BlackBerry Torch 9860 and 9850 Images and Photo Gallery

By Adam Zeis on 3 Aug 2011 10:13 am EDT

BlackBerry Torch 9860 9850

If you're looking for a bit more BlackBerry Torch 9860/9850 we have it for you. Here are some BlackBerry Torch 9860 images and photos for your viewing pleasure. It's not much for now, but we'll add more BlackBerry Torch 9850 photos to the gallery as they come up. We have RIM's official media images so you can check out the BlackBerry Bold 9860 and 9850 from every angle in hi-res. Keep reading for more.

Research In Motion Introduces New BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and 9850 Images and Photos


BlackBerry Torch 9860 9850

BlackBerry Torch 9860 9850


BlackBerry Torch 9860 9850

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BlackBerry Torch 9860 and 9850 Images and Photo Gallery


I really don't want an all touch device (love my Torch), but this might be a good upgrade. Look forward to getting hands on with this one.

Hi @Dwain77,

Alex from RIM here. My fellow co-workers and I at RIM have had a lot of fun debating all-touch versus QWERTY – it really all comes down to preference.

As for the Torch, a QWERTY keyboard on the Torch 9810 is great for those who want a physical keyboard, while fans of an all-touch device will prefer the Torch 9850 and 9860. No matter what, you get the new BlackBerry 7 OS with faster and smoother web browsing, multi-touch capability, voice activated universal search, as well as the ability to manage and keep your personal and business life separate with BlackBerry Balance.

If you're still having trouble deciding, check out today’s posts on our Inside BlackBerry Blog about the “top things you should know” about the BlackBerry Torch 9810 ( and BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 (


Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Hi @ Alex,

Thanks for the updates you've been providing about these new devices. I believe I would be an early adopter and won't be disappointed cos these phones absolutely rock. However, I keep wondering why RIM has not introduced front facing cameras yet... These are really important and one of the very essential features you guys are missing out on... Others such as 4G, even faster (dual core processors), mobile hot-spot capabilities, etc are also important, but the exclusion of front-facing cameras is absolutely tiring. Maybe you guys are saving these features for the QNX enabled super phones... I hope they drop in the near future.

I completely agree with aj, a front facing camera would make a lot of sense when your trying to compete with other smart phones out there. For me, the main benefit would be making the video chat on my playbook actually useful. lol

Problem Alex is, if your with Sprint, you don't have the option for a physical keyboard.
Very VERY upsetting.

This is the phone we first saw pictures leak a year ago around this time. I'm just happy RIM finally decided to release it. Now I wonder if we should see a qnx picture leak soon lol.

It's a really nice looking device....Personally, as design comes first, I may want to sell my SGS2 and come back to RIM...and specs aren't bad neither.

I talked with my US Cellular rep. in Iowa and he says third to fourth week in August for release of the new Blackberry Touch. I will be pumped to see this phone using QNX. Silly, already dreaming about the next one and don't have the first in my hands.

I have been waiting since Feb. 2011.

I guess it goes without saying, RIM is admitting the Storm was a #FAIL. Good sign that they're willing to make changes, as opposed to force feeding us "suretouch"

Agreed...I have the 1st Storm and honestly, after a few month I was mad a RIM for making such a device. I so glad they woke up and put out this baby!

It's called SurePress, and that wasn't what failed on the Storm series. it was the weak processor and lack of memory. Add those to a poor web browser and automatically the masses scream complete failure. Not the case. I would welcome the option for SurePress on any touch device.

"suretouch" was a play on words, that's the reason for the quotation marks. :-) but we'll agree to disagree. surepress wasn't one of their better efforts. 1st gen was horrendous, 2nd, little better, but not my favorite.

I got the play on words, Chevalia. No hard feelings toward ya. I'm just a bothered by how much hate is unjustly directed at the Storm2. The SurePress was significantly improved from the 9530 to the 9550. Night and day.

To me, the Tour was the worst of the bunch and just because it has a physical keyboard, it seems to get a pass. There were a lot of bad models but as far as ideas go, SurePress is great in my book. So much to the point that I am STILL willing to buy the 9570/9580 (if there was a GSM model being tested). I would gladly give up my Torch for it. OS6, increased hardware specs, 5mp cam, AND an even more improved SurePress screen?

I'll take it any day of the week.

I think you would have liked SurePress more if it coincided with the OS and visuals more. If they made the virtual keys with the optional appearance of any of the various physical keyboards, it would register a more natural transition to the virtual keyboard and a familiarity that would have made it more pleasant.

I rocked my 9530 for two years before jumping to the Android boat, and to this day, SurePress is one of the things I still miss the most.

So with all these new phone out this month, will any of them take the QNX upgrade when the roll it out? Or do we have to scrap them all for a QNX unit?

Looks like a great phone....


It's a struggle but I am holding off. 3 years is a long time to live with OS7 if these phones aren't OS upgradable.

One more year with my 9700 on OS6 won't hurt tooooo much.

Interesting... a few weeks back when that video of both the 9850 & 9860 leaked.. it showed the 9860 with flat both have real buttons.

The videos were labeled wrong. The CDMA 9850 was the one with the flat all touch surface. Not that it matters anyway. This phone kicks arse.

They still have a chance if they are able to get this phone to sell well. I would be willing to give RIM another try. But they have to have gotten it right this time.

If this phone was out 6 months ago it would have been a big deal....however it wasn't and phone specs are so much better than this now.....I was hoping to get a good full touch screen blackberry but this is not it......I miss my storm lol and use it from time to time....really love the links clicked on accident .,..

Looks nice.

But they are still putting the usb port in an awkward place if you want to use it while it's connected to a PC/charger. It's right where your fingers want to be while holding it to your ear. They did the same thing on the 9800 (it's actually even a little lower on the Torch) and is one of the few things I don't like about it.

It's not a big thing, but it's one of those little aggravations that get to you after a while and could have easily been avoided with a little more diligence in ergonomic design.

This device looks really nice but I'm afraid it's late to the party. And no QNX or front facing camera??? I was hoping for something that would bring me back to BlackBerry but this ain't quite it. Nice effort from RIM though...

This device look so sleek. I'm gonna have to buy off contract, and when the QNX phone comes out, put that one on contract. Yep, that's my plan.

No button on the left side of the phone??? I use that all the time for voice dialing.

Not sure if I want to upgrade to this phone or wait for QNX next year or maybe even jump ship and check out the Palm Pre3 or a Win Phone. I have some time to decide though, my contract for my Storm2 isn't over until March.

I'll miss the SurePress, though...

I'll probably get one of these next year. But I will refer to it as the Storm3! That is, unless there's an actual Storm3 in the works; in which case, my Storm2 will have to soldier on a bit longer. :)

I was VERY excited about the 9850/60 can't wait to upgrade my 9550 & then the smack in the face came. RIM missed the mark AGAIN!!! NOT FRONT FACING CAMERA... Damn RIM WTF

I wouldnt be surprised if it was 3G on Verizon & not 4G LTE

I believe I would be an early adopter of one of these phones... still torn btw d torch 2, torch touch, & bold touch (i'm currently a torch user, and I love d convenience of d relatively large screen & slide-out physical keypad). I hope I won't be disappointed cos these phones look like they absolutely rock. However, I keep wondering why RIM has not introduced front facing cameras yet... This is a really important and one of the very essential features they keep missing out on... Others such as 4G, even faster (dual core processors), mobile hot-spot capabilities, etc are also important, but the exclusion of front-facing cameras is absolutely irritating. Maybe they're saving these features for the QNX enabled super phones... I hope they'd drop in the near future.

this phone actually looks nice. i just said i am thinking of coming back to blackberry and this could be my new device. i wish there was a front facing camera. hope it comes to at&t, research time. could this be bye bye android for me??? lol

This phone looks really nice, but why would anyone choose this touch screen device over an iphone or android phones that have hundreds of thousands of Apps while BB's don't? the other touchscreen platforms offer so much more.

Now, the Bold 9900...there is a beauty with a keyboard :)

The phone looks nice. But still lacking so much. OS7? meh. Knowing QNX is around the corner will stop me from upgrading to this, not to mention no front camera, still pretty much last year's hardware IMO.

The Playbook is already behind, these will be months behind on release. I guess there's always emerging markets that you can sell these to.

I keep reading about Peoples dissappointment with BlackBerry and their "lack of apps" and referencing how much apps are in the iStore and Android Market however, can anyone actually use that many Apps?
I have load 60 apps on my 9850 with 100+ mb remaining. From this I may use 10 regularly another 10 are apps I use less often and the rest are just wishful thinking. I would consider myself the typical user and most of the apps would never come across my eye unless there is something extra ordinary abou them.
It's just ashame that the number of apps instead of the quality would weigh heavier in a cutomers decision on the choice of platform they cose for the new phone.