BlackBerry Torch 9860 gets caught on camera once again

By Bla1ze on 8 Jul 2011 02:16 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 9860

While not quite caught on camera as many times as the BlackBerry Bold 99xx series, the BlackBerry Torch 9860 is starting to get up there -- all while still remaining a device that has yet to be made official by Research In Motion. Looking at previous posts, it's quite clear the user impressions of this device are rather mixed. Some people hate the look, while others can't wait to get their hands on it. Personally, I still prefer the BlackBerry Bold 9900 but that's just me. You can jump on past the break for two more shots of the BlackBerry Torch 9860.

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry Torch 9860

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BlackBerry Torch 9860 gets caught on camera once again


Monza = being branded as a Torch. Not sure how many more times I can say it, it's been proven time and time again.

don't apologize. you're right. it is not a torch, and it will not come out as a torch. you can't have two different phones with the same name, that makes no sense. even though it is in the same line, it is only labeled as a torch because rim either doesn't have a name for it yet or want to keep it a secrete which the latter makes the most sense to me. i still love the bb touch and don't see anything wrong with it. let's just pray it wont be called "the vault" as rumored.

Maybe they meant the two versions of the Pearl (standard candybar Pearl and then the flip version?) Though, if I remember correctly from the BlackBerry device roadmap, there are rumored to be two versions of the Curve coming out, one with a keyboard (Apollo) and one that is only touchscreen (Malibu).

1. you have 5 bolds not 4, do your homework. (9000, 9650, 9700 9780, 9900). and with the exception of the touch screen an faster processor on the final model, they're essentially all the same with adjustments to the form factor. otherwise great keyboards and tiny screens.
2. you have 3 major curves and again, do your homework. (8300, 8500, 8900, plus million variations). tiny screens and same processors, but this time they added garbage keyboards.
3. The two storms are different from one another BUT they have the same screen size, res, and same handheld dimensions so essentially what you're looking at is simply a hardware upgrade similar to the torch vs torch 4G but slightly more. if there wasn't a torch 4G, then ur argument might hold some water.

the bb touch and bb torch 4G are two completely different phones both internally and externally. one has a physical keyboard, the other does not. one has a 3.7" screen running at 800 x 480 res, the other a 3.2" screen running at 640 x 480. they are also different sizes. one has 768mb of ram and the other has 512. the only similarity they share is the 1.2ghz processor which every new BB will have except the curve and curve touch. and i assume the pearl but i doubt that will come back. oh and the 5mp cam.

so WTF are you talking about?

It's actually been rumored to be called the "Volt" and not the "Vault." Still don't think it's an appropriate name, though.

And as it's been stated below, it is definitely possible to have different phone models with the same name. The "Droid" series and the various iterations of the phone (Pro, Eris, etc.) come to mind.

yeah that might make sense but i read somewhere that the new torch will be called Torch 4G. who knows. and really who cares. lol. just bring out the phones already!

Just think of a "Torch" without a Slider, and what do you know you get *drum roll please" another "Torch", now stop hassling the Mods of this site and do some research, I got your back Bla1ze :)

Just think of a "Torch" without a Slider, and what do you know you get *drum roll please" another "Torch", now stop hassling the Mods of this site and do some research, I got your back Bla1ze :)

Lol you have the patience of a saint, Bla1ze. It's okay, eventually you won't have to explain the whole "Torch" thing, as soon as it's released.

It is a Torch, all leaks and reports are pointing toward this phone being labeled the Torch 9850/9860. BB is consolidating the names, and there will now be a Torch Slider and a Torch full-touch as in these photos.

Every 9860 article is riddled with the "that's not a Torch" comments. While nothing is official, all carrier leaks refer to this device as a Torch as well.

Consolidating the names of all the devices, think about it like this, Evo(All Touch), Evo Shift(slider), Evo 3D(All Touch 3D). All have the same branding but different versions. BB will have the Torch 9810 and Torch 9850/9860, consider the numbers on BB like "Shift" and "3D" for the Evo.

i feel this phone is too narrow. If RIM would have made it the same size at the Storm, then I might have consider it. The length makes it look narrow... And the back and sides look too cheap ehhh

It is the same width as the Storm.

Storm = 113mm tall x 62mm wide x 14mm thick
9860 = 120mm tall x 62mm wide x 11mm thick

It's the 15:9 screen ratio (as opposed to the Storm's 4:3) that makes it look narrow.

AMEN! Could not agree more...looks like a $49.00 2008 Samsung full touchscreen device you'd see collecting dust at a Best Buy LOL. and the screen IS narrow compared to average touchscreens. RIM better hope that the Bold 9900/9930 carries them into mid to late 2012 and better damn well make sure those QNX device's look like they SHOULD be 2012...not 2009 lol

I, for one, didn't want a small sized screen like the Storm/Storm 2. To accentuate the browsing experience, you needed a bigger screen. I think since RIM increased the size and made it longer rather keeping the aspect ratio, I would probably browse using landscape mode more often. Bigger, in this case, is better!

I don't understand that what RIM exactly trying to tell us with these unesthetic phones? Please RIM, you can make it! BETTER!

I swear i saw this phone on USAnetwork show SUIT last night..."when he is leaving his friends house when him and the girl where outside and he was walking away...."rachel" called him and i swear it was this last scene of the episode...

LOL Bla1ze. You are going to have to start putting something in the titles so people don't ask where is the slider. Can't wait to see how this phone works. Will be tough decision to try all touch or 99XX.

Now that you mention the narrow issue, is this phone like a no keyboard, all screen Pearl 3G?... for some reason I thought it was a large screen.

Without a suitable theme this screen (and OS) looks really, really basic in comparison to Android and iOS.

dumb question and i am sure it is on the forums.
Clarification on the 3G bands that they have listed?
my Verizon S2 only has the 3G band 1.

I like the style but i think the buttons gotta go, maybe keep the optical pad but get rid of the other buttons. also could use a little bigger screen. looking foward for these new BB phones but i think ill wait for the Qnix devices.

What's your definition of 4G? If you say LTE, then that's still a few months away before the carriers start offering it and in very limited markets -- pointless for RIM to offer something that cannot be supported in the near term. If you mean HSPA+, which I call 3G+ but some carriers are calling 4G, then I agree. BTW, I don't consider WiMAX 4G. Sorry Sprint.

This was the phone I wanted as soon as I first saw the pics. Then I saw the bold touch in action. The bold touch IS the blackberry I've been looking for! #starwars

My next phone. I like the buttons. I must be about the only one that does. As long as it drops before October. I'm so ready for an upgrade right now.

Its hard to tell from the pics but it looks like rim is sticking with the raised physical buttons, not the capacitive buttons. I'm kind of disappointed by that but still pretty sure I will be picking this one up when it is released.

I WANT THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really hope for RIM's sake they have device designers in 2012 to make the QNX device's look like somthing you'd wanna get. IMO, the Torch 9860 looks very outdated, like you'd see at Verizon in 2007-2008. At least RIM made the Bold 9900/9930 a classic, but up to date look. The Torch 9860 other than the outdated style, the screen itself looks too slim. Damn shame RIM couldn't give people better products than throw this out and hope people will come back in 2012 or 2013? for thier QNX.

The raised buttons are butfugly. Either they did no consumer research or there was a serious engineering obstacle they could not hurdle.

Damn! I can't decide between this or the 9900. I think this is RIM'S way of increasing sales, by making me purchase 2 phones.

not sure what to think on the look....RIM HAS to step up their game with other devices than the 9900 which i think will be a great phone...didn't like the 9780s....too cheap. have an original brand new bold 9000 i haven't really used since its a back up for my torch...good size screen but the phone itself is FAR behind all others in design..and lets hope OS7 can kick some just looks like the same old thing from rim, refreshed icons. fingers crossed. iPhone is looking better all the time. if you could do attachments on iphone berries are dead in the water. and of course security factors lol.

This doesn't look like a very usable phone.

The Bold, Curve, etc.. can be used in one hand due to the track pad location. Try holding this thing in one hand and use the track pad.

It's doable (I'm currently a Storm2 user): place your pinky under the phone for support; ring, middle and index finger behind the phone to stop it from falling; and use your thumb on the trackpad. And I don't even really have big hands, so I'm sure most people could use the trackpad on this phone with just one hand.

It does look a lot like the rumored Storm3 picture that was floating around last fall. Maybe RIM figure getting away from the Storm name was a good idea. Which sucks, good phone bad OS, and I'm sure had they wanted too, they could have fix the OS.

I agree dweese! Great phone (at the time), bad OS!!! RIM really needs to control OS updates so they can pass on fixes direct to users.

RIM is blaming the demise of the Storm on the name. I won't buy that they just need a name change. If the Storms had a decent OS, they would have flown. They didn't fly because RIM was slow in getting OS updates out, and carriers were even slower in making them available to consumers.

The new device should be called a Storm. That's what folks expect... a replacement of the Storm 3. With the better OS, it will fly! The name confusion we see with the existing Torch 9800, new Torch 9860, new Torch 9810 Slider? That is just foolish.

Folks understand the Bold to be a keyboard device, now with a touchscreen. Still a Bold configuration. The Torch is a slider with keyboard & touchscreen. The Storm is a pure touchscreen. The Style is a flip phone with keyboard.

Why confuse the general public that now needs to understand model numbers too just to distinguish between the new Torch 9810 and Torch 9860? Seriously!!!

Ive been looking forward the the next gen storm for awhile now and im happy that its finally coming. yes i know its not the storm series anymore :P lol. i like the fact that the buttons are actually buttons this way you cant accidentally hit them. I was under the impression that we were going to see CDMA counterparts of the 2011 BBs what ever happened to thoes?? we all know the new Bold Touch has one, 9930 but what about the rest?? Im in a CDMA only area of Canada and I would LOVE a new BB as I know the rest of my town i work at a BELL kiosk and its the only one in town so i know what everyone wants and has lol.

Really? I was sure Bell was braging how they have the largest most powerfully 3G netowrk, thanks to the partner ship they have with Telus for the HPSA+ or what ever the network is called. So how did they miss you?

I know the person that is selling them. I've made a transaction with him. He is also selling a Torch 2 and the new Curve. The units, though, have that "Not For Sale" label on them.

Umm....if anybody watches Suits on USA network, the most recent episode shows this, or some Blackberry being used. (towards the very end when the guy is walking away if you want to look it up)

Sorry, the Torch name doesn't work with this device. Torch is already a keyboard & touch screen device... like the new Bold is.

RIM should have kept the Storm name. It's far more aggressive and distinctive. Losing the Storm name would be a loss for RIM.

Whatever it will be called, I'm buying one. Carriers hold one for me!!!

It will be interesting to see if the raised buttons are "better". Some early reviewers should comment! They must have had a reason to go in this direction. I find it odd that they did. I would think raised buttons will allow for less water "resistance".