BlackBerry Torch OtterBox Commuter Case Now Available!

OtterBox for the BlackBerry Torch
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Aug 2010 04:47 pm EDT

BlackBerry Torch 9800 OtterBox Commuter Case Now Available in Black and Black/Pink Color Combinations!

   OtterBox for the BlackBerry Torch
OtterBox for the BlackBerry Torch
 OtterBox for the BlackBerry Torch

New BlackBerry Torch owners looking to protect their investment will definitely want to check out the OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Torch. These literally just arrived to our warehouses and are now available for purchase ( doesn't even have them up for sale yet - I told you our e-commerce teams were working hard to get you BlackBerry Torch Accessories fast!).

The Commuter Case combines the hard protection of the Defender Series line with the silicon skin-like Impact Series line to provide the best of both worlds in a BlackBerry Torch case. It offers maximum protection while maintaining its day to day ease of use. The BlackBerry Torch Commuter Case retails for $34.95, but you can get it for less ($32.95) at the link below, along with more information and photos.

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BlackBerry Torch OtterBox Commuter Case Now Available!


First time, for me, buying an OtterBox. I was a little concerned given the slider function in the Torch and the Touchscreen and all that, but this case is excellent. Easy to install and take apart, lightweight and non-intrusive to the Torch's functionality. It even fits into the carrying case with the OtterBox shell on! Too bad it won't work with the cradle though. Have to see how well it wears and protects, but initial impression is very favorable.

How'd you have this case and returned it if its so new otterbox doesn't even sell it on their website yet?

I agree this case isn't the best....I grabbed one yesterday from my ATT store when I got my torch.. Seems so bulky & takes away from the device feel IMO...waiting on my clear film sheild to show up now & it'll get returned

I bought the otterbox yesterday with the torch, and took it off about 30 seconds later. The back cover was nice, but I hated the edge it had around the screen. Had it been flat, and not raised above the screen so much, it would have been perfect. Pretty upset they charge $45 for the darn thing and I didn't like it.

I think its noteworthy because its the first otterbox case, to my recollection, that is made for a phone with a moving part. Otterbox typically sticks with bar shaped phones.

I like the Charging Pod "Blackberry Torch 9800", must stay Charged Up and Ready!

Love Your Website, Juz Jose

When i picked my Torch up yetserday, it came with 2 free accessories, i choose this case as one, there was only one otter box left, i like it, a lil hard to put on at first, but its a very nice case considering i got it for free.

It wasn't easy to find a girly case for my 9700. I'm so happy that they threw in a lil pink there. I'm going to give it a shot. I'm not really into covering up my BBs but I do want to try this one out and see how long I will keep it on. Do they come with screen protection too? OH..and LOVE you for being the BEST there is! Discounts for us! Thanx

This is a useless opinion. But I don't understand putting a case on a phone like this. It completely ruins the aesthetics of the phone.

Black/PINK?!? What about guys who want a two-tone case? They could have done like black/red, black/blue, black/green, heck even white would have been cool.

Hoping to see more colors available soon...

I got this case with my Torch just to make sure I didn't do anything stupid and mess up my phone the first day that I had it.
There were a few things that impressed me about the case, but there were more things that bothered me about the case so I ended up returning it.
Great build, great fit, and the silicone protection sleeve allows for coverage of the charging and headphone ports.
It adds quite a bit more to the phone and the silicone covers for the ports were prone to getting stuck or wouldn't go in depending on the angles.

I ended up going for a case-mate techno case because it was the only other black one available. I would prefer the case-mate barely there case though.

Have had this case for my Torch for about a week now. Was a bit leary getting it because of some of the reviews and that it didn't come with a belt holster. After a week I'm really happy with it. The case actually makes the phone easier to hold. The case is a bit slippery however. I do wish they could have put a non slip (like the Curve Defender) coating/bumper on the exterior. Regardless, it fits in my hand better than without. I have had the top (screen) piece of the case pop off once. It is a good case however still.

The best thing is that I'm able to use my old BB Curve Defender belt holster. The Torch with the the case is slightly smaller than the the Curve Defender holster so I trimmed and stuck some adhesive velcro (loop side) on the inside, sides at the bottom of the holster and the phone fits absolutely perfect, snug and really secure, does not pop out or wiggle. The screen is still viewable in the holster, but is a bit tough to access the screen and keyboard. I may sand down the edges of the case that interfere with it being a total play through holster. Highly recommend doing this if you need a belt holster if Otterbox doesn't come out with a belt holster for the phone. Unfortunately the sleep magnet doesn't line up or work, but the lock button is easy enough to push while putting into the holster.

I bought this item for the name. The top part of the case comes off very easily. I bought it at the AT&T store and took it back immediately. They tried another one and had the same problem. One of the managers said it probably wouldn't be long before they pulled the item off the shelves. I have the AGF, and it's a lot better. It's as bulky as the Otterbox but much more secure.

Horrible case! I have had 2 of them since I have purchased my blackberry and both times the upper part of the case had broke and fell right off. I am not impressed at all as it damaged my phone. I would not recommend this case, Mind you, I have only had the black and pink one, so perhaps it's a defect with that one. I have also spoken with another person who had the same case and she said the same thing about the top piece.

This case sucks. I got it today because of all the good stuff ive heard and researched about it but as soon as i put it on my PHYSICAL keyboard started messing up and not dialing certain keys unless i pushed them hard, it also locks the phone on its own without me telling it, it mostly does it when im trying to write a text message and the phone is open.... is very annoying and frustrating. It also made it not react to the keys for a while and only to touch directly on the screen but didnt let me go into any program....
All of this ONLY happens when the stupid otter commuter case is on my torch... any suggestions? i only got it today and im planning on returning it tomorrow, its pretty expensive for something that makes my phone not work.