BlackBerry Torch 9860 now available from Rogers

Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9860
By Michelle Haag on 23 Aug 2011 11:50 am EDT

If you're on Rogers in Canada and waiting for the day you can grab a brand new BlackBerry Torch 9860, it looks like your wait is over! The BlackBerry lineup on the Rogers website has been joined by this sleek new device, and you can pick it up off contract for $524.99 or as low as $199 on a 3 year contract, as expected. Thanks ignites!

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BlackBerry Torch 9860 now available from Rogers


Ooo that came in rather unexpectedly. Was on the Rogers site this morning and it wasn't listed - all of a sudden it's on the site.

Sprint is the only one to announce it. I have talked to people at VZW stores and they all confirmed that the Torch all-touch would be coming soon. Most said beginning of Sept. But this has not been confirmed.

They should have made the hardware closer to the Bold 9900.... This looks cheap and plasticy...but to each their own. BB 07 is quite good though!..

I think the contract price is rather high, compared to the leak prices from other carriers. The off contract price is decent.

Use of the word "retarded" is unacceptable in any situation, and if you don't like the way this phone looks, I'm sure there are other ways to express your opinion.

Unappealing, unattractive, I don't care for them, I don't like they way they look, they are not stylystically what I am looking for, they don't work for me, I'm not feeling its feng shuy, they upset my optic receivers, I would not have designed the buttons that way, the buttons make me not want to purchase the device, the buttons ruin the device for me, I wish they had not designed the buttons in that fashion...

...The buttons look retarded. Only a bleeding-heart liberal with their head up their bumm would critique a description like that. Get over your hyper-righteous self and go eat a tofu crapdog. By the way, Obama sucks it real hard!

Congrats to Rogers!

It's frustrating to me that I had to go into a Verizon store to play with a 9930 while I'm waiting for the 9900 to be released on AT&T and yet all these phones keep coming out around me.

What is with rogers website when you go to add the phone to your cart under the 3yr agreement the price is $374.99 not the $199.99 it advertises?

I'm a little confused. Is VZN getting the 9860 or 9850. I thought they'd be getting the 9850 since the 9860 is the GSM model.

I'm so happy! Oh man, I gotta wait until the end of December before I can get the "wait for two years before getting an upgrade" upgrade. *sigh*

well looks like rogers has botched yet another launch.. although its on the website, I'm told in store it won't ship and the stores won't have them for about 2 weeks. so is it false advertising, stupidity or lack of training? always expect bullshit like this from robbers

This is coooooooooooollllll...want to have this BlackBerry Torch 9860....having cooooooooooooolll specs....nice color: BLACK....hoping to have one of this.....I'M ADDICTED TO YOU....hahahaha