BlackBerry Torch 9860 appears in yet another new video

By Bla1ze on 11 Jul 2011 06:33 pm EDT

We got a good look at it the other day before the video was taken down but the folks over at MacBerry have now tossed up another hands-on video of the BlackBerry Torch 9860 in action. Much like the BlackBerry Bold 9900, we're reaching that point where we've seen so many videos of the device now there really isn't much else to show off or say about it until it actually gets official and released.


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BlackBerry Torch 9860 appears in yet another new video


the screen is the same shape as the playbook... why on earth didnt they keep the same resolution as the playbook then? this would have helped keep the platform homogenous....

unless its not qnx compatible....

where is the front facing camera?

Actually no but you have a point.

-The retina display of the iphone is 960-by-640. Not far from the playbook, and more than that Torch...

-Apple doubled the pixel density with the iP4, allowing developpers to run their apps in double pixel mode, which makes it dead easy to update an app. This is not the same or half resolution of PB. Almost every app needs to be tested/adapted with this new resolution, QNX or not.

-Its a rather large device.

-Whats wrong with leapfrogging the competition once in a while?

this sucks, i hate my storm 2, Im stuck at OS5, and this thing is probably not QNX compatible...

I would steer clear unless RIM confirms QNX compatibility

Considering this will be the flagship bb device specs wise, my dollah billz iz on some sort of compatibility with qnx. Maybe a stripped down version of the os for the bold touch and this bb touch, bla1ze, but definitely something. It just makes sense, u know. To me anyway. :)

Care to put some "dollah billz" on that!

My money is on This device NOT supporting QNX, in any shape of form, for all of 2012

IF I was a Storm users, I'd be jumping on this device, and not being worried about QNX, in 2 years after this device you can get a QNX phone with a huge app library, think how small the App library will be for the first QNX phone. unless the first all touch QNX phone also has gesture support, that this device certainly doesn't

Okay, here is what is stupid about this video. If you are going to compare the size to another device, take the damn case off the other device.............

agreed. the guy who shot this is nice for showing the device, but he definitely could showdefini a lot more and do some useful comparisons. on the plus side, the buttons really dont look that bad. definitely not qnx. but i am fine with that. im getting one fo sho.

The killer feature of any Blackberry is its keyboard. This appears to be a keyboard-less BB. Has RIM not learned the lesson from its previous experiments with keyboard-less phones? If I wanted a killer phone without a keyboard I'd investigate a lot of choices from Apple, HTS, Samsung etc. before I would consider RIM. Maybe it is just me ...

so you think RIM should lay back and let other companies make all the billions from full touch screen phones?

someone please explain this to me.

I am a great believer in focusing on your strength rather sucking at everything. I am a long-time Blackberry user and a Canadian living in the vicinity of RIM. It pains me to see a great company like RIM struggle so violently and so publicly. It is just an opinion, but do think that RIM's current struggles are largely due to the lack of focus. You can't come to a fast moving market like consumer phone market with a me-too device. Again, I am not expert but I don't really see how this device will stand out from the crowd. My 2 Canadian cents worth.

RIM has focused on Their Strengths with the 99XX and the 93XX lines,

They Do NEED a full touchscreen phone, just to have a full device line up, and OS7 looks much more touch friendly than OS5, even OS6 on the torch is touch freindly

We just need to hope RIM doesn't lock the keyboard so we can have some 3rd party touch keyboards since I suspect RIM's touch keyboard will suck

The only way this device stands out from the crowd is that it is a Blackberry and thus can be controlled by BES for Existing Enterprise users that NEED FIPS devices, and for family's that are BB based but have needs for a single media consumption device with BBM.

can i see a demo with the internet and most of the apps in use,apps that we will use on a day to day basis.

and im tempted on this phone if its under 600 ill pick it up, but ill have to try it our first at the store.

Wow I'm so glad he showed the options menu I was really hoping he would show the options menu as opposed to the browser and other unimportant features.

The buttons don't look as bad as I thought they did earlier... can't wait to get this. I have a Storm 1 and it's dying on me fast. A QNX phone would be nice, but since they could still be a year away, I'll grab this one to hold me over. Here's hoping the QNX phones are truly "superphones" with big 4+ inch displays, fast processors, great new UI, 8+ megapixel cam, etc etc... in which case I'll pay full price for the phone when it comes out even if this Torch is only a year old at the time.

Wow this phone sucks...small 3.7 inch screen, no front facing camera, single core processor...get with the times RIM...oh yeah, the video was trash too!

Yeah, it's not an Android. Tell us something we don't know. RIM never claimed it to be. Last time I checked, 3.7 inches was plenty screen real estate for most of the cell phone market. Although the current trend is to go larger, 3.7 inches is the point past which there tends to be less of a consensus about the cost-benefit of having such a large screen. And if you want to brag about how many cores your processor has, this is not the phone for you either. The performance of a phone depends just as much on how well the software is optimized to run on the processor as it depends on how big and powerful the processor is.

I agree that RIM does need to speed up their development cycles, but your post just wreaks of aimless consumer obsession with a spec race. You're basically complaining that the phone is everything you're not looking for in a phone. I respect your opinion, but you're wasting your time here if the above is any indication of what you're looking for.

Bla1ze I think you ment to type touch not torch eh? It's cool man cause the letter "u" and the letter "r" are mirror images of each other when you splip the keyboard. Typos happen mate, I understand.

I pray to God you're joking. It has been stated time and time again that this is in fact being branded as a TORCH, not a TOUCH. He made no mistake.

Well I was partially picking on bla1ze and partially making the point that it hasn't been officially announced as anything, therefor it could come out as BlackBerry Ruler (because of it's elongated shape) for all we know.

** I clicked the ever-so obvious "translate" button via google chrome.

This is the translation through FancyTran:

Quite flown in fresh - The BlackBerry Touch 9860 (Monza). In this little review, I introduce him. Accessories to me is not present. I have before me only the bulk version, ie the pure product.
The device itself has a touch screen. Top 2 buttons are now no more, but just a key - to lock the device. If you hold the device in the hand so you have two buttons at the bottom left (phone and BlackBerry menu button) then the navi-pad and two buttons on the right (arrow key escape and on / off button). If I count the Navipad with it are 5 front buttons. Current sensor buttons are trendy smartphone from the manufacturers. At Monza it's just a matter of taste.

Monza keyboard BlackBerry 9860
Buttons / jacks: Side (right) at the top is a 3.5mm jack for the audio headset, further followed by the volume keys Vol + / Vol - and the lower right convenience key. On the left side of the device it is the micro USB connector. It is used to charge the BlackBerry, or exploiting the micro-USB data cable to connect the device to PC / Mac.

Color: The glossy piano black frames the screen entirely. The Blackberry name and the logo are among the ear-Laustsprecher at the upper end. Laterally, the Monza a shiny metal frame. (See pictures) The back cover is adorned with the BlackBerry logo and metallic-gray in color. The camera lens and flash are located on the upper end of the device.

Equipment inside: 1x Micrco-SD card slot, 1x Simkartenschacht, just underneath the compartment for the Lithium Ion Battery 3.7v Capacity: 1230mAh, 46Wh.

NFC - is on this device does not exist. There is no menu item under the link exists. According to my information will come only when the NFC function Curve 9900 and Bold 9360th

9860 network connection without NFC

9900 network connection with NFC
Equipment specifications Monza 9860
Dimensions: Sleek, thin profile - 11.5 mm thick (120 x 62 x 11.5 mm)
Processor: Monza / GSM: n.a.
Monaco / CDMA: Qualcomm processor at 1.2 GHz
Radio: Monza / GSM: n.a
Monaco / CDMA dual-band CDMA, EV-DO Rev A, Rx Diversity, Quad-Band EDGE / UMTS single-band
Display: 3.7 "- 800 x 480 resolution, 15:9 aspect ratio, 253 dpi
Camera: 5 MP - Flash - Image Stabilization - HD Video Recording (720p)
Navigation: Capacitive Touch + BlackBerry + optical navigation button navigation system module. A comfort-key
Memory: 4 GB memory + 768 MB RAM + up to 32GB MicroSD
WiFi / GPS: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n + GPS + Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Mobile HotSpot (Mobile hotspot, and NFC is not available on this unit There is no menu available under Connection..)
Connectivity: Micro USB - Bluetooth - NFC
Sensors: magnetometer - Accelerometer - Proximity
Software: Enhanced BlackBerry SW V7.0.0.187, Open GL ES 2.0 APIs for magnetometer and Augmented Reality Applications
Monaco Monza CDMA stands for = = UMTS
Technical information to. Details e.g. of CrackBerry

Maxmimale 800px size of the images.

3Berrys - Play Book, 9700, 9860

3Berrys - Play Book, 9700, 9860
BlackBerry 9860 Front Monza

Monza 9860 side

BlackBerry Monza side

BlackBerry 9860 Monza rear

Back Monza 9860

Back + content Monza 9860
Here's a video from Monza 9860 [HD] Brief Introduction

[View mobile video]

Conclusion: A really nice device from Rim. It is very good in the hand. I'm just wondering the whole time, why Rim has been waiting so long, so bring out a model? In the meantime, Apple and Android smartphones have shaken up the market quite heavily. Personally I would rather prefer a full keyboard on the BlackBerry. Still, I like the BlackBerry 9860 very touch.

This phone is too sexy for me. I don't think my fashion + BBM loving girlfriend will have a problem upgrading to this.

I still really like BB but this phone is not nearly as nice to look at as the competition. RIM is very confused/confusing.

Just got done watching USA's "Suits" and one of the lead roles is definitely using this BlackBerry. It just has the green and red call/hang up buttons.

Forgive me if this has been answered in another thread, but does anyone know if this is coming to ATT?

Amazing how we can't see how fast the Facebook app is or how fast this shit pulls up websites...SMH. Makes you wonder if this thing really is quick. How about testing a GPS app? Gotta love how these BS videos show us CRAP. I have a GREAT idea. How about pulling the battery so we can see how long this thing takes to reboot? If it's more than a minute, they can keep this POS. It took 3 years to replace the Storm 2, so one would hope the phone reboots in less than a minute.

If you pay close attention to the Pictures and leaks lately ALL of them have the Radio's Turned off.

I think they are being very careful to not give away what carrier they are being tested on.

That's the biggest bullshit excuse I've ever heard. Since when does the carrier come up on the home screen????? Very simple. Would you like a BlackBerry customer to be impressed? Pull the fucking battery and let's see how long it takes to reboot.

Sorry RIM... No QNX = No Buy. This phone will be proclaimed DOA by the Mobile Tech community. BlackBerry deserves its whipping boy status...

Again, IMHO, it seems like there is terrible lag with respect to the orientation changing. Around the 3:20 mark it seems like he tried 2 or 3 times. Each time I counted 1...2...3 and the orientation did not change. Then finally, one time, after a 3 or 4 count, he pressed a button and that seemed to force the orientation change. WUWT!

The buttons are hideous, I really wish they would've just made them more flush to the screen. And it seems like the touchscreen isn't very responsive at times. But aside from that, this appears to be what people always wanted in the storm.

Does anyone know if any of these new devices will be 4G and will the playbook have a 4G option in the near future?

Haven't we seen this same dude with the nasty chewed-off fingernails from some earlier device video reviews? OK it's mean and petty but really - if you're going to a video closely focused on your HANDS, let those damn fingernails grow to what people consider normal length. At least this time they were clean, compared to those garage mechanic things from before. I still have nightmares about that previous review - like last year or some time.

OK rant done; off the soapbox.

It really annoys me that RIM have come down to this. I have been a loyal customer for so many years and now the only thing thats making me stay is the bbm. I am so close to switching over to a HTC phone and so are my mates... unless RIM come up with something worthy to release in this current market.


This is just "ok". It could have, and should have been better, but I guess I will buy it. Really wish it had a front facing camera. I (unlike so many others) can wait for QNX. I don't need to be on the bleeding edge of screen size, screen resolution and multi core processing, but that would have helped RIM get back some customers.

For now, I'm content with my Storm2.
THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT... Deal with it. We all chose what works for us.

PS - Yes, I have tried the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, and tested the HTC Evo for a few hours. I'm happy that after dropping my first Storm2 off my motorcycle, I ended up going to get another Storm2 after a month of testing alternative solutions (cough see above units mentioned).

First of all, I want everyone to know that i am a coverted Black Berry user. Previous device was an I-Phone. Can someone tell me why anyone would want a BB which didn't have a keyboard? That is what makes the phone kickass.