BlackBerry Torch 9860 and Curve 9380 receive end-of-life dates on TELUS

TELUS BlackBerry Torch and Curve EOL
By Michelle Haag on 22 Mar 2012 03:26 am EDT
If you had plans to buy a BlackBerry Torch 9860 or Curve 9380 from TELUS, you may want to do it sooner rather than later. A picture sent in by a CrackBerry reader indicates that these two devices will reach their end-of-life on the Canadian carrier on April 15th and 30th respectively. Both of these devices have been on TELUS less than a year, with the Torch launching last August and the Curve just last November. More than likely TELUS will continue to sell these two devices (as opposed to returning them to RIM), but when stock is depleted it won't be replenished. Bring on the BlackBerry 10 devices! Thanks for sending this in tipster! 
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BlackBerry Torch 9860 and Curve 9380 receive end-of-life dates on TELUS


yeah am not surprised the 9860 is done. as a former owner i found it completely irrelevant and useless. it was heavy, awkward to hold, battery was garbage and the earplug didn't work was just a goofy phone lol. however the 9380 is still an awesome phone and i will stand by that forever. it should've had the 1ghz processor from the 9790 and the torch2slider display, then it would've been the only alternative for a keyboardless berry. but because it's slow and the display is lame, i don't think it stood a chance here. but the size, feel, weight and battery power are excellent! just excellent. all i wish is it was faster. that's my number one complaint. i still own one and take it out every once in a while but the speed kills me cause i normally use the 9900. too bad.

I have the 9860 and to be honest it is the best phone i have ever owned. All the things you mentioned are not true at all, at least for me... The battery life gives me a day and a half easy. sometimes two. If im using wifi at home it usually only lasts a day. The 9380 is half the 9860

I disagree. I own a 9860, and I'm very impressed. It's a great alternative to the iPhone, and Droids out there.

However, for the 9860 there was an initial "bad batch" that end up freezing to bricks, as well some of the initial batches had faulty batteries that would lose charge, or not even charge.

I had one of the "bad batch" phones, and batteries.

I was replaced with a new 9860, and it works great. Plus, with the 7.1 update - that great went to awesome! ;)

The 9860 has been the BEST phone I have ever owned. It never freezes and has a very fast browser. With the 7.1 update everything has only gotten better. I now get 2 days out of my battery compaired to the 1 day with os 7.0. Its a shame this phone is discontinued

maybe i had one of the bad ones, who knows. cause i did buy it shortly after it came out. i don't's just if im gonna get a giant heavy all touch phone, i might as well get the iphone or the wpmango focus which i'm a big fan of cause it has massive screen and weighs less than half of this phone. my idea of a blackberry is super convenience, ease of use, intelligent os design and not feeling like i have a brick in my pants and feeling my way around it awkwardly like having sex for the first time lol. the 9380 is tiny and lite...and hey had a perfect opportunity to make a phone that no one has, but they missed it by making it super underpowered. Otherwise that phone is perfect. On regular use, i get almost 3 days out of it. it's crazy.

I couldn't agree more. The 9860 is a terrible device. By far the worst phone I've ever owned. The update to 7.1 did solve a few issues but not enough to bring this phone to even a moderate level of respectability. It is quite simply a horrible device.

My 9860 is not awkward to hold. It's fantastic! It's heavier than the cheap plastic Androids, but it has a metal case with chrome finish and a metal back. The weight makes it feel solid -- love it! Battery life is decent but could be better. Battery life appears better now that I've upgraded to 7.1.

When carriers are EOL-ing your devices and you don't have an updated version to replace it with... You're a failure as a device manufacturer :) EOL'd now, with the next full touch from BlackBerry probably what? 5 months? 8 including pushed back release dates (this is RIM afterall...)?

This spectacle is getting really hard to watch. It's like watching the Titanic sink. Even the carriers don't want anything to do with BlackBerrys any more.

Or more likely they see that the sales are better from the qwerty models, don't forget that these canadian carriers took every device so even if they drop those two they still have a range consisting of 9900, 9810, 9790 and 9360.

I'd like to think this points to BB10 but we all know that isn't the case. It would be a frosty day in hell for RIM to move from a late 2012 launch to a mid 2012 launch.

The all touch torch is the best phone I've ever owned. It is also the one that recieved the most comments "is that a Blackberry? I've never seen one that is all touch".

I love the tactile keyboard too, but I hope RIM will be releasing more all touch phones in the future.

I have never seen one of these phones in the wild. Everyone I know has a Bold or a Torch.

If RIM was smart they would just release 3 models going forward. A Torch, a touch screen model and a Bold. Simplify!

I bought a 9860 to prepare myself for a possible full touch screen BB10 phone and although I had to get it repaired for the "back" and "power" buttons loss of functionality, they gave me a new one and I was planning on selling it and getting the 9900, but I thought I'd give the 9860 a bit more of a chance, now I love it. And now that I'm seeing all these leaked screenshots of BB10, they all seem to be on the 9860. Perhaps I'm missing something, but is there a possibility that the BB10 os WILL work on it?


As Kevin explained: "None of the "devices" in the pdf are BlackBerry 10 phones. And just like lazy people who use google images to find pictures of things,
whoever worked at Digital Kitchen did the same thing here. For example,
one of the BlackBerry Torch 9860 images in the pdf is a photo that came
out of a device review that was posted by BB-Indonesia. So the source
photo was lazily pulled from Google, but then a "BB10 cap" was
photoshopped on."

To put that in context:

If the BB10 devices were coming this would be acceptable news, but we all know that they are not, which just shows that these devices have been considered a failure by Telus and/or RIM.

If they dropped the price I would buy a spare too. Try out an all touch for a bit. I love my Bold but it would be fun to see what it's like.

I have the Torch 9850 and I think it is a great phone.

This is not a good sign.

Edit: Maybe not so bad since someone said they have the slider version.

I have a 9860 from Telus, so far it has been my best phone ever. Can do everything I need, email, surf web and all the apps I need.

Don't get it!

I think you mean: DO GET IT!

It is also my best phone ever. I have extensively used the Torch 9810, iPhone 4, and Samsung Galaxy SII. I really like a lot of things in the Galaxy SII but it does fall short in a number of areas. The iPhone focuses on apps; it also has many strong suits.

I upgraded from an Curve 8530 to a Torch 9850. I love the phone. It feels great in the hand. The camera is fantastic. I have found that I can actually type faster with a virtual keyboard than I can with a physical one.

Just yesterday while I was paying a bill online, I had to return and e-mail and a text. It multi-tasks like a champ. As for my battery life, I usually charge it at night, and it goes through the day just fine.

My only complaint is that I am one of the only ones I know that still has a BB so I do not get to use BBM that often, and that sucks.

Seems like the big ramp up to bb10, putting the all touch devices on eol would clear up stock by September for the all touch London. Secretly i wish they would put the 9900 on eol (blasphemy... i know) because that hint at a qwerty bb10 device this year.

Damn, what's going on, first sprint eols the 9850 and now these candian phone companies eol my phones cousin (I have the 9850) why is this phone being belittled

Why would they kill the 9860 and 9380 so soon? Somehow carriers feel the only BlackBerrys worth considering are keyboard based BlackBerrys. That is just plain stupid.

I think it also says something about RIM's commitment to all-touch devices. RIM must change that!

Okay, I can understand the 9380 might be built for developing countries (less expensive, doesn't need to be super fast with slower networks), but the 9680 is still a very good device. I have one and I love it! OS could be refined a bit to avoid any lag (which does happen from time to time), but it is a very, very good device: excellent hardware, very decent features, smooth operation.

Compared to the typical premium (dual core) Android phone, the 9860 is great, but the fact that it is a BlackBerry easily makes up for any occasional lag. Don't get me wrong, the device is fast! The browser is amazingly quick and responsive, especially with 7.1. I should do a to get the results for a 7.1 browser!

With BB10, the BlackBerry London device is all-touch! That's a step in the right direction -- putting the all-touch device on par with keyboard based devices, without notching it down in status as they've done in the past. If you recall, the Bold 9900 was considered the "flagship BB7 device" with more RAM and NFC than the 9860. This was the wrong approach! How then can the 9860 compete spec-for-spec with the latest Androids or iPhones if RIM is cutting it off at the knees?

Again, BlackBerrys aren't competing against each other but similar products from other manufacturers!

Each BlackBerry device should be designed and developed to be the best it can be:

* The best keyboard experience!
* The best all-touch experience!

Until RIM changes this mindset, BlackBerry will continue to take a backseat to the competition. What is Apple selling? All-touch devices. What are the main sellers on Android? All-touch devices. What makes folks love BlackBerrys? No, it's not only the keyboard (although their keyboard is the best!), it's really what makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry!

I'll just name a few:

* Solid, reliable, secure, robust platform
* Hands down, the best push messaging system
* BBM & BBM Groups
* Keyboard shortcuts (autotext)
* Well integrated software
* The best engineered hardware

RIM has a chance to make a strong statement with London. Let's hope they do it right!

I see an LG, a Nexus and a Motorola unit in that list as well......why does this mean trouble for RIM? It's nothing more than Telus making room by tossing their lower selling units.
The bashing going on is the very reason why RIM is taking a beating.......people making something out of nothing.

Why not comment on the fact that the great powerful Nexus is in that list?.......because it's not RIM so no fun to bash?

There is only one 'issue' with the 9860. It is inelegant. RIM didn't really think the design through.
The 9380 is basically underpowered and underwhelming for a 'new' phone..

Premature EOLing is quite stupid. If people keep wanting them, then don't stop ordering them. Only do so once it drops past a threshold where revenue is less and less each month in total.