BlackBerry Torch Leather Holster Review

BlackBerry Torch Leather Holster
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Sep 2010 12:09 pm EDT

If you follow me on twitter (@crackberrykevin), you'll know that last week I broke my Torch. I had in my front right jeans pocket, and somehow on the car ride between my home and office it died. It won't power up, swapping batteries doesn't help, it won't take a charge (the red light won't even come on when plugged in) and it won't connect to USB. The thing is D E A D. 

Now, this shouldn't have happened - AT&T doesn't include any kind of case in the box so you know the sturdy-built Torch should be able to take at least some abuse, but I do know that if I had been using a case or holster with my Torch it would still be working right now. And if you're looking for an all-business carrying solution for the Torch, I'd recommend the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Leather Holster

As far as OEM BlackBerry holsters go, the Torch holster is definitely among the best I have seen. The leather is nice, the look is nice, and the ratcheting locking holster seems pretty strong and durable. Of course it features a built-in magnet, so it works with In / Out of Holster profile settings. It retails for $29.99, but you can get it for less at The user reviews on this one have been nothing but positive as well, so if you want a straight up quality holster for your BlackBerry Torch this is definitely one to check out. Watch the video above for a good look at and you can check out more photos below. For more info and to purchase, click here.

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BlackBerry Torch Leather Holster
BlackBerry Torch Leather Holster
BlackBerry Torch Leather Holster
BlackBerry Torch Leather Holster

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BlackBerry Torch Leather Holster Review


Well, I'm thinking it's more of a defective unit that was doomed from the start than not speaking well for all Torches.

I've had two Torches now. My first unit was my review unit - Made in Canada model. No issues at all...though I did manage to scuff that one up when I dropped it getting out of a car.

My second Torch I bought outright from AT&T. Was working perfectly till it just died. Made in Mexico unit. I did notice this one had a teeny bit of a wobble in the slider mechanism - more than my first one. But I don't think that's what broke at all. The thing is just dead. Never had a BB go on me like that - something must have let go/fried on the inside.  

Will get to the bottom of it one of these days.... just swamped at the moment so back on my Bold 9700 for a bit.

Let's hope so. It's not as though you said the screen cracked. If that was the case you could narrow it down to impact. When it still looks good but decides to go kaput, it's a bit disconcerting.

Thanks for cleaning up those accidental multiple posts, by the way.

How is a case supposed to fix a defective unit, since you say if you had a case on the phone you know it would still be working? This reminds me of a Best Buy employee who tried to sell a media card to my friend, claiming it would make it faster.

Sounds like a classic example of early component failure. All electronic devices have this risk in the first few weeks of service, so just let RIM eat the warranty replacement. The probability of getting a dud is pretty low but that's the nature of IC manufacturing, "it happens".

I already suggested this on Twitter to you. The same happened to my Torch. Carried it in the pocket and then it was dead. No battery swapping, battery out for 48h, charging etc worked. Not even the red LED went on.

I then put it in the freezer for 15 min (no, I am not joking) because someone suggested it in the forums. It brought the device back to life!

This happened to me 3 times. The freezer trick worked every time. And now I am not carrying the device in my pocket anymore ;)

BTW: Using a pouch/holster does not help.

sorry about your phone, you probably need non-tightening nuts type jeans maybe? hopefully nothing there is broken :P

nice case, agree with the red stitching though personally im quite happy just carrying my phone case-less. Though, this is definitely a very nice holster case and the latch and the clip looks quite sturdy too.

Kevin, I know someone who had the same thing happen, and he had to "freeze it and it worked perfectly again, sounds like you are past that point but it doesnt bode well for sure.

I got this case the day it came out and it works great! Though, I'm still waiting for the version without a clip, as I prefer those...

RIM seems to alternate between tapered sides on the leather cases (with a single seam) like the ones on the Torch and Storm versus the ones with the squared off sides with elastic like the ones for the Bold/Curve/Tour/Pearl phones like this one.

The cases with the tapered sides are so much wider than the ones with the squared off sides. If you're wearing 2 phones on your belt like I am (during work hours), it's really annoying when you have a case with tapered sides because it takes up so much more room on your belt.

Maybe RIM has to make the sides of the cases tapered on the touch screen phones for some technical reason.

I hope people are understanding what I'm trying to describe.

If you don't know why the phone quit working, why in the world are you so certain a case would have prevented the problem? = sales logic ;)

I'm using a OEM holster for the Storm that I bought on Amazon for $7.14. It puts my Torch to sleep and fits snug inside. It has a smooth leather texture and stamped BB logo.

I prefer the plastic holsters, which represents one of my biggest frustrations with the Torch (besides the sloppy slider mechanism and the lack of a decent lock function):

After a month on the market, there are still very few accessories and software apps available for the Torch. RIM hasn't even released a Theme Builder yet!

In a way, those of you in Canada are lucky. You had your neighbors to the South to be unwitting beta testers. By the time you get the Torch, RIM might have actually fixed some of the hardware and software defects, and there might be a decent selection of accessories and apps available.

I guess I need to give more thought to being an early adopter in the future.

A few thoughts on your comments...

Sloppy slider - I'd say to bring your unit back. The slider definitely isn't sloppy on mine; it's actually pretty crisp compared to some of the other in-store slider models I played with. (I actually have to bring mine back because the button plate makes an odd sound when pressed...)

Lock function: more than what the lock key does? Assuming you mean password protected or similar?

Software apps: most of the apps made for older versions will work just fine. While it will be good to see apps taking advantage of new OS6 features, it's not like there's a shortage of apps that will run (aside from the general shortage of BB apps overall... which slowly seems to be improving.)

After briefly considering a switch to Android or iPhone, I took your advice and returned the rattling Torch last night.

It's a pain transferring all of my data and apps (This is an area where the iPhone shines - no annoying activation codes locked only to one device.), but the new one has a much more snug slider action and I am much happier.

Regarding the lock, the "button" is half of the top of the device, which easily gets bumped and turns the screen on. Pretty soon it is playing music or making calls in my pocket! This is exacerbated by the lack of available lock apps and holsters.

wait, Kevin please explain this... if you don't know why it broke, how do you know having a holster would have saved it?

i assume i crushed it in my pocket (damn tight jeans!) and it wouldn't have crushed in my pocket if i was using a holster. need another torch to try and duplicate the failure!

i can see that causing the LCD to break, but i don't see how it can cause any shorts or problems on the internals of the phone to completely brick it.

haha! sounds snake oil salesman to me....geez how much more bending do you have to do for torch? torch this/torch that/everything torch.. another fumbled device move on, or better get yourself android or something

love it. snake oil salesman. i do get a little excited when i turn the camera on and hit record... just rewatched this one.. maybe a bit on the snake oil side. lol. ahh well. it's entertaining at least. and it is a good holster for the torch.  deal with it :)

pocket case? I know an OEM type case (HDW-31013-001) is supposed to be released soon. The pocket case is the best! And it's sad I know the item number by heart - I've just been searching for one. :)

Two bb less than a month. Wow I really want one!!! A review about a damn case. Guess bb just don't make good phones if Kevin have to blog about a case.

I kept the holster from my 9700 Bold. The torch is slightly taller than the 9700 but all the other dimensions are basically the same. So the holster than came with a 9700 is perfect.

Not good, I'm afraid. I've had my case now for about 2 months. The stiching that holds together the back of the holster where the clip is has come completely apart. Very poor workmanship, to say the least.

The case has an extremely tight fit, which requires you to force the phone into the case. Generaly this means that you WILL hit the lock button and unlock the phone, thus randomly selecting some app to start running or you will place a call to Venezuela. ;-)

I need to see what the warrantee is on this POS to get it repaired or replaced.

Anyone know which is the proper way to place the Torch in this holster? Is the screen supposed to face the inside (towards the clip) or to the outside?

I personally do think the torchs holster is quite stylish, but it tends to wear out very quickly! I have gone throw 3 holsters already and the same thing happens to all of them, the inner layers start coming off and makes it hard to put the torch inside the holster. Looking forward for better long lasting holsters for next upcoming blackberrys. :/