BlackBerry Torch arrives in red and white on AT&T

By Bla1ze on 7 Nov 2010 07:40 pm EST
BlackBerry Torch 9800

Been holding out for one of those red or white BlackBerry Torches on AT&T? Well, we have some great news for you then. Not only did AT&T drop the price of the BlackBerry Torch to $99 but they also dropped the red and white Torch for that price as well. That's right folks, any color you want now for $99 on AT&T. Who's biting at that price and if so, which color?

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BlackBerry Torch arrives in red and white on AT&T


99 bucks to start with. The red one looks pretty cool, but I think it's time to drop "A Suck & Suck" and defect to Verizon.

I mean - Dang! Wish they'd had the red one when I got mine.

No matter what the color - the Torch still rocks!


I have wanted this phone since the rumors came around!! Now it comes in white and I only want it MORE! I just wish it was on Verizon instead of AT&T...

Verizon not going to HSPA+ for 3G like their Canadian counterparts Bell and TELUS certainly isn't helping them get devices like the Torch. RIM, like most cellular manufacturers, want to build for GSM because they can sell many more devices worldwide on GSM than on CDMA. That's a fact, and Verizon has no one to blame for themselves to blame for this by not making the right technology choices. They are moving to LTE but it's not going to be the same as a GSM/LTE combo, voice will still be moving over CDMA for a while.

Q1 2011, my job who has a contract with T-mobile is getting them starting January. We are piloting AT&T's 9800 for now for application testing.

Went to the store today and saw them, I have the black(got it recently) and returning it for the white. The back looks so nice too

God damn I want that white one.

As for replacement cases, I'm sure they'll be available soon. But from what I hear the torch aint easy to strip down especially the screen.

Ive Been waiting for the BBtorch to come out color white, i knew it was going to happen. now is the time. im hooked. buying one friday for $99 bucks! selling soon my "unbrandedstorm2"

Been waiting on the white iphone 4 but looks like it might even not be released at all, so I think I'm gonna snag a white Torch, plus its only $99 now? Not a bad deal at all, this should hold me until the iphone 5 or 6 comes out, and no I'm not trolling, just saying

ive read Numerous articles about a white iphone4. its not coming out "rumored from a good source". the white paint when dry doesnt match the white button? weird! but i would never buy an iphone atleast not now, i dont need a toy. ive always sticked with BB im very patience i dont need a specific type of technology now "very demanding people at this site" but from what i can see RIM has a great future coming up. with upcoming QNX devices.

anyone else notice on the white torch pic that theres an extra black dot next to the notification blinker? wonder what that is because my black torch doesn't have it...

Its the sensor that tells the screen when to turn off during a phone call, also the one that dims your screen according to the light. Not seen on the black because of the paint.

I've been holding off on getting a torch till I see the white one. I still may just go with black because, cmon black is so stealth. Hey Kevin, when you get your white torch could you make a video please? I wanna see it!

I wish they would release it for T-mobile. I swear t-mobile is lacking with the blackberrys.
And y does ATT get all the exclusive phones of almost all types except android.

really like the white torch...had the old curve and now the bold 9000 and will be upgrading sometime this week. still considering some other phones like the iphone and captivate. i wanna hear from some torch owners, do you like it?

My husband has the iPhone4 and I used to have an iPhone 3G, so I get the appeal of the iPhone. Lots of fun things to do with it. But at the end of the day, the Torch takes care of business. E-mails & texting is a dream. Media is great on it. I listen to a lot of music on my Torch, more so than my previous BB's. Youtube is nice on the Torch. Love the social apps. The browser is nice. I have Google Maps for navigation and it does the job. You just have to figure out what features are most important for you and go from there. Good luck with your decision.

at the ATT store today and to be honest im kind of disappointed in the white. they should have made the bottom strip black not chrome as it doesnt look right with the white parts. and the top should be black as well. the red did look better in person to me. errr i was waiting for the white now not sure..

One, that they come in two more colors, other than black, and also that at&t has lowered the price to $99. I only wish that I was elegible to upgrade now, as supposed to having to wait to next December :(

This probably won't come out on Tmobile because of their different 3G bandwidth.

And while the Torch is lacking in sales, you must consider, most/many BB owners are not ones to upgrade at a whim. Or they are unable to due to business. Now if they would release this with twice the resolution I would be on it.

If I had waited THIS long for the Torch, I would get it in white. (Wonder why they did the white's keyboard in white and didn't do the red one in red?) Anyway. Love the Torch. Have had it since the release date. I'm sure it would be great in any color.

Is there any chance that Rogers will be getting these as well? And dropping their high prices as well?

Colors are pretty ugly (at least to me), but at least the phone is getting closer to being more accurately priced for what you are getting.

I still say that, on a two year contract, this is a $50 phone.

These are both sick! Will have to see in person. Also havent upgraded my 9700 to OS6 yet so there's a chance I may not need these at all?! Hope to snag a different color from one of those sites that's offering it cheaper like $49.99..

I'm somewhat upset that they have dropped the price for the berry torch when it was just released over a month ago & in addition to that, there are other blackberry devices (older versions) that are now more expensive than the torch. I love my torch, don't get me wrong, but I just feel as though that it seems to be unfair for AT&T to drop it's price so soon...but I guess business is business. *shrugs-

I'm due for an upgrade 11/26. Just checked my promotions since I get special discounts through my work and they have a $100 rebate for the Torch as well! Going to be getting me one for free! Now the debate begins... White or Black?

The white one looks SICK!!! The red Torch is replacing my old Red Curve 8310 (my first BB). Love the new colors.

Does anyone know if they are going to release a white torch overseas...specifically Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I am eagerly waiting for it to come out in white!