BlackBerry Torch already arriving at AT&T locations?!

BlackBerry Torch already arriving at AT&T locations?!
By Bla1ze on 6 Aug 2010 04:39 am EDT

We've been hearing from quite a few folks that the BlackBerry Torch is already on hand in some AT&T stores. The above pic from Engadget seals the deal for us though when it comes to confirmation of that. As Engadget noted, this pic is said to of have come from a corporate store. Official launch is set for August 12th but history has shown numerous times that every carrier has reps that will gladly hook you up before official dates if you know how to ask in just the right way. Anyone gonna go strolling about their local AT&T location just to see?

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BlackBerry Torch already arriving at AT&T locations?!


VodaFoneIN in India is getting one, I talked to rep and he confirmed, he also confirmed about podcast services on 9700 and OS6, he also added that their people are working with some Canadian team on OS6 and its additional services.
They even need to make some changes in BIS (no sure what is that)

This phone is not for me as I hate sliding mechanism. I'm waiting OS6 on bold 9000 form factor. But again big disappointment after seeing leaked pic of bold 9780.

Whats the point of making new device exactly same as existing bold9700 if it is to get update in future. Fuk..RIM

Totally agree,
I am too waiting for bold 9000 like form-factor and OS6 with at least 1GB RAM.
I am getting OS6 on 9700 (as said by blog and many others).

Common RIM, bold 9000 is still most sexiest BB, but it’s technical specs are of 2007

I honestly think RIM should employ some designers instead of just "upgrading" the RAM, camera, etc without any appearance changes. At least give it a facelift or something. Make it more stylish or whatever. Curve 9300 looks the same as Curve 85xx without the bezel. Bold 9650 looks the same as Tour 9630 except the trackpad. Bold 9780 looks exactly the same as Bold 9700. Is design dead for RIM?

If you're THAT concerned what the phone looks like over what it does or how it does it, then it sounds like an iphone is in your future.

um....well they are both in the 9700's line right?
its for people who want to run os6.
if you're mad, why are you checking this site?

Will there be OS6 for our Bold 9000? Oh well i'll just have to wait and see. But for this new torch 9800...i can't wait to get my hands on one. I LOVE BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!! This will be great for my BB collection. Awesome work guys! Hats off to you all here in Crackberry and RIM! :)

Bold 9650, Bold 9700 and pearl 3G will receive the OS6 update. The Bold 9000 will not get the update :/

The storm 2 owners got the short end of the stick.

Well i would love to go look at this phone. i have some good contacts that would gladly sell it to me if they have it. i'll talk to them tomorrow. However i am still waiting on the 9780 I just like for form factor better i'm not one of those slider or touch screen people. but if they did have a touch screen on something like the 9780 (9700 style) i would not oppose. I would aslo love to see a six axis acceleromoter added to for gaming developing. Other focuses need to be processor and screen res. the 480x360 is ok but could use a boost. so there we have it. i will check on of these phones out and think of getting it. But if would like to start showing off some 9780 news i would love it.

They had it at the local att store. Went and played with it yesterday. Pretty sweet. Excited for that OS6 on my 9700

So we saw the videos and there seems to be some consensus that it seemed a little laggy. But we were reminded that this was a prerelease device and things might get cleaned up. But if Torch is already in stores, doesn't that decrease the likelihood they are being released with an OS different than what was on the device in the videos?

Love the phone!

I am expecting my first order today, but cannot sell them unti the 12th. If any of them "register" on the network the person/business/retailer who bought them from AT&T will forego their NEC which is $145 for this model.

Only negatives with the BB 9000 series was internet experience and screen size. If OS6 corrects this it will be a great success, they like all phones could be faster and have more memory, but you always give up Battery life to gain performance.

Who really cares about this release? I was somewhat excited to see the phone and possible entertain getting one as a second phone to my Storm 2 (Which is nothing but reliable).
But then Crackberry posts a video showing how this phone that is NOT released is inferior to 2 phones currently out. How does that make sense? That’s saying please I want to downgrade my performance! WTF RIM Also, AT&T why on a carrier you can never make a phone call?

I love the AT&T bashing bandwagon. 98% of the people complaining about them have never used the service and have no right to criticize. They just love to hop on and do what everyone else is doing. I've been using AT&T for over 10 years and the only dropped calls I've had were on the other end, usually people on Verizon or T-Mobile, that called back and said "sorry, was in a bad area".

Alright. If blaclberry 6 does not come out in the next week, I will probably go back to my iphone. Like seriously RIM. You already made blackberry 6 on a device and you still don't feel like its time to release it.
I am getting very impatient now.

The reps are already training on them as of yesterday. AT&T sells more BB than any other carrier. It is the i4 that sucks down all the 3G bandwidth. AT&T has the exclusive on BB and Apple which is a smooth business move. As they have recently purchased some VWZ assets, it looks like that they are making an effort at network expansion and upgrade.

It looks like a great form factor to add to the BB family. A portrait slider/touchscreen has always been my form factor of choice but nothing beats my Bold 9650. And why in all that is good, is this phone exclusively on AT&T?!?! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot RIM.

Make it exclusive for 6 months then roll a CDMA out!!

Personally, I'm very happy that the 9700 will get the upgrade. In my opinion, it is the very best phone that RIM has produced to date. Also, I hear all the AT&T complaints but I have not anything but a good experience with them. I'm in a large metropolitan area too. Maybe I'd feel differently if I lived in New York because I heard the service is terrible there but here in Chicago it has been pretty reliable. As for the Torch, well, I haven't seen it up close yet but I'm not very excited about a slider phone. Maybe after I try it out I'll feel differently but I'm still satified with my 9700.

If this was on Sprint or Verizon, I'd take a look. Having just ditched my Iphone for a BB 9650 on Sprint, I have to say that I'm happy with what I have.
Why does BB keep putting out nice phones like this on the crappy ATT Network?

Because AT&T asked nicely. This was a joint-build from the stories I've read.

Everyone that is up in arms that this is an AT&T-only phone (for now), should write up the president of Sprint or Verizon and explain that they should do the same thing AT&T has done.

We can't help you here.

I called an independent store this morning to see if they had a working Torch demo yet. The rep said no but asked if I'd like to pre-order. I said sure. She said they were due to get them on the 10th and she'd let me know when they were in. I asked if I could pick it up on the 10th and she said yes even though the launch isn't until the 12th. Maybe the independents have a little more leeway.

Even though my Bold 9000 needs an upgrade, I'm going to skip the Torch. Not enough performance/specs beyond what I have now to justify the expense. And since I dont see anything else new or exciting from RIM anywhere is the foreseeable future, I guess I have to jump ship to a more progressive manufacturer. See ya later RIM!

I was in the AT&T store last night for a different line on the account, and was playing with the Torch while we waited. I talked to the rep for a bit regarding it, and I got the feeling that if I was eligible for my new phone at discounted pricing, he might have been able to find one in the back room to sell me right then and there.

i just went to the att store and checked out the phone. pretty slick. you just have to ask the rep to see it.

Yesterday I went in to my local store and talked to the asst. manager. He at first acted like he didn't have the phone, but when I pressed him on it, he "unofficial" took me in the back and let me play with the phone. The comment about it's weigh, sturdiness and the slider feel are all correct. I will be waiting at the door on August 12th to get mine. I have been waiting a long time to get this phone.

Seems T-Mobile is leaning more toward Droid, Motorola and their own personal line up such as "My Touch". Only new phone set for arrival is the Motorola Blur which may lay the pavement for T-Mobiles future as just that....a Blur!
Even though 9800 Torch sounds nice, I think I will skip the Torch as well even if it does come to T-Mobile. I find it hard to believe with all this technology, RIM still has not incorporated at least a 1G on board memory as well as being able to store and use apps via micro sd card. The browsing speeds even on wifi didnt compare to iphone 4G and that other Samsung whateveryoucallit. Riddiculous and unnacceptable in this day in age of technology!

Why are you CDMA users always crying and bitching about ATT and GSM companies getting the latest and greatest BB's? Do you even know that most of the rest of the world uses GSM?! How about LTE in the upcoming year or so...guess what? That's a cell technology based off of GSM. So those of you on Big Gay, I mean Big Red, you too will be inserting a SIM card in your device in the near future. CDMA = DEAD, OUT-DATED TECHNOLOGY.

Quit your bitching about ATT. I've had them for 6 years and haven't had very many problems (no more than any other provider in LA/So Cal). It's not our fault you live in BFE and don't get a 3G signal. Get over it!

I checked out the Torch in an AT&T store, and am not impressed with the Torch. The physical keyboard is too small and recessed. The virtual keyboard could use a slight improvement for the key sizes, so typing is more accurate.

Sure, the new OS is nice, but it looks and functions more as an iPhone clone.

The best Blackberry that RIM has ever produced, at least for me, is the Bold 9000 with its stereo speakers, wide keyboard, wide screen ratio.

RIM, please produce the Bold 9000 II.

I played with one yesterday. It definitely has a nice hefty feel to it. I'm waiting for our corporate purchasing to offer it. (This way I can avoid a contract.)

I don't know if its just me but alot of you sound like haters. Anyway I too have been on the fence on jumping ship. I have just left the AT&t store and played with phone and I must say Iwas impressed it felt fresh and modern. This phone you can tell is the starting block for the direction RIM wants to go in the future. A dual cam, flash, and gb memmory for apps or the ability to store apps on sd cards would make a thismachine a animal. I think I will give the 9800 a try and see what happens in two years how far will the tech advance for Rim but after looking at the phone on the net and wondering how big and how clear the screen is i nwas very skeptical. RIM may just have satisfied me for a little while. Even though with that 2.2 froyo pushing flash to devices and the ability to save appson sd cards and the ability to share apps(free)you can def tell thar RIm wants to make their customedrs happy.

play with one then make your comments..

I went to the AT&T store on North State Street In Chicago and I got to tell you,RIM has a long way to go in order to catch up with Apple and Android. I played with the Torch I wasn't liking the fact that the device seemed 'underpowered by the processor they have in it. 624 MHZ? come least boast it to 700 maybe 750! yeah you'll suck up some battery life but you'll be surfing alot quicker and get more done. it just seemed sluggish like the Storms were. the hardware on the outside is beautiful but the fact that anyone playing on one in their store is going to be switching in and out of 3G in the store. You can't even get good coverage in thier stores! Not good marketing technique here. you just point out AT&T's crappy Network. This thing won't sell except for hard core corporate types. This could be a HUGE flop if AT&T doesn't get it's act together. I wanted to like this phone but use of a low end processor and AT&T and it's Network issues will leave a lot of folks dissapointed!

The processor speed really doesnt matter that much, its how the hardware and software work with it, you could have a 3ghz phone that feels sluggish cuz the hard/software isnt programmed right. quit complaining 624mhz is plenty fast.

You're right in the fact that the processor power is only a partial factor but many poeple like myself would have wanted RIM to "Kick it up a bit"! like the Bold was when they were using 400-500MHZ chips in their Curves. It wouldn't fact it would help them in the Apps they want developed in the future. it's not a complaint, Its a objective observation of the facts. they lost 9 points of market share in the last 6 months and they will lose more unless they STEP UP! the Torch is more of a Evolutionary device that Revolutionary! It buys RIM an extra 2 years at most before they lose their market dominance.

I would rather have more memory than cpu power at this point, but im happy with the 9800 for now