BlackBerry Torch Accessories

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2010 04:07 pm EDT

Accessories for the BlackBerry Torch enhance the BlackBerry experience!

BlackBerry Torch Charging Pod
BlackBerry Torch Battery
 BlackBerry Torch Charging/Sync Pod
BlackBerry Torch Battery

You know the drill. Once you head home from the store with your new BlackBerry it's time to transfer over your data, load it up with apps and then hit your favorite online BlackBerry accessory store to pimp out the device. The BlackBerry Torch's new form factor means a whole new set of accessories will be coming out for the BlackBerry Torch and our e-commerce team will be working their hardest at to fill the BlackBerry Torch Accessories store up quick (we already have quite a bit in stock, like the must-have charging pod, so take a browse through the store). Tons more is on order and coming in soon, so for the ultimate selection in accessories for the BlackBerry Torch you'll want to keep it locked to the store.

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BlackBerry Torch Accessories



Definatley a case.. I have butter fingers .. Mine's on the FedEx truck for delivery tomorrow AM :D

Although i would miss not having the Touchstone charger as on my PRE....

One for me my torch is on its way from usa ((=

Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for BlackBerry Torch 9800

With this type of toy, It won't be possible for me to stop playing with.... An extra will be required at the level of POWER...

Charging pod for sure. C'mon crackberry. I never win these. I'm feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelin' lucky!

This Torch is Awesome, but not as awesome as and all their giveaways! I would love the charging pod! Keeping my fingers crossed!

I use my BB as my alarm so I def will be getting the pod. Would LOVE to win one from CB.


I definitely want a case for the phone, but I may or may not want an extra battery, depending on battery life. So far it seems to be doing alright and I'm using it more than I usually will.

Anyways, I definitely want a case!

A skin for sure. Hopefully one that allows the slider to function, unlike the OEM one I've seen.

Scored an Otter Box commuter, the one w/ a jelly'll be returned asap, just waiting on my clear shield from stealguards ...the Otterbox makes the device look TERRIBLE& HUGE in comparison to the naked Torch ... not sure if deal is still on but was doing free "military grade full body protection" just paid shipping which was $2.88 each ...I got 3 just bc

I'd have to say screen protection is #1 on my list...ordered a cpl full device sheilds from ...they're doing freebies right now w/just the cost of shipping...I'm w/ ya on the charging pod tho as my next acc

To protect that beauty. I don't understand the charging pod - it looks like it just connects to the micro-USB port, which kind of defeats the purpose....

It would make for easier messaging tapping especially not being a click-screen and not have to grab a hold of the whole thing. It's also great for a new alarm clock since mine is biting the dust--well it's filled with dust as well. And it would just add on to the feel of something new and a BlackBerry item from CB.

Can't wait to get the charger, so I can watch movies on my device without losing juice and being able to wake up on time to the alarm set to bedside mode! GO ME!

I am so excited about my new torch that I will take anything. This phone is the bomb. I love it so much.

I just brought my Torch this morning and I love it. I'd love either the Desktop Stand because the Pod doesn't work with my case or the Motorola Mini-USB to Micro-USB Charging Adapter so that I can use the multitude of old Blackberry Cables. Thanks for the chance to win!

The charging pod is a must, I've never used any of the cases that come with any of my blackberries before so why start now.

Can I get the SanDisk 16GB
microSDHC Card please, I really need the space to listen to music on the phone, and shut them apple fanboys saying they have more space, mwhahahahaa!!!!!!

I'd seriously love the Motorola EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker so I can use it in the car and the house! But if that's not an option, a case is always a necessity. :-)

Personally, I want a belt clip holster (with magnetic powerdown) that does NOT have a top flap on it. Those things drive me crazy, and always add to the time it takes to grab the phone. Do they make one? Not sure.

If not, I'll go for a backup batter.

can i get the motorola ROKR eq5 speaker please!? thanks in advance for even providing me with an opportunity to get that amazing item, im happy already!

can i get the motorola ROKR eq5 speaker please!? thanks in advance for even providing me with an opportunity to get that amazing item, im happy already!

With that awesome huge touch screen, having that charging/syncing pod would really be a plus. Hold my phone up so i can see the clock everywhere.

Daddy like!

Just got the Torch and its awesome! Now i just need the Wilson Electronics SIGNALBOOST DT Dual-Band 800/1900 MHz Desktop Amplifier Kit for BlackBerry Torch 9800 so i can actually make a call with this amazing device in my house.

.....would love either the charging pod or a nice case...have ordered the Torch, so need to have some goodies for it when it arrives! : )

I'm with most on here and would love to get a charging pad for the Torch. Besides charging it it will be a great alarm clock.

As I was going to buy my torch today, I was really excited.. I'm a Canadian citizen but I went to AT&T to buy it out.. straight with no contract. Just touching it from the back, makes me not want to let go. I always wanted a charging pod, because I hate putting the phone on the table, because sometimes it might get dirty, and you would never know. I think the pod is a great thing to put your phone on. I would love to have one.

Thanks You CrackBerry


I need a new car charger for this phone, as the USB-style one I have currently isn't powerful enough or something for this one.

Thanks CrackBerry!

I love how this site always has good contests. Thanks guys for the opportunity! The accessory I want is either a Aliph jawbone Icon headset or a 16gb SD card.

For the BlackBerry Torch 9800 I would love a charging pod so I don't have to worry about the phone falling off anything during a wall charge. This would be wonderful as my BlackBerry 9700 got destroyed from too many drops. Thanks. :)

With a toddler, a fitted, protective case is a must for those times my child is sneaky and gets her hands on my new phone before I can stop her.

i looked at all the cases at AT&T and they are slippery! i hope someone comes out with something new with a bit more traction.

Have ordered my Torch 9800, it is on the way to me from the US. I live in Singapore... having gone through the unboxing video and reviews... for once, we are not given a case for the blackberry... for what is gonna be my favourite toy... a case is a must! and a case it will be...

I just got my new torch today and LOVE it. I would love to get a charging pod. I have never owned one but think they are really useful and look like an efficient way to charge a BB. Please consider me for the contest :)

I had no idea there was a pod! That was the only thing I was bummed about moving from the 9700. I want the charging pod!!!

I would love a charging pod. It would be so functional at work on my desk. I would help by charging phone and holding it in a manner that it is readable\usable. Thanks for all the chances to win great prizes here @Crackberry!!

I would love to have a charge stand as my first accessory. I bought the torch today and love it. The phone is everyting Crackberry said it would be.

The stand would be great for my desk! Broke now, but a free stand would sure be nice.

Had to get home to charge this baby up and see if I can kill the battery ... too many issues trying to pull info from 9000 to load on 9800 and never got to see battery life. Hoping to see a battery upgrade and use this one as a backup.

I def Like the OEM Blackberry Torch Pouch...Like the one on the Front Page right now!! That would be Amamzing!!

Yours Truly,

I have never owned and considered a blackberry till the torch came out. I totally want the sync pod it would look great on my desk. Heck so would the torch! Here's hoping I win a torch .

Thanks and good luck to all.


Thinking of the best possible option is difficult. Whatever you think okay, I will accept as the contest prize.

The blackberry phones and accessories just seem to be getting better and better. I love my blackberry with the best of both worlds! I love the keypad, touch screen and slider all in one.

I upgraded to my Torch from the Curve 8900! In my opinion, the charging pod is the number one must have accessory, especially if you're like me and use your BlackBerry as your bedside clock and alarm to get up in the morning!

So sign me up for a charging pod :) !

I looked really hard to find a case with belt clip, similar to the one the Kevin had on the torch review, or at least a decent one from bb, but no luck.

first thing first, I'll be buying a screen and a holster for my little torch, then I'll be getting a cradle. protector is a must!! I need to protect my torch from all the outside environmental hazards.

I'd love a charging / sync pod for my BlackBerry Torch please!

It's an essential item to have - even if you just use it for charging as I do, as it saves wear and tear on the USB connector.



this is the 3rd blackberry I've proudly owned (9000, 9700, 9800). The essentials for me (and I think they're pretty important) are:

1). case (who likes bumps, nicks, scratches on that sweet BB body?)

2). Screen protector (who wants dings and scratches?).

3). Charging Pod (you turn your phone into a clock and you can see if your alarm has been set for work the next day).

ATT couldn't provide me the last 2 and I'm glad to find you have put up this contest! I'll take whatever you'll give me LOL

The device is sitting on its side in the charging pod. Shouldn't the screen switch to landscape mode?

We can't get the 9800 in the UK yet! :-(. Will be picking one up as soon as it is available though. Would love a charging cradle to go with it. :-)

I got my Torch yesterday, and it is a real beauty!
I wish I could get a charging pod to have my Torch standing on my bed table :-)

I would like a case! I want to make sure it stays looking good! I'm waiting for a better selection before I commit, though. Unless it's free ;)

The charging pod! Nothing beats displaying my new Torch proudly in the pod. It currently has to sit on that poor beautiful rigged back :(

Charging/sync pod would be awesome!! Still waiting for the phone to release in Canada! I need the upgrade from my 8350i!

Can I have one of each, please??? *grin*

Seriously, I'd have to go with the spare battery. I'm planning to put my Torch in a protective case of some sort, so the charging pod would require removing the BB from its case every time. Spare battery makes more sense to me.

I'm on medical leave right now, so can't go get my Torch yet... :-p

I'd love to win the charging pod for the phone i don' currently have! haha if i win, even more reason to upgrade to the Torch!

Since there are no hard cases available yet, I will likely be picking-up an extra battery first!
*crossing fingers*

Isn't that the same type of battery that was identified as a counterfeit battery in a previous Crackberry article last week?

Well I picked up my Torch on Thursday. I lOVE it. I switched back to Blackberries from iPhone. The fist theing I want now is the charging base. I was going to get one at the AT&T Store but I like my right arm and didnt want them to have it.
So If you can please see your way to get my brand new baby in a proper cradle, I would be forever in your debt.

I picked up an otterbox commuter case yesterday with my Torch so a spare charger would be awesome to have.

belt holster case. I usually only get blackberry brand per device, the 3rd party never really seem to fit right

My first accessory would be the charging pod. BUT, am I the only one who is worried about the fact that the torch does not have charging contact points and the pod uses the micro USB plug? Historically, the USB plug has caused some issues...

but the first accessory im gonna buy for my torch is the charging/sync pod. I've held off on getting one for me Bold 9000 forever and it's finally time! Please hook me up CRACKBERRY.COM

Would love the charging pod. I didn't win torch on your contest (dammit) so I have to wait until they're in Ontario. The charging pod can sit on my nightstand teasing me until I get one. (if I win)

please please pick me. im so lost with out my pod i hate haveing the cable sticking out so afrade of breaking my port on my wonderfull 9800.

ps if you pick me please sent me some crackberry sticks so i can put thim on my laptop phone and car pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz me love you long time