BlackBerry Touch 9860 caught on video

By Adam Zeis on 12 Apr 2011 01:31 pm EDT

It seems like the leaks are just pouring out now for the upcoming 2011 devices. Here we have the BlackBerry Touch 9860 (monaco/monza) caught on video. It makes a decent yet blurry appearance, but we do get a better visual now than in the leaked images we have seen. We're still hoping for an official announcement on this (and others) come BlackBerry World in May, so enjoy the video for now and hopefully we'll see much more of this guy in the near future.


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BlackBerry Touch 9860 caught on video


the tester said in his youtube account that

"This is tested firmware not everything work perfectly though."

and its it early beat so this should be like the road runner in a few months/weeks

6.1 is gonna have that setting already loaded? Thats a step up. But what does that mean for os 5 and os 6 devices?

I still think Storm2 design is the best one yet, looks more modern than Torch design even. Why in the world did they dump the left side convenience key? Also not digging the ridiculous chrome bezel design around this one... looks unnecessarily exaggerated.

i like how the new phones that are coming out the trackpad lights up around it when the phone is being used... but still looking to get a torch and right now is a pearl 3g user

Well it looks pretty fluid, I assume some of the errors and unresponsiveness had to do with it still being in testing stages and what not or maybe not fully knowing how to navigate the phone. But, why get this phone when it comes out (Q3?), where it may or may not be fully upgradeable to QNX? That's what everyone is really waiting for, right?

I agree with the QNX comment. The possibility of QNX on 2012 BB devices has me thinking the same way. I'll wait.
Fortunately for RIM most BB buyers have never heard of QNX or even really care. Crackberry addicts are a different story :)

Haha yea, and there's my own dilemma. I switched away from Blackberries to Android phones about 2 years ago, and looking to switch back. So, I've been trying to keep up with everything in the RIM world, but with QNX having the ability to run Android apps I might either buy the BB Bold Touch at full retail, or wait for a QNX device.

This is something I wouldn't mind seeing RIM address otherwise they may very well have people waiting and this isn't something that's good for business :P

Giving people an option to upgrade to a QNX driven OS especially with these phones coming out in the next half of this year would go down well with pretty much anyone. (In saying that I do like whats going down with OS 6.1)

He's saying the device will be $200 on a 2 year contract, and be outdated in 2012 when QNX comes out.

Especially if you're on Verizon and the possibility that they're getting rid of their 1 yr contracts. People need to be a lot more conscious when picking their phones now. Mainly for customers that don't want or can't pay the full retail price of phones.

Yeah, at first I thought the video was accelerated, but if you observe carefully, it isn't. This device is quick!!! Very quick! Man, I can't wait!

There is a wicked Storm brewing!!!!!!

RIM wasn't kidding when they set, what I thought was, ridiculous latency objectives for BB 6.1 on the new hardware. I think that is the QNX geeks leading this. This is their forté! Their handywork!

PLEAD: RIM, can I be a hardware tester? Seriously, where do I sign up???

I will miss the mute/pause key. It's very convenient when talking to someone else while on the phone.

Its a RIM tradition for Camera software to throw errors (or Restarts) in early software builds in the Storm line. Everyone remember and the "Camera Pull"?

Oh I sure remember that! haha, It was amazing. Quickpull never seemed to work for me but at least the camera icon just made the phone reset consistenly. It was the camera-error message of death.

I'm using now and its fixed 90% of the problems the Storm 1 had software-wize. Its come a looonnng way and its actually a deece device now...just don't install any apps, haha.

The Storm 1 is geeezer compared to this whipper-snapper!

hmmm this phone never release yet, but i wonder y the ppl in the vid sounds like asian, n i guess he from Thailand...*thinking

Well folks. Nice looking phone here, fast and snappy, seems like a nice enough design. Lots of good phones to choose from this year with RIM. Playbook is for sure, and I was thinking Bold Touch, but after seeing this I don't know... Its looking like a good year for BlackBerry fans.

If this is out of your price range then get the Curve touch.
What's up with all of the poor people on Crackberry lately? A phone like this is going to be listed at $500, so I don't understand the issue.

YEAH whats with these POOR people on this free website lately... I mean if you don't have the money, then clearly you don't deserve technology, I really don't get the issue... I mean just dish out 500$ every 6 months like I do because I'm not poor and am therefore better than you. They make the curve for you lo-lifes anyway

“Owww look at me Marge, I'm making people Happy! I'm the magical man, from Happy Land, who lives in a gumdrop house on Lolly Pop Lane!!!!...... By the way I was being sarcastic...

Good as in: satisfying, select, shipshape, sound, spanking, splendid, sterling, stupendous, super, super-eminent, super-excellent, superb, superior, tip-top. What's so hard about this?

If this is out of your price range then get the Curve touch.
What's up with all of the poor people on Crackberry lately? A phone like this is going to be listed at $500, so I don't understand the issue.

A little concerned about the screen response at the 1:25 mark.

After using a Storm 1/2 though this pretty much looks like more of the same. I'd wait for a QNX Storm with the same features on other devices before blowing the "2 year upgrade" on this. I'll stick with my iPhone or maybe jump back to a Droid.

There was no problem at 1:25, he was just trying to swipe down something that didn't exist. Those were the only icons on that page.

no there was a bit of a lag the guy tried to close the ray but it fail the icons should of went to the lower part of the screen but with that being said this is not coming our tomorrow or not even next month (i wish tho) so they will make sure all the bugs are fixed

It's good that RIM is coming out with more touch screens, but i am an iPHone 4 user and I hate typing on the damn thing. I'm actually selling it and going back to the 9780.

Keyboards are soooooo much better.

IMO If you want a touch screen experience, get an ipad or playbook.

I feel the same way. I always wished I could somehow cut off a Bold 9000 keyboard and stick it onto an iPhone, lol.

Give me the Bold Touch!!! :D

Sexy! But I noticed the lock button is in the centre. Did they do away with the mute/pause key? Because that would be a stupid idea.

I have never once used the mute/pause key on my Blackberry. Quite honestly, I forget it's there. I will not miss it.

They are moving the mute/pause key in between the volume up/volume down keys along the upper right edge. Looks like it will be this way on the Dakota (Bold Touch) as well as on this Monaco.

holy jesus that phone is fast! but did anyone understand what he was saying? sounded korean or thai to me or something like that.

i dont RIM will place a front facing camera in their devices until they have created a video apps to use it. maybe BBM facechat but they would place from facing cams in the QNX devices

another thing to pay for really right? something that you'll probably won't use 95 percent of the time? got a laptop with a webcam? do you use it much?

if you do, great, get a playbook and you'll be set too ;)

I am a huge bb fan but the touch pad makes it look a little on the ugly side. The touch pad should have been left out of the full touch screen phones. Just does not look as polished as some of the competitors touch screen phones.

Yeah, I hope this trend stays, Love the trackpad to stay on on all their devices, it's accuracy/precision is quite useful.

I sort of agree with you however, one thing I love about my Bold 9650 is that I can manuever it easily with one hand...the touch pad should allow for that ease of use.

WOW looks super fast!
But let me get this right about the specs floating 4G?????
I love my berry (Storm 2) but is no 4G on big red's LTE???? Not saying i'll jump ship but is this an issue to anyone else besides me? I mean a HUGE issue.
i dread to think RIM is an entire crop of phones behind in their cycle of technology yet again.

I'm just wondering, why does it matter? From my understanding, even if 4g a lot faster, the lag is still going to be awful. As a result, you probably won't notice too much of a difference unless you're downloading large files. When websites the way they are, you're downloading many small files, it may not help you all that much.

Just so you understand the 4G stuff. 4G, as it stands today, doesn't really exist(besides about 60 cities in the US). There are over 43,000 cities in the states. 4G won't be fully deployed until mid-late 2013. That is why RIM, along with Apple aren't releasing 4G phones...yet. If your buying a 4G phone in the next 6 months, its pretty much pointless.

Don't believe all the ad hype going on. AT&T says they have 4G, when in actuality they have HSPA+...hardly 4G. They actually won't start deploying 4G LTE until early 2012. Don't believe everything you read until you do the research. That's why so many idiots buy apple/google products...advertising hype.

I understand the 4G "stuff". I know the HSPA+ gimmick and i know the current speeds vs. "TRUE 4G" but I live just outside NYC and there is LTE service where I live. I can't buy or accept your Apple reasoning behind no 4G phones. If my timeline is correct the iphone 4 came before ANY deployment of 4G from any carriers. But my concern is i buy a shiny new Monoco in June or late July (RIM is usually behind their own target dates)and it is not on par with phones we stuggle to compare our beloved BB's with. Even if you follow a 12 month cycle then the next crop of phones from RIM wont be out until late 2012. Thats a bit late if we go by what Greatness10 says if LTE is rolled out early 2012 (oh did i forget to mention LTE is already availible in my area.)If the playbook can have 4G speed, than why not anyother RIM devices? The tech is there, throw it in a smartphone/superphone. There is a differeance between being cutting egde and on the edge. A differeance between having your finger on the pulse and searching for a pulse. Don't get me wrong i'm not for the super big screens and the over the top Gigahertz. I understand the battery crunch, and BB's are for ppl who need thier battery to last a day. A 3G/4G toggle might help the battery drain of 4G.

I never said the iphone 4 was a 4G phone. I was commenting on the previous post about why RIM and apple don't currently have 4G phones. I said at the time of release of the iphone 4 no carriers had a working 4G network.
If the iphone 5 does have 4G capabilities then RIM is left out in the cold without a 4G option when Android platforms,and if by then Apple will.

yup, there are two coming. The full name of this phone is The BlackBerry Touch 9860 code named Monaco - cdma and Monza - gsm :)

Poor RIM, their their devices keep getting leaked. And if this keeps up their devices won"t have as much hype when released, but anyways phone looks really nice.

I can't wait for this phone. Loved my Storm 1 and 2 so I can only assume that I will love this one better! Hurry RIM- I can't wait!!!

oh wow! this phone just gets better every time a video gets leaked! I was trying to hold on with my Storm1 till this phone came out but one day I got really pissed at my ex girlfriend and smashed my phone against my now im stuck with the Torch (good phone not gonna lie but horrable memory leak even worse than the Storm!) and I had to renew my contract so now i have to wait another 2 years to get a new phone cause I dont feel like shelling out 500 bucks or more for the Storm3 when its going to be made obsolete in a year when QNX phones are released!! Maybe ill buy it off of somebody on craigslist after release date!

What's with the small screen? In todays market you would think that RIM would have the common sense to make a 4inch screen or bigger.

I thought OS 6.1 was going to make those slideing folders more customizable? It looks like they still have the 'favorites' and even worse... The 'frequent' folder. I know where my favs and often used apps are, why would I need them in another folder?

Needs to be customizable!!!

This is why I may switch to a droid when I get an upgrade.

Don't jump to conclusions and assuming they aren't do anything about it, its been noted that you can do stuff like what you've suggested but this is a preview build not meant for public consumption and we have no idea how old this build is.

phones are getting big hey? you won't be getting a tablet anytime soon right? cause the playbook would complement your big screen fetishes quite well when paired with a bb, i personally have no qualms with it being under the size you want.

If anything, I think i'd be quite happy with a simple bb (i.e just the keyboard, no touchscreen) and complement that with a playbook for all the added goodness that a larger tablet touchscreen can give!

I currently own a storm 2 which i like but is time to upgrade to a faster phone.. I think that this phone is beautifull. It has a better screen, faster processor, better OS and more memory. My only complains are, no Suretype and no front facing camera. I will buy anyways.