BlackBerry Torch 9860 and 9850 Features and Specifications

By Adam Zeis on 3 Aug 2011 10:15 am EDT

BlackBerry Torch 9860 9850

The BlackBerry Torch 9860 has officially been announced! If you're looking for BlackBerry Torch 9860 specs you can find them all here. The BlackBerry Torch 9850 / 9860 is one awesome device packing the heat of BlackBerry 7 along with some great power under the hood. Keep reading to check out all the BlackBerry Torch 9860 features.

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BlackBerry Torch 9860 and 9850 Features and Specifications

Size (LxWxD)
120mm x 62mm x 11.5mm
Display 3.7" 253ppi high-resoultion touch display powered by Liquid Graphics Technology
BlackBerry7 OS
Battery Life

CDMA talk time: Up to 6.8 hours
CDMA standby time: up to 13.4 days
GSM talk time: 6.2 hours
GSM standby time: 11.6 days
UMTS talk time: up to 6.1 hours
UMTS standby time: up to 11.8 days
Audio playback time: up to 50.2 hours
Video playback time: up to 6.6 hours

Memory 768MB RAM memory; 4GB onboard, expandable up to 36GB via MicroSD
Camera 5MP camera, flash, continuous auto focus, image stabilization, 4x digital zoom, scene modes, 720p HD video recording
GPS Autonomous and simultaneous GPS enabled with preloaded BlackBerry Maps application
Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n enabled

Dual-Band CDMA 2000 1x EV-DO Rev A support: 800/1900 MHz
Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Single-Band UMTS support: 2100 MHz
Tri-Band UMTS/HSPA Networks: 2100/1900/850/800 MHz (UMTS Bands 1,2,5/6) and 2100/1700/900 MHz (UMTS Bands 1,4,8)

Media Video formats: .mp4, .m4a, .3gp, .m4v, .avi, .asf, .wmv
Audio formats: .mp4, .m4a, .3gp, .m4v, .avi, .asf, .wma, .mp3, .flac, .ogg, .aac, .amr, .wav, .mid, .qcp
Picture formats: .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .wbmp
Multimedia marvel Powered by the new BlackBerry® 7 OS and Liquid GraphicsTM, your photos, videos, games and apps come to life in incredible detail on the large screen.
Picture perfect
Capture life's little surprises with 720p HD video so you can relive them over and over again. Or pull off amazing photos with face detection, 4X zoom and image stabilization.
All-touch, refined
A spectacular 3.7" touch screen is the largest on a BlackBerry® smartphone yet. It boasts millions of colors for a stunning viewing experience, and provides a smooth, accurate and fast typing experience.
Next-generation software
BlackBerry® 7 is a smoother and faster BlackBerry OS, with breakthrough technologies and new apps and experiences. And with Liquid Graphics, you'll enjoy truly stunning multimedia and gaming.
BlackBerry browser
The new BlackBerry browser offers incredibly fast page load times, better web-based gaming, HTML5 video support and seamless scrolling and zooming.
Voice-activated universal search
The most powerful on-device search has gone hands-free. With speech-to-text translation, you can now look for files, email, contacts and music-and even search the web-all without typing a thing.
Augmented reality
Make life more fun with augmented reality apps like the WikiTude World Browser to learn about your surroundings in real-time.
The power to perform A 1.2GHz processor powers BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 smartphones, seamlessly integrating with BlackBerry 7 OS. So you can game, surf, socialize or watch videos with smoother multitasking and navigation.
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BlackBerry Torch 9860 and 9850 Features and Specifications


No LTE :(

(I know that was the expectation...but I was hoping for a surprise.)

I may be sticking with my storm 2 until the LTE/QNX phones show up (hopefully soon).

Really? I suppose if you can wait, then wait. I can't. I have a Storm 1 that is totally out of memory. I can't install or upgrade anymore apps, not even the latest App World. I can't upgrade any existing apps either because, with only 128 MB of RAM, there is no room! All the new apps are over 1 MB compared with 3 years ago when apps were 100-300 KB.

Personally, I hope RIM releases the new QNX superphones in May 2012, but based on past history, they may be late too.

I really think RIM needs to revisit how they announce and release new products. First look at consumer habits then market around them. Announcing new stuff in April (BlackBerry World) for a May launch is probably okay since June is graduation for most teens. However, DevCon is in September, a month past the Back-to-school shopping. That's okay if DevCon isn't used to announce new products. What about Christmas? November would be a good time to launch something new for the Christmas shoppers looking for gifts for families & teens.

It has been reported that the GSM version (AT&T, T-Mo) will NOT have physical buttons. Only the CDMA version will.

All models will have the physical buttons. Go no further than the BlackBerry website to see this for yourself.

Correction, I played with the 9860 which is the GSM version and it indeed had the physicsl buttons. Honestly it was a truly great experience and the physical buttons are a welcomed addition.

Not gonna lie, digitalhomeboy. I'm very envious. Quick question though... Did you at least have a solid escape plan with device in hand?

I'll be honest....this 9860 has drawn a little of my attention away from the 9900. Sure looks nice. Wish it had a 4" screen and it would be perfect.

no NFC, why would they release only the 9900 with NFC, (if that is the case)? why would they release one with physical raised buttons and one without. If that is the case, this company is really in trouble.

Bands 1,4, and 8 would make it a T-Mobile and/or WIND device. I would guess that both will be carrying it, especially since AT&T is only going to carry the 9810 in August.

No thanks ... after the Storm 2 piece of junk I think I am going to the IPhone 5 in October. I dont want to be stuck with another paper weight for 2 years and at least I know with the iPhone I can get apps for it. By By Blackberry you will go away just like Palm

That's not a nice comment.... I also jumped to andriod (SGS2) and, even if it's a beast of a phone, I'm missing BB but I was waiting for a good looking device as I care about design.. The 9850 looks really beautifull and I'm considering buying it whenever it will come in Europe.. Ok, maybe I will wait to see how the iPhone looks like... Just in case....I'm pissed off to constantly recharge my G2!! My Torch battery use to last forever..

Don't let him fool you. I'm starting to think that these trolls are paid by Apple to come on here and crap on all BlackBerry devices. They're scum.

BB go away like palm? i HIGHLY doubt it. YOU, however, do us all big favor and please DO go away and DONT come back. pick you up an i-tampon while youre at it. it shouldnt be too hard to go ahead and delete your cb profile before you log out of here. i wouldnt you to have a reason to come back and troll stroll once youve gotten your bite of rotten, recycled apple.

Will- Apps? I honestly think when apps are mentioned, most are referring to games. What a sad world where the expectation of a phone is to be a gaming system. Does your iPhone have full flash capability? I think not. If you want an amazing "SMART" Phone then BlackBerry is the only option. If you want a game system with a phone built in that pisses off your girlfriend thus denying you the ever important booty, then yeah, get a droid or an iPhone...I have been to the other side, not worth the move.

I'll agree with you on the Storm 1&2 both not being the best devices RIM put out hell even RIM acknowledged that, but Apple will shit on you harder when they stop support for the iPhone 5 when they release the iPhone 5S in their typical fashion. In terms of paper weight the new BB7 devices are awesome to hold, well built, and have little weight to complain about. If it's a multitude of apps you're after then sure the iPhone is great for that...that is if you want several choices of the same app that does the same thing with different names. BTW, it's "bye bye", not "by by"...clearly your bad attitude overweighed your need to spell check Apple fanboy!

Yeah I'm concerned with your math and what language you were trying to speak. "It says GB..."

The point is that the on board memory is NOT expandable. Only the SD card is expandable and that being up to 32GB.

when is this out!!!! i am a storm user because i like the bigger screen without the physical qwerty keyboard want this so bad not to fused about the 9900 any release date or predicted time of release, rumours, anything

3rd week of August for Sprint, early September for t-mobile. AT&T is looking like October. Verizon will only carry the 9900 and upcoming curve.

Anyone know if AT&T is going to carry it? I currently use the Torch 9800 as my smartphone but the Torch 9860 is definatley worthy of an upgrade for me. Looking forward to OS7 and the size increase. This may be the "End-All" of smartphones for me.....until the next one that is.

The 9860 is a sweet choice. Mind you, you will have to use a virtual keyboard which may slow you down coming from a physical keyboard especially if you have Fred Flintstone fingers like myself. The Bold 99XX has the best of the best keyboard to date, but the screen sitting at 2.8in felt a tad too small in some areas. you will however love the 3.7in screen on the 9860. Gorgeous.

I am a Storm 2 user and absolutely love my phone, cant wait to upgrade to this device. I just had a few questions I hope aren't to stupid. I am a Verizon customer so i know this is coming out soon but is this 4G?

It is labeled as 4G* meaning that it is capable of achieving significantly faster speeds than your average smartphone, however it is NOT LTE 4G.

One of the ugly looking smartphone in my recent memory. It can blow the 'droid charge' apart in that category. RIM one suggestion for you, bold 9900 is perfect and torch 9810 is okay..but don't try any other form factor, you just can't get it right.

I usually just ignore negative comments, but Really? I'm not saying RIM designed the greatest device ever, but you have to admit all touchscreen smartphones are more or less the exact same - large screen and a couple buttons at the bottom. How is this any different?

If you can't see how sleek of a design and beautiful form factor this is, then there's no hope for you.

This phone looks great. The buttons even look like the quality you can only get from a BlackBerry keyboard. The shape of the phone is indeed ergonomically designed to perfectly fit in our hands when in portrait or landscape.

I love this model.

Love this BlackBerry and it's the one I have been waiting for to replace my Torch (not putting the Torch down cause it's a great phone just never use the physical keyboard)! Can't wait for Telus to release it. As for all the people bashing BlackBerry because they are switching to iCrap, I mean iPhone, good riddance! LOL! I laugh when I am out with my friends who have iPhone's and they ask me to use my BlackBerry because their iCrap, oops again, i mean iPhone, battery has died and they can't charge it! I crack up every time! Sucks not being able to remove the battery and put in a new freshly charged one doesn't it! LOL! Ok so there are more games and apps on the iCrap, damn it I mean iPhone (not sure why i keep doing that) but if I want to play games i'll use my Playstation portable. I am yet to see a game on the iCrap (ah hell I give up it is a piece of crap!) that even comes close to a game on the PSP. In the end it comes down to personal preference and that's cool. I prefer BlackBerry. I have used others, not because I was planning to leave BlackBerry but because without trying you can not give a valid opinion. Good job RIM and don't worry many of us are keeping the faith. Just one question though, why would you use the old Facebook app on a new BlackBerry OS7 add?

It's looking like Verizon is only getting the 9900 and upcoming curve. Sprint will get the 9850 (and I'll be first in line).

Optimistically hoping that TMO gets this along with the already known about 9900...that way I could go for this bad boy...not like the 9900 would be a bad compromise

If this had a built in WiFi Hotspot, I'd be all over it. Can't have everything I guess. But it looks nice anyway.

A good start to many great devices from RIM. I know they are late in coming out with devices but the devices I've had have been reliable as I don't go overboard installing anything and everything and I remind myself that its a smartphone not a Playstation or xbox where I need to play games. I'd love to test this out but I will move to a QNX device next not the Blackberry 7. i'm happy with my 9700 for the time being.

Having said that is there a way to get rid of the apple groupies. I'm sure they asked Itunes permission before posting here but I would love to have them banned from this site.

There are people who have been turned off from bb and for those of you just don't come here anymore. I think you miss blackberry and are envious but stick to your itunes and if you want something then just jailbreak it - I mean come on that's that only way to get the device to work properly!

When the specs say 4gb on board memory does that mean I can load 4gb of apps? My tour is expandable to 16gb with an sd card but only 256mb (i think) of on board memory can be used for apps. I have to generally delete an app to add an app. 4 gb would hold a lot of apps, but I don't know if I am understanding that correctly.

No, BlackBerries store apps on the RAM... Sadly. Though it's got 768mb of RAM, and only about 300 /should/ be used by the OS, leaving just about 400mb for apps... It should be okay :)

Well on average a BB OS7 app size is around 1MB. Considering we have around 450MB available for apps, that will add up to approximately 400+ apps. I am sure that is more than enough :)

Does this one have NFC?

Also, they should've moved to QNX for OS7... That could've really brought them back.

Why the heck dos this phone have ONLY 4GB of built in memory and the others 8? Also, why did they have to make the battery door metal? Metal is a heat conductor! I bet you anything people are gonna be complaining that it get hot in their hand or while charging just like the MyTouch4G.

this phone is uuuggglllyyy!

small screem, no front camera, those buttons on the bottom look terrible.... they shouldt have made those buttons more storm2-ish.

seriously, why would anybody buy this phone? droids have bigger screens, dual-cores, 4glte, and better cameras. not to mention blackberry apps are terrible.

as a bb user, im def getting the 9930 for verizon, because its what i want, as a non-touch screen user (the combo toucj/bold keyboard looks sweet), i cant comprehend why anyone would get this ugly phone, it brings nothing to the table.

I beg to differ, I got chance to actually hold one of these and it looks much Cool :) Once you will see it, i'm sure you will also change your opinion.

hey follow my on twitter @brotherneil

i will be test driving this beauty and the torch2 & bold 9900 at #BB7FanNight!!!!


This phone looks really nice. I'm getting the 9900, but I think I can convince my wife to drop her android for the 9860. She like her Android phone, but the battery life is terrible.

Hi @Dosto,

Douglas from RIM here. I’m happy to hear you’re planning to pick up the Bold 9900. Did you know it’s the first BlackBerry smartphone (along with the Bold 9930) to deliver Near Field Communications? NFC delivers many new and exciting capabilities from reading SmartPoster tags to pairing devices – and will eventually enable mobile payments – all with a simple tap of the smartphone.

If your wife is looking for an all-touch device, she can’t go wrong with the Torch 9850 or 9860. If not, then the Torch 9810 delivers an all-touch display with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard – the best of both worlds.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, or if you just want to get a better look at all 5 new smartphones, check out our Inside BlackBerry Blog:

Douglas, RIM Social Media Team

what kind of screen is it? says millions of colors so that means amoled or superLCD right?

Wow..Verizon getting shut OUT of the 9860/9850/9810...SMH...Looks like I'm leaving to Droid or iPhone. Got to upgrade eventually. Hope Verizon carries the iPhone 5.

being a storm 2 user myself..i love the extra screen real estate u get with the full touch screen phones. altho i do prefer havin just a touch an so dint opt for the glad i this the design(slightly hopin the gsm version doesnt have physical keys..or atleast like the storm2, they're smooth) the 720p hd recording. i do hope this one has no restrictions for apps, unlike the storm2, whr it was just 256mb.

ps. for all u iphone lovers on a few things for u...

1. u got the iphone...yay...but i'm still waitin on u guys havin replaceable batteries/memory cards...atleast with my bb..i can add a 16gb card...when it gets full add another 16gb when tht gets full add another if ever i do need so many..but guess wht tht means unlimited storage...

2. atleast with bb..they can target a range of groups, not only budget-wise...but also in the manner of those that like slider phones(torch1/2), those that like full touch screen phones(storm/torch9850/60, those that like keyboard phones(bold9900, curve 9930), and those that like the clam-shell design(style) many different designs do the iPhone have?...ummm one...yea u may say it works..but then again...not everyone fits in a mini do they?

3. when it comes to apps..wait for qnx...not only is the app market set to change with the new os7 phones..but with qnx..they've also got android app portability..which will actually work as tho a second operating system is running on the same if by apps ur just judgin the gaming experience..then u lack using ur phone for max efficiency...

4.u can try to get iMessenger, or whats app or any of tht...but it aint BBM,,,,an we would like to relax in our with bbm6..cant wait to see how the interaction works with the apps...gonna be a whole new level of social networking
ps augmented reality with BBM...just genius..good job RIM

5.and lastly if u havent noticed atleast,(altho RIM took a whole lotta time to get the phones out)...atleast they got their consumer in mind an they releasin different models to cater to all ages/budgets/and styles..unlike iphone...whr the customer just shells out (sh#t) loadsa money to buy somethin tht gets outdated within a couple of months..whoopsie doo...

sowie i dint start this to sound like a rant...but ive had it to here..with all these iFans tryin to get on the bb sh&t=wagon an trop their iCrap at us...the apple's gone rotten and Its time to go black if u havent yet....blackberry still has juice to go tht extra mile an they not just tryin to squeeze every last penny from charging us blindly....iThis...iThat...iWhat?!!!

good job RIM...Good job high five my fellow BMMers..

ps. i cant wait to see how the new bbm6 an os7 interact..gonna be epic...

I was really hoping that RIM went with the button-less design. I think the buttons look horrible. It would have looked so much more streamlined with capacitive buttons and the track pad. I could have sworn i saw a video with the button-less version.

From what I have been reading the apps go into the available app storage space but the add on files would go into the 4GB internal memory space. For example the 3D Rollercoster app takes about 2+MB of internal app storage and something like 200-300MB of add on files that get put on the 4GB storage partition. I would have like to see it have 8GB of storage space and cost saving is always key but sometimes that isn't a justifiable cost reduction.

I believe I would be an early adopter of one of these phones... still torn btw d torch 2, torch touch, & bold touch (i'm currently a torch user, and I love d convenience of d relatively large screen & slide-out physical keypad). I hope I won't be disappointed cos these phones look like they absolutely rock. However, I keep wondering why RIM has not introduced front facing cameras yet... This is a really important and one of the very essential features they keep missing out on... Others such as 4G, even faster (dual core processors), mobile hot-spot capabilities, etc are also important, but the exclusion of front-facing cameras is absolutely irritating. Maybe they're saving these features for the QNX enabled super phones... I hope they'd drop in the near future.

Anybody know what kind of touch screen these are? I have a Storm 1 and I'm used to the touch/click interface and would hope they keep that going; that's what makes BB touch screens different and in my opinion better.

ive had many work bbs but my first personal bb was the storm 1 and i honestly loved that phone and i still have it around just in case. i now have a bold 9650, got it on release date, and i love it but i miss the extra screen real estate soo much. Im very excited for this phone and the specs are exactly what i would like to see and more. can't wait for vzw to get it.

is this phone also gonna have ONLY 188.9MB of App memory like the 9900? Another turnoff is the fact that they put ONLY 4GB of internal memory.

no one has mentioned if the hotspot feature made it into the OS7 operating system. Does anyone know if the new blackberry phone will have this feature even if it is hidden by carrier request?