7" diagonal screen? viewable? if so, SWEET !!!


T-mobile bring the monza quick already .. So I can bridge it to my playbook..


Everything seems absolutely amazing on this device except the fact that it has a class 2 bluetooth. The bold touch seems to have class 1. Can someon please explain or shine some light on this matter


What's up with the 2007 copyright at the bottom of the last page?

I noticed that as well. The Bold Touch shows 2009......something messed up here....


Oh man I really want this phone looks sexy!!!


i cant wait until i get this phone,so i can get down on one knee and ask (will you slip into my otter box case ?)


Correct me if im wrong but emmc memory refers to memory set aside for apps? Why is the memory on this one only 4 gb compared to the torch 2's 8 gb?


RIM please add an HD front facing cam. I also think they should add max memory (ram/hd) to they're top of the line and leave the medeocre specs for they're lower end. I also think they should bring all the models to ALL the carriers. You know how many people want the Bold, Torch, Storm and Style on they're carrier? Alot!


0 Leave A CommentFull specs leak for BlackBerry Bold Touch, 1.2GHz Snapdragon can't overcome ugly
By Darren Murph posted Apr 8th 2011 at 5:31PM
We understand that it's hard to take two steps rather than one, but a solid list of specifications isn't going to make the BlackBerry Bold Touch (Dakota) look any less last-decade. For whatever reason, RIM's design department seems to be stuck in an era where last-generation is the new next-generation, while it's internals team has seemingly managed to escape. For those who couldn't disagree more regarding the exterior, you'll likely be elated to know that the impending handset will boast a blisteringly fast 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, 8GB of internal storage, 768MB of RAM, a microSD expansion slot, 5 megapixel camera and a 35-key backlit keyboard. You'll also get a microscopic 2.8-inch LCD with a woeful 640 x 480 resolution, Bluetooth 2.1, a 3.5mm headphone jack, A-GPS, dual-band 802.11b/g/n WiFi and a 720p movie mode. So, one down, one to go -- time for a reread, is it RIM?


Has anyone played with this new device? Does the new OS allow you to go to Network settings and enable a Hotspot so that other devices (Laptops, iPads, etc.) can get online using the BB data plan?