BlackBerry Torch Accessories

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2010 04:07 pm EDT

Accessories for the BlackBerry Torch enhance the BlackBerry experience!

BlackBerry Torch Charging Pod
BlackBerry Torch Battery
 BlackBerry Torch Charging/Sync Pod
BlackBerry Torch Battery

You know the drill. Once you head home from the store with your new BlackBerry it's time to transfer over your data, load it up with apps and then hit your favorite online BlackBerry accessory store to pimp out the device. The BlackBerry Torch's new form factor means a whole new set of accessories will be coming out for the BlackBerry Torch and our e-commerce team will be working their hardest at to fill the BlackBerry Torch Accessories store up quick (we already have quite a bit in stock, like the must-have charging pod, so take a browse through the store). Tons more is on order and coming in soon, so for the ultimate selection in accessories for the BlackBerry Torch you'll want to keep it locked to the store.

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BlackBerry Torch Accessories



Just right to go with a nice bright torch
Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


I LOVE my Torch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first accessory that I would like to purchase is the charger/sync pod. I had one for the BOLD and I loved it. It is a MUST HAVE!!!!!!

Can't sleep in the dark so my Torch sitting in a Charging Pod would be a perfect solution as long as it doesn't ring.

I have two charge pods for my Bold 9000, one at home and one on my desk at work. I always walk away with a full charge, ready for anything. Dropping those rugged charge contacts from the sides looks like a mistake to me.

The new micro USB connectors have supposedly increased insertion cycle life to 10,000 (which is pretty impressive for a tiny connector), but that does not take into account the stresses that could be placed on it. If the charge pod is designed well, it may help protect the connectors from stress and abuse.

Got the Torch thursday & am in LOVE! Came over from the 9000 w/ a pod & really loved it so convinient! The other things on my wishlist are a handsfree for the car & a new bluetooth

Just got the Torch today, but I can't use it as my local phone company is the reseller and does not activate ported numbers on the weekend. (Making the switch from T-Mobile!) So I am looking at an expensive paperweight for the next 2 days! I need a new bluetooth headset as I only have my OLD Motorola H700 and start a new job 50 minutes away in 2 weeks. Can you help a brother out?

I'd like to get the charging pod for my new BB. I couldn't walk out of the store without a case for it and they actually had the otterbox commuter there.

The first thing that i always purchase to my new blackberry is a case then a AWESOME CHARGIN POD LIKE YOU GUYS HAVE IT !

Have had the Torch for half a day and already very fond of it. I also have an Iphone that I use for work and it is a Ford Pinto against a Rolls Royce being the Torch! You almost forget you have the keyboard. I do not like the touch screen on the Iphone. But the touch on the Torch is awesome. I would recommend this phone to anyone who loves BB and can't imagine converting.

The one it came with is great, I just know I am going to use it so much I am going to need two chargers for it, Thanks CrackBerry!!!!!!

I think if I win I will chose the charging cradle. I will wait for cases and other accessories as they come out. The charging cradle is the perfect gift accessory.
Thank you Crackberry

I have already ordered the Otterbox for my Torch. And of course it came from CB! The next thing I am eyeballing is the charging pod. PLEASE CB, send me a charging pod!!!


My motto is usually if it ain't broke don't fix it (well I am on my 3rd bold in as many years, but still love it for the added functionality it afforded me). My contract was up and I was planning on running the bold into the ground, but then I went with my girlfriend to help her decide whether to upgrade her 8300 curve to a torch, the AT&T Android Captiva, iphone 4...and ended up walking out with a new torch for me! I am still getting used to the touch aspects of this device but LOVE that the BB offers me the flexibility to keep using a K/B for that positive tactile feedback while getting comfy with the landscape or portrait mode virtual would be great if the Torch would eventually be able to get "swype" texting like on the newer Droid phones and get enabled for adobe flash player.

Hmmmm, for my first accessory, I think I'd like to get a replacement car charging cradle accessory for my new torch (I have and like the Bury Comfort Cradle Car Kit which was specifically designed to fit the BlackBerry Bold 9000). If not yet available I'd like a home charging cradle and then I would also like to maybe see if there is a screen protector that is easy to install (ie no bubbles) and that does not impede productivity...

So far, first looks, I am really liking the BB torch!

hmmm i would love to get an accessory before my device arrives, i love getting all my accessories before so they are all ready to go for when the device arrives :)

i think my first would either be the cradle for charging or a proper holster to protect it from harm :) gotta protect it from the evils of the outside world

I want to get a Plantronics BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Torch 9800 for listening to music!

I got my Blackberry Torch today (8/15)! I am liking it so far. I would rock it more if I had the charging/sync pod! Thank you!

I really need a case for my TOrch and I spent all my $ on mine and the wifes Torch, forgot accessories, OOOPS!

A cradle would also be nice!

I really want an Otterbox Commuter case for my Torch. I'm very fearful of dropping this fantastic device.

I would LOVE to win a Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Headset, for the safety of any all all passengers in my car. thanks! (color / style not important, will take any, but if I have to chose, first choice is "Hero")