20 Essential Apps for the New BlackBerry Torch Owner

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Aug 2010 09:14 pm EDT

BlackBerry Torch Apps

Whenever a new BlackBerry device launches, we usually go back to the basics a little bit for all the first time BlackBerry owners in the audience. Of course, while the new app content here is catered towards the BlackBerry Torch, regardless of the BlackBerry device model you own you'll want to check out this list of 20 top BlackBerry apps. These 20 Torch app picks feature both free and paid titles, and all are available in our CrackBerry App Store (download the mobile client here). Lots of good titles are here, like BerryWeather, BerryBuzz, Tether, SmrtGuard, Google Maps and even the new Wallpaper Changer Pro with CrackBerry Wallpapers. Click the image above or follow the links below to discover some solid BlackBerry Torch apps, and if you have other recommendations of essential apps for new to BlackBerry Torch owners to check out, be sure to drop them in the comments! 

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20 Essential Apps for the New BlackBerry Torch Owner


I was wondered the same thing. It's not inexpensive, but with PC sync capabilities and the ability to retain formatting, it is a "must have" app for the businessman in each of us. And what is a fortune-telling app doing on this list!?

I love how they have BerrySlider listed as a top 20 app and it doesn't even WORK on the Torch. I actually just had to have Mobihand refund me the money for it because BerrySlider's support never got back to me and its been a week and a half since I emailed them.

Not to be a hater but as a non torch owner I'm kinda getting tired of all the torch blogs. Its cool that you're excited about the torch but all the other bb owners would like something to read too.

Getting a little tired of Torch, Torch, Torch. Couldn't get one right now in Canada if I wanted one. I'm all for the new Berrys, but show a little love for my Javelin. It won't be two until next spring and still rolling the original trackball.

I'm with ya bud I have a javelin too and I by mistake got it 2 months ago I know I'm a dumb ass so I have an old phone as my new one so I'm stuck with it till I can get 400 for a bold 9700 and that's tuff when your 15

don't regret, you still got a sweet phone there, as if you're a dumb arse, you needed one and got one you could get your hands on at the time. when it comes time to replace your phone whether it'll be a blackberry or not, it'll be even better.

for the last few comments... i hear ya on the torch overkill. if you've been around CB long enough you know we tend to do that a bit with every new big device launch. i promise we'll even out the device model love here for next week. i'm sure there'll be some torch stuff still, there has to be, but we'll make sure we're mixing in everything. thx for the patience!

How could Quicklaunch not be on their? That is one of the best app on the Blackberry. Also the Official Twitter app from RIM is world's better than Twitterberry, and why do you even need the tether app when you can tether for free using BB Desktop Manager Mac or PC.

I think this list needs a revision.

Docs to go is built into the phone, but dataviz is not making the premium available right now...still trying to understand why the premium version for BB is much higher than the premium for other smartphones.
You will be charged for using the DM manager to tether eventually, as AT&T will track it. Tether "hides" in the data that you pay for and other than the onetime fee, no other charges...

No QL or even ShortCutMe? must haves.
of course, it hurts that the Torch doesn't have a left convenience key - that better not be a trend for all new BB's

Why would you ever put an app that does not work on the Torch?? I purchased BerrySlider only to get a message that says I've purchased the wrong version. If you ask me CrackBerry, you owe me $3.19 for buying something you didn't even test yourself on a Torch. Thanks a lot for nothing

you'll need to email mobihand to get a refund for it. That's what I had to do. Its been almost two weeks and I still haven't heard back from BerrySlider's tech support. Its a shame, because I loved that app on my Storm 1.