BlackBerry Torch 9860 Video Walkthrough

By Adam Zeis on 3 Aug 2011 07:44 am EDT

For those of you that are anxiously awaiting the next all-touch BlackBerry - the wait is over. The BlackBerry Torch 9860 has been announced and will in your hands before you know it. With no QWERTY keyboard, the Torch 9860 hopes to fill the needs for those who simply want a touchscreen device. It carries a 1.2GHz processor, 768MB RAM, 4GB embedded memory and more. Of course the Torch 9860 sports RIM's Liquid Graphics as well as other BB 7 goodies. Check out the video above for more.

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BlackBerry Torch 9860 Video Walkthrough


Wow; this video is making it very difficult for me to decide between this and the 9930!!

Wait; there's only 4gb of internal memory as compared to 8gb on the other newly introduced devices? Hmm...

Internal memory isn't really too important because of the memory card they come with. My Storm2 has 97% free internal memory and 39% on my 16GB memory card.

I found it mildly amusing that he said the browser loads really fast, just snaps up with the page, and has no checkerboarding. However, in the video, I saw the browser actually take quite a while from request to page load, and actually did see checkerboarding for a moment as he was scrolling around. :-)

Yeah, I was refraining from stating such things. lol. Tryin to be more positive.

I'm up in the air about which BB to get. Contract only allows me to get an upgrade in May... Perhaps I'll grab a QNX phone by that point...IF I manage to control my desire for one of these models.

Agreed, I thought it would be a little quicker cause he is soooo adamant about the speed. I think there were just in a high traffic Wifi zone though.

Either way, I as well will be waiting for the QNX phones....can't justify that expense for now.

I don't have any doubts as to how much faster this OS7 is than OS6. We've seen it in the videos already when Kevin was testing out his (former) current Bold against the 9900. It almost crushed his phone and made him whimper quite a bit.

I think I'm still going to buy this phone. I can't believe it's going to be obsolete in a few months. While I have to brace myself for that possible reality, I'd like to believe part of the huge delay in releasing the product was due to making it upgradable to QNX without telling us it is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

oh hush. he shouldn't have mentioned it at all, if there was a chance that it would checkerboard. don't present a device, whether pre-release (or should I say IS pre-released) and try and present it as flawless, when it isn't.

does anyone care what YOU know?

not much.

You're right - maybe you ought to apply to RIM to do the verbal pitches on the QNX devices? I'm sure you'd deliver a flawless demonstration every time.

If you haven't noticed, this guy has done 20+ device showings in the last week. I'm also going to venture to guess that this guy didn't write the browser code himself, so whether he was able to predict if it would take a millisecond hiccup in rendering a page or not...likely not. He was trying to highlight how fluid the device is, and he's right; it's excellent. If you're going to dwell on the 0.1 second lag while showing the device off pre-release in a restaurant

Also the emails he opened still look terrible with small line boxes all over and just poorly rendered overall. Some pictures appeared others seemed to be missing. Is pinch to zoom available while viewing HTML emails? What about folders, are those available now with OS7 on BIS???

LOL at super fast browser and "lack" of checkerboarding.

Full websites need time to load and to download the content.

Those boxes you're refering to are images that haven't been downloaded. And yes, pinch zooming has been available on html emails since os6. Im not sure what you mean by email folders, but bb-gmail integration is top notch and includes features such as starring and labels.

I read the comments here first before watching the video and saw a bunch of complaints about the browser and actually felt a little disheartened. But after watching the video, all I can say is that some of you are SUPER nitpicky! The browser did pop up quickly, and yes the page took a moment to load... but that often happens even on a desktop computer. And the checkerboarding was minor at most and went away very quickly.

Maybe it's just because I'm coming from a storm 9530, but this phone looks/works fantastic and the problems being commented on here aren't really problems at all in my book.

you gotta take the checker boarding a little slowness of the browser concidering its a millions times better then it used to be and its quicker. and second the time it took that one page to load it was actually quicker then a lot of android phones. and just saying the iphone and all android phones checkerboard so that you gotta get over

Choices, choices, choices!!! I know T-Mobile is getting the Bold touch BUT, I want the Torch, BRING IT IN THE FOLD SOON!!!!!!!

Is there NFC on this device? The B.b website only mentions it on the new Bold but on neither of the new Torch =(

Will this device's browser give me the message "this page was too big to load, the browser will now close" ? Don't want to fall into that trap again....

seems like this is coming to the market too late. I was a huge blackberry fan but I jumped ship to Android and I don't think I could go back to BB unless they really take it to the next level. All of these features are already on Android.

If we compare features i believe all the phones are close enough. The Blackberry experience is what sets BB apart. Nothing out there can compare to the way things integrate and just works together and they way we get notified and can be social.

Each person can like something different but you can not compare using a smartphone based on features/check list (in the US they like that alot).

If you spend hours on your smartphone it needs to work with you and not just work.

I do not believe anything out there can even come close to how Blackberry works with users and help get through the day.

So these new phones may not be earth chattering compared to other brands but they bring them to equality and add to that the BB experience and it is amazing.

I find myself extremely productive using my old torch i can only imagine what these new ones are like WOW.

Other phones can have dual cores and super high res screens and the lot but you still won't be as productive as on a BB and you will spend alot of time recharging the other phones and not the BB.

What is the point of being mobile if you are always plugged in (of course you can buy spare batteries for some but that is extra $$)

+1 Well stated.
This is what so many people fail to see and experience. I don't want a phone that's over-played and needs a battery-sucking over-the-top OS just to look cool. I by far prefer functionality that "just works."

I can't wait to fold the ol' Storm for this. I've been waiting a LONG time.

Agreed with alainas. I have a BB 9700, a Samsung Focus, and a Samsung Captivate. I LOVE WP7 and Android is pretty neat, but I always keep coming back to Blackberry.

Love the keyboard, battery life, and the awesome e-mail/messaging. I don't really play games (I have an iPad for that), so BB is perfect for me.

Blackberry definitely has a "user experience", and I wish RIM would spend more of an effort trying to market that.

+1 here, I think this phone is a breakthrough for RIM. It works fluently, and the UI is smooth and easy to understand. The thing that I love on BB is the UI it's simple, yet very very productive and efficient.

According to the Inside Blackberry blog, No. The 9850 is listed as being available on Sprint and US Cellular with no mention of Verizon.

Though this is true, the Storm series (at least the Storm2) has been very successful for Verizon in the US and it's unlikely that they'll forgo the next iteration of BlackBerry's full-touch device. Don't forget the Torch 9810 is GSM only and will likely be exclusive to AT&T in America, so that would leave Verizon with the 9930 and the Curve, whenever that comes out. Like others have mentioned, it's likely because Verizon is still wading through the certification process.

Why would they call it a Torch? They really want to confuse the "non technical" bb users out there. They should have stuck with the Storm name and tried to revive that.

That's a word that gets thrown around too much these days. A phone isn't obsolete until it can't perform current essential functions. "Not the latest and greatest" does not mean obsolete.

After he hit the BBC bookmark to the time the page was loaded was 12 seconds. After almost a year and millions of dollars in r&d, RIM still hasn't gotten it right.

well in his defense the phone was working on EDGE and not 3G, 12 sec is pretty good for EDGE lol.

This phone wouldve looked great showing off video chat capabilities with all that real estate and liquid graphics. guess they didnt think of implementing hardware that everyone is using as basic to have on a smartphone now.

Upon further investigation, dude was running it on the hotel wifi.

Dumb decision to demo your shiny new flagship device on watered down hotel wifi or EDGE and load a content-intensive site!

I think RIM got it just right!!! This is my new phone as soon as it hits VZW!!! Love it! And, I might have to be a new Sprint customer if VZW isn't smart enough to snag this one. I've been out of contract since March...

SMH @ the lag pulling up a website. OS 7 doesn't look like a big deal from this end, except for some nice sliding features droids and iPhone have. I can't wait to perform a battery pull, just to see how long it takes to load up the device.

This one is better than the others but overall they're such lame infomercials...

Except for the fugly 9900 which brings back a bigger keyboard, I don't really see the point of upgrading. Best to take an Android phone as a 2nd device for all the multimedia/AR stuff. The catalogue is much larger.

I've been extremely critical of RIM over the last 2 years since they and this site conned me into buying the Storm. But this phone actually looks impressive. Freaking finally can I have my touch screen blackberry?? Is is really happening?

To be honest, I didn't see anything in that video that would make me rush out and get one of those. Also, I won't ever buy another Blackberry while they disable apps like the podcast app for non North American users. Or at least explain why and not just ignore the issue. Poor that Crackberry haven't even asked despite this being put to them a number of times. Or are they so much in Blackberry's pocket that they daren't ask a question they might not like.

Four physical buttons on this phone makes it look dated. Reviewers will take RIM to task on this stupid move for sure. RIM does not seem to get how far behind the competition they are. Guess only the Bold 9900 will stand out in this line up. Lets hope the new bold is enough to help RIM get through this rough period.

Can I say, I'm actually pretty happy with my Torch? The specs here are undoubtedly great, but I have to admit I'd rather not jump in right away anyway. OS7 looks good, but:

1) It's going to take a couple of major system updates before it works properly. Take that to the bank.

2) QNX is coming. Someday.

Jeeze, this thing is so big Ray Charles could have used it.

I love that as he swipes pages of apps back and forth he says it's something Blackberry users haven't seen before. EVERYONE ELSE HAS!

omg. so funny. Notice how we can load up a page and it snaps to life in an instant... waiting... waiting... waiting... blank white page... waiting...

Technically it did "snap to life." The page was just typical-for-BlackBerry slow to load, but the browser app itself popped right up. The good folks at RIM just can't program a good browser even if the company's life depended on it.

Gonna cut through chatter about the devices themselves and ask, did anyone else notice the Scrobbler app on his BB? Are they working on a BB version again? They gave up on it a year ago and have yet to come up with a new version. Hoping this is an indication of a new one.