BlackBerry Touch 9860 gets another up close photo

BlackBerry 9860 Buttons
By Adam Zeis on 9 May 2011 09:50 am EDT

It's been a bit since we've seen new photos of the not yet announced BlackBerry Touch 9860, but in a quick shot today we have two from the forums. Here we get a much closer look at the physical buttons on the front of the 9860. It looks like a bit a break from the "normal" flat buttons we've had on recent devices. Also noted is that the red and green Send/End buttons are gone much like that of the Bold 9900/9930 (with which these photos were actually taken). Pretty cool stuff here and hopefully we'll hear more on this bad boy soon. Hit the forums for more!

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BlackBerry Touch 9860 gets another up close photo


**Not in reference to the first post. Just skipping the many pages of nonsense**

This phone does NOT look cheap. Too many people have said this is a fail due to the raised buttons, but they don't look cheap at all. I honestly don't care what the look of the competition is. They're making their own design here. We've seen the pictures of this phone before- buttons and all. I can't wait for this phone.

While I am a huge fan of the Storm2 form factor, the Samsung Captivate completely ripped that look off and just made a longer screen. RIM can't make the same look. I don't think this is the greatest design, but it does stay true to a BlackBerry.

you're so right about the captivate! haha i never realized that before...and for real, so they decided to spend/think a little more and added REAL buttons. what are you going to do? sue them?

The ONLY and one and ONLY reason I didn't go for an iPhone is the BB keyboard. I type faster on my Blackberry 9700 with a physical keyboard than on iPod touch.

The OP didn't even say what phone this is, and everyone assumes it's the final version of the top-secret Touch. Just relax and wait...

Great job RIM! I like the raised physical buttons! Makes it easier to figure out which end you have when you reach in your pocket to get it.

YES... that's the first thing came to my mind. Compared to previous BBs these buttons looks cheap.

Two things I noticed:

1) Who else had to do a double take when they realized Adam said "photo taken with a Bold Touch 9900/9930"?

Nice teaser Adam......

2) I think holding this device and trying to use the track's gonna feel top-heavy......

Using the trackpad on the bottom of my Torch doesn't make it feel top heavy at all. The trackpad is very convenient - I'm glad they added it.

The trackpad on the Torch works great when in landscape. I'm sure it'll be the same thing with this guy.

They're really not that bad and I'm glad they included those buttons. There's nothing worse that having you screen go dead on your touchscreen phone and lose the ability to make and recieve calls.

The buttons don't look good!
No wonder they keep criticising RIM for being less innovative than the other platforms.
This device looks outdated, RIM should be producing sexy devices, since it's what sells.
Look @ the Androids and the iphones, this device has got nothing on them...why can't RIM just get it right?
The Storm2 form factor is even cooler than this...the buttons are not even helping matters!
This device may end up looking good though, when played with, but those buttons? #fail

Your right, the storm 2 had a better design!
Which now you can only imagine this device is still undergoing chances. My Pearl 8130 had a better design!

The Style looked not so hot in the leaked photos but they released one looked alright.

Just be patient, it'll look killer upon release.

This is *not* the final design, I love how everyone assumes that it is...

Look at it this way - the buttons on the final version will be stylized the same as the Bold Touch. These are not.

You should consider the difference in position of these buttons on both devices, with the curved edge below these ones, the same style as the 9900 simply wouldn't work as well.

I have always enjoyed the touchscreen Balckberrys. I have owned them all. The Storm 1, Storm 2 and now the Torch. The Storm models were not perfect but still enjoyed them. I love the Torch but have no need for the keyboard as i am used to using the touchscreen to do all my typing. If this Blackberry has the same or better touch response as the Torch then i am definitely giving up my Torch for this one! Hurry up RIM and annouce it and release it! Thank you Crackberry for teasing me with the pictures! Love it! Keep them coming!!

I actually like that there are buttons and I'm fine with how those look.

I'm sure there is something sexier they could have done with them, but I don't see the ones they're using as a problem.

But the physical buttons really are a huge bonus. The storm 2 with virtual dedicated buttons can be a pain. You can't do anything while you have gloves on, including answering the phone. Also, as a motorcyclist who rides in almost any weather, sometimes just the smallest bit of wetness on your hands will make it impossible to use the touch screen. At least with the physical buttons you've got a fighting chances of making and ending calls.

I think a lot of the concerns about buttons and all would go by the wayside if this puppy came out with a great looking screen......IMHO.

I agree. The buttons look cheap. I'd expect those on entry devices (curve) but not this model. After seeing the premium top notch sexy design on the 9900, you get the feeling that RIM rushed this one. Its like they're bipolar. Very frustrating. I wasn't planning to get this one. I'm in love with the 9900 but I was curious about it. Not any more. I feel sorry for the full touch screen fans. This is a fail especially when you put this next to some of the HTC and Samsung touch screen devices.

Really? Because of the button style the complete device is a failure?

Wow. You've got some pretty strict standards.

You know, due to your missed apostrophe in "it's," and your writing "anymore" as two words your complete post is a failure. See how silly that is?

Cut the guy some slack!
He was only sharing his honest opinion, though he may have gone too far by saying that the device would be a failure...just because of the ugly-cheap-looking buttons.
I agree with him, if this design is what RIM considers to be the next generation of Touch-screen smartphones, then you really wonder what is going on.
Compare this device, side-by-side with the HTCs, Samsungs, iphones, Motorollas etc, then you'll see the difference in class.
RIM is not helping matters, the Media keep bashing them...even when they seem to get it right, let alone; when they produce outdated looking devices.
It's a cause for worry!!!

If this phone comes out with these buttons, I for one will be blown away. I have had both of the storms and I think someone is playing a joke with this picture.

Get over the plastic buttons..

I'm looking to through my iphone 4 in the garbage.. What a useless device for making call with out dropping out.

This may be the new phone for me..

If the buttons function well and reliably i could care less if they look cheap. And I will wait for the production pictures.. not the Proto types.

Its been 3 years since i've thought about a BB..

I'm liking the fact the buttons are not capacitive like many of the android phones are now. I guess it would be a little difficult to have such things anyways with the trackpad right there. Keeping the trackpad is a good move.

All you guys complaining about the buttons. do you want the buttons made out of platinum? They look as good as any normal game pad button. A little bit different from the normal look . it's not the end of the world!!!!!!

No one is saying the buttons should be made out of Platinum, or Gold; but they should have made the buttons to be like the ones on the Torch and Storm 2 wouldn't affect the trackpad.

The buttons on the Torch are one of its cheapest feeling parts. Trying to make it all streamlined and flat makes it feel all mushy when pressed.

Real buttons = good. Fake flat mushy buttons = bad.

So is this phone still supposed to come out this summer or has it been delayed? Since no announcement came during Blackberry World I am guessing that this model has been pushed back. To bad because I was looking forward to this one but if this phone launches this fall in a sea of Android and iPhone 5 then it might as well be scrapped because the window of opportunity for this phone is small. The full touch screen market is the most competitive of all and this device has no significant advantages over the competition that will allow it to succeed if launched in a Q3/Q4 time frame.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's the best full touch BlackBerry to date by a mile and I would love to buy one today and I'll pick it up regardless of when it launches, but I'm not representative of the market in general. I'm gonna buy RIMs phones no matter what. The market in general however, is telling RIM to up their game and this is a good effort but still two steps behind where the Android competition is at.

So I truly hope this phone gets launched soon as it may get noticed if it hits the market this summer but by fall it will be completely overshadowed by the phones from the competition.

This device was originally set down (internally) to be shown at BBW in May and released in early June. The latest internal leaks have it releasing November. Very sad. Sick and sad.

1. I don't think it's the same phone in the two pictures from the forums. Look at the first picture. You can see almost a quarter of the optical track-pad, but no buttons in line with it. Now look at the second picture (with the plastic buttons), you would probably notice that these buttons are quite in line with the optical track-pad.
As well, the image on display is different, so the pictures have not been made in the same time.
Last but not least, why would someone take a picture of only half of the phone? It's not like the picture is made in a hurry.

2. While the buttons may not always be a bad idea, we should have a full picture to see if they fit. My personal view is that they don't and RIM should not use them. But, in the end, when the phone comes out, we might think differently.

3. Either way, I'm quite disappointed that this has not been launched at BB World 2011. It would have showed everyone that BB is in line with the competition. If they keep delaying it, it would probably be outdated when launched, compared to iPhone 5 or whatever Android phone will be launched by then. I like BB and would never change it for iPhone/Android, but just for once I will like to see one of their phones ahead of competition.

im with everyone else the buttons look cheap

if this is the "storm 3" i have been waiting for ill just go with the 9900

You guys are soo petty. The buttons don't look that bad. I mean really, what do you want ? Maybe you would be happier if they had some sort of rhinestones on them or something. Get a grip. Why don't you reserve your judgements until your actually able to put your hands on the device.

Until then all of your complaints may just be supposition and baseless BS ! ! !

Are we not entitled to our opinions anymore?
Why would our complaints be baseless, when we are judging the device by what we've seen so far!
If the device comes out, and looks different from this leaked picture...better, but from what I've seen; not impressed!
The buttons on this device reminds me of a Storm 1.

That's cool that they used the same buttons as the very first telephone... *eyeroll*

I can only imagine that they will change the faceplate and buttons at least a bit.
Early versions of the BlackBerry Style looked horrid but as time went on they did an alright job. I imagine this is the same scenario.

Has anyone even stopped to think that this photo might have been taken before the leaked photos we've already seen? In the other leaked photos and videos the buttons on the bottom look to be touch capacitive. For the look of the phone the touch capacitive buttons look much better. But for the convenience maybe the physical buttons are better.

Chances are to answer your question, no.

I agree though, RIM isn't stupid and is always making changes before their devices release. I think it will be a pretty slick phone though.

Exactly. This might be an old revision. We've seen RIM make changes before release several times.The 9650 almost came out as the "Tour 2" with 256MB memory and they pulled it back last minute to give it 512MB instead and title it "Bold".

We've seen several variants of the 9850/9860 with flush or protruding buttons. If you look at several videos, they show flush buttons.

So it's hard to say which is the latest revision. Hopefully they have a good solution. I like the functionality of the protruding buttons but the flush buttons look better. I just hope they make it like the 9930. Flush, but still works like physical buttons.

What you see here on this video is a plastic protective screening over the entire front side of the phone that prevents you from seeing the raised buttons.

If you take a look at other photos of this device, especially the ones where the buttons and the bezel around the track pad are lit up, you can clearly see at least in some peoples opinion that it does not look cheap, but rather pretty cool. So, perhaps we should wait and see what the absolute final product will look like.

I'm not liking the buttons so I hope this is like an old version of the phone. But I don't think the buttons make or break a phone. Because as I am writing this message from a torch, the buttons look nice but I don't like them. This whole strip is not very precise when using sometimes I want to go back and end up hitting the end button. Pretty frustrating. But either way ill wait to see the finish product although I'm leaning towards the bold touch :)

So after making the above comment I went to look at pictures that were posted on CB. Comparing monaco n curve touch. and taking a few looks. The buttons don't look bad :) I kinda like them. I still want a keyboard.

The new icons look very android / Samsung galaxy-ish ... Just the way they pop and the color hues used, Not sure if I like the look of them at all.

How about, instead of pics of something you claim to have coming out, you tell us WHEN CAN WE GET THE *%&( THING?!?!?!?!?!

so on the full touch there is no screen clicking like the storm right? cause i dont think i can stomach that. same question on the 9900. If it says touch i want to do no more then tap

Anyone consider that its "plasticky" looking because it is the Curve Touch? Isn't the current curve plasticky? Wouldn't it make sense that it continues that look (much to most of our dismay)? I say this isn't the one we all expect, but the entry level version. Meanwhile the better Touch device is yet to be seen.

Enough already with the leaked photos and videos. Just release the new lineup of phones already or fire both co-CEO's /

I remember pointing this out in the ui demo vids of this phone,my only grip about the buttons is water being able to seep in through the gaps,because i want my phone to be water proof when i put my otter box case on it,but its good to see that my baby (9860) is back on the scene