BlackBerry Touch 9860 shows itself in another video

By Bla1ze on 13 Apr 2011 03:37 pm EDT

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What once was seemingly heavily guarded is no longer. The BlackBerry Touch 9860 has been popping up all over the place and in various countries. That of course, leads us here to believe quite a few test units have been shipped off to folks which can only mean launch is pretty much around the corner. With BlackBerry World taking place in May this year, we're expecting to hear more then -- until then, enjoy the above video.

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BlackBerry Touch 9860 shows itself in another video


That bugger sure is snappy. Been holding out for this phone for a while, and it does not look like I'll be disappointed.

The keyboard, no showing of it in this video and in my opinion is one of the must important issues regarding this devise

This phone is sweeeeeeeeeet! Gonna wait for this bad boy to come out before I upgrade from my storm 2. Still loving the storm 2, but this is my next phone. Along with the PlayBook, these two devices are gonna be really cool.

Fast, nice.... still leaning Bold Touch but man this is looking good. Can I go without a keyboard? That was my biggest complaint about the iPhone.

Chitreano you can get a quick view of the keyboard at the 1:29 of the clip. I see this is from Feb 15th, the UI has been spruced up by TAT since then....this will be my daily device along with my 64gig Playbook.

This is a sexy phone. I'm not to enthralled with the Torch 2 and the Bold is tempting but ever since that one picture of this phone came out back in June of last year, I've had my heart set on this. That being said, while I was playing around with a Bold 9000, if the Bold touch has a keyboard of that size, I might opt for that.

Wow the boot indicator was three quarters complete at the start of the video and it still took 50 seconds in from that to boot up.

One my biggest pet peeves with the BB OS. I expect this with OS 6.1 because it's derived from all the previous OS. But, this can't be continued with OS 7 (QNX)!

Hell yea!!! Since the Bold Touch video leaved and the Storm 3 Videos leaked yesterday and today I had a shit loads for friends say they are switching back from their droids and iphones. I forwarded this video to my friend a few mins ago and she says she can't wait to switch back. LOL!!!!!!!!! RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great, but NOT around the corner. They might "announce" it next month, but it will be several months after before an actual release. Just bb business as usual. All talk, no product!

It's a horrible business practice, especially for a company trying to make a comeback. Every other major player is pushing out devices in a timely manner (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Apple, etc.). And RIM is solely a phone company - they'll be pushing a YEAR between a new phone.

I'm not trying to bash blackberry, their new phones look great. They need to just get them out. 7 months to launch the Playbook!? It's BS!

Totally agree! What is taking so long? It isn't like RIM hasn't known it has been behind the curve for a long while.
All I could see from the video was the guy flipping around the phone and looking at the calendar, the network connection screen, etc. It also looked like he had trouble accessing functions with the touch screen. We should see how the typing actually works, opening up large apps, switching between functioning apps, the browser, etc. before we all get excited. For me, it will be the Bold Touch (need a physical QWERTY). However, it has to be good...Not just a shiny new toy with tons of bugs and lag time. Specs look solid though.

Well don't forget people ... That's beta OS and it's back from Feb ;) If that impresses you now.. Wait till you see the final OS ;)

How come these people never showcase the web browser? I want to see how fast these new devices render web pages and junk!

Exactly! Given the hardware and memory specs of the next gen phones they should be able to do well with the WebKit browser. Seeing is believing.

I got a mad erection watching this vid. Is it still there? Yup. :D The new keyboard looks fab too. But is it just me or is this phone like a jumbo phone? It looks massive.

WOW looks amazing! And so thin!!! oh man makes the torch look like a fat man vs a hot chick(storm3/touch)

Cant decide this one or the torch 2 having a qwerty kb and big touch screen is great.
Thats why I love mine T1

This could be something I'd consider, as long as I don't have to do a battery pull or reset it!

How is it that everyone is saying how fast this device is? The guy opens up the calendar. If I open up my calendar on my 9700 or the network settings screen it is fast too! Let's see some browsing, some social networking, etc. before we all get so excited.

I like how they put the headphones jack on the other side so when I put it on the craddle to charge I can still use the headphones while talking on my desk.

So... knowing that the OS is going to navigate to a QNX based system, why should anyone upgrade to a phone with OS 6.1?

I'm lost here... I got a Storm as my first BB, and it was nice.. but not great. I upgraded to the Storm2 after 1 year... again, not great but better. Why should I pick up a phone who's OS is already dead in the water, after I already had two other phones that were dead in the water. Storm2 didn't get an OS6, why get another new phone with a soon (relative term) to be obsolete OS again?

There should be NO OS6.1, only QNX and no new phones without QXN based OS. I don't understand why RIM doesn't get this.

RIM must believe that "slow and steady" wins the race. In technology, well not so much. Before anyone says it takes so long because they are perfecting it, just look at all the leaked buggy OS releases before a stable one comes out. I agree, let's get started as Beta Testers for QNX. OS6.1 looks like nothing more than colored icons to me.
But you know, Apple does the same thing. Look at the iterations of iphone and ipad for that matter. It is a marketing game in technology. Companies know they can milk the early adopters with incremental changes.

That's all that has really been revealed up to now, are the OS 6.1's new icons. Depending on what model BB you have, you can even install these new icons right now. Let's just be patient and see what 6.1 brings when released.

nice long video,never got a new phone at lunch,but if everything goes right,then this phone will take my lunch phone virginity

This phone is a nice size to be a touch screen phone. i have a bold 9780 and I WILL be getting this touch. I recently had a iphone 4 and this blackberry touch looks to be the same size but it is definitely thinner. I have seen a few post saying it is big, but the truth is do you really want a little touch screen?