BlackBerry Torch 9850 now available online from Verizon

By Adam Zeis on 8 Sep 2011 12:33 pm EDT

Verizon BlackBerry Torch 9850

*Update - Getting reports that Verizon stores are getting the Torch 9850 in store on display and for sale. So whether online or in retail store, if you've been waiting for this one, go grab it! *

As announced just a few days ago, the BlackBerry Torch 9850 is now available for purchase online from Verizon. You can grab it for $199 with a 2-year contract or for $499 sans-contract. The Torch 9850 features a 1.2GHz processor, full touchscreen, 5MP, HD video recording and more. Those of you wanting to grab one in stores will have to wait a few more days. Hit the link below for more.

Check out the BlackBerry Torch 9850 at Verizon

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BlackBerry Torch 9850 now available online from Verizon


I was one of those people who waited until midnight to order this phone only to find that although i was eligible for an "UPGRADE", this phone would still cost me $199, i know this is the 2yr contract price which is fine but i was expecting a discount on the price due to my "UPGRADE" eligibility so i decided to wait until the morning and call them. I spoke to a very nice lady named Anita and i explained to her that It makes no sense for me to pay $199 for this phone for a so called upgrade, and that Sprint actually has it for $150.00. She placed me on hold for a approx 10 min came back and told me she had great news that they value me as a customer and they would price match it only because I wasn't currently on a contract anymore and have been with VZW for over 8yrs. So i wind up paying $150.00 for the phone and got them to throw in a month free credit on my on bill.
All to keep me as a customer...
Shout out to Anita from VZW....Thanks
PS:Should have it 2mmrw, can't wait

can you type on portrait mode with 2 letters in one block...i havent seen anyone posting a image on that mode.
Everyone seems to love the landscape mode( which is personal for every individual)..but after using storm 2 for almost 18months i find myself leaning towards portait more.
since you have on you can pls send me some pics on

Does it have the option of surepress .
Cheers and thanks

Yeah. There are 3 settings to type in portrait mode..
1. Qwerty
2. SureType
3. T9 mode
I've sent you an email with the pictures :)

Yeah. There are 3 settings to type in portrait mode..
1. Qwerty
2. SureType
3. T9 mode
I've sent you an email with the pictures :)

i held onto my New-Every-Two and got an extra $50 off the price bringing it down to $149 this morning.
when i called Verizon this morning to order it they told me it would cost an additional $12.95 for next day shipping. however, if i placed the identical order online Next Day Shipping was FREE!

the device should be here tomorrow by 3pm - just in time for my next business trip next week!

I still can't make up my mind between this or the Droid Bionic. I'm not fond of paying $200 for a Storm replacement. As it is I've been screwed each time. The Storm2 never had an upgrade path from OS5, so I've never seen OS6. Now, if I get this... it's on OS7 and no upgrade path to QNX. That means I have to purchase two phones to get to QNX. I can't hold out anymore.. the lack of updates to the Storm2 and the slow crawl of this phone is making want a flip phone from the 90s just so I can use a phone!

If I go Android (and I wanted the Samsung S II - Verizon isn't going to carry it though), then at least I can get updates as they come up without having to get a new phone again.

BB cost of ownership is *very* high.

Hahaha, you're pretty naive if you think situation with carrier Android updates is better than the situation with BB updates. Android is legendary for its piss poor (to put it mildly) updates, it's because carriers and manufacturers control it and they are not interested in getting you an update, they'd rather sell you a new device instead. Go get an Android then and enjoy year long fruitless wait wait wait for your updates... that actually never come, hehe :P

lol im at work so not what you are thing about (unfortunatly)! But i have my Torch Touch all set up and it is awesome!!!

I can't walk into a Verizon store, pull the battery and see how long this thing takes to reboot. Then I'm going to load this bad boy up with 25 apps (if they let me) so I can see how it functions. My Storm 2 burps up daily trying to work with the apps it has now. Let's see if OS 7 can hang.

I'm going to see how good this phone REALLY is. If it's not, I'm jumping ship to the iPhone 5 when it arrives.

I had both Storms...and I can tell you that os7 is a beauty. I currently have the 9930 now...couldn't resist the way it looked and now that I have it the feel is outstanding..but you will like the new Storm...the QNX phones won't be out for awhile but the decision is your..personally I don't see how people have phones and not have blackberry's..but that's just me :0)

How many apps do you have on your 9930. How long does your phone take to reboot once you remove the battery. That's what interests me. If this phone is to compete with Droids and the iPhone, I want to see dramatic improvement in reboot time and OS functionality with at least a 20 apps installed.

Is it just me, or is the Verizon battery door butt ugly and completely throwing off the look of the device?

Ordered it first thing this morning. Free overnight shipping. Can't wait for tomorrow.

As for the question about about reboot time with multiple apps installed: On my Bold 9930 I have about 15 apps installed and reboot time is less than one minute. The best part is I don't have to reboot it except when I upload or delete an app. No daily reboots have been necessary like it was with my Storm2 (which I had done by QuickPull at 4:00 am so that didn't matter anyway).

BBs have to be rebooted every time you install an app? I can somewhat see when you have to remove an app, but installing one? That's so very Windows XP!

Well I just installed Angry Farm on my brand new Torch 9860 and I did NOT have to reboot. So relax, this is just anti-RIM trolling, or maybe the guy was updating some critical system/OS related apps, which is rare... or smth like that.

Thank you. For a second there I thought I had traveled into a parallel universe run by Bill Gates and Windows XP. I got very scared very fast...figured a BSOD was next :).

Finally. Ill be heading to the verizon store in a few days to get mine. Just waiting for my Droid Incredible to sell on ebay.

Cannot wait to go back to BB though, was a prior storm user myself.

You will not be disappointed, the phone is great. I had the Storm2 and the Torch is night and day. Quick, screen resolution is fantastic, great sound and very intuitive controls. Only drawback right now is lack of apps for BB7 which that is changing daily. I hope you enjoy!

I really want this phone but I'm torn between getting it or waiting to see what the release date is going to be for the "Colt" or whatever they may officially name it. I''ll be pissed if I pick up this phone up just to find that the Colt will be released later this year or early next year.

Any opinions?

i am in the same boat...but after some thought i think iam going to go for this QNX 1st gen phone might not have all the things we take for granted...and again i ve had storm for a year and a haf and iam eleigible for an upgrade might as well enjoy os 7 for another year of 15 montrhs and see where we are withQN then.

My issue is that is offering it for $119 with extension of the 2 year contract...and the irony is that verizon still has storm2 for 199$ with contract whereas i got for free when i went with
the data and call plans remain the same.
Is there any catch on going with
Pls advice anyone

I haven't purchased from Wirefly before, but looking at the "deal" for a contract renewal / upgrade it says it's $119 "includes instant discount with a Verizon Wireless contract extension and select service plans"

Now, I'm still getting my $100 credit for upgrading (which Verizon has done away with but we should be grandfathered in for our last time)... making it only a $99 purchase from Verizon.

So... be careful, and check with Verizon to see what your cost is going to be before going elsewhere would be my suggestion.

Now.. on the Motorola Bionic, if I can get that for $249 and still get my $100 from Verizon... hmm.

I received my Torch yesterday, Wow what a phone compared to my Storm2. If it wasn't for the lack of apps my wife would dump her iPhone for one, her words not mine! I find it hard to believe that so many people are beating up on the Torch; it is fast, screen resolution is superb and it just works! Granted there is a lack of apps right now for BB7 but that will improve. If the new QNX phones are going to be better than this and run Android apps, they will do very well in my opinion.

My issue is that I can purchase the phone, but I can't see it and hold it in my hands yet. Maybe I'll be sold on it when I can... or maybe it will be too close to another phone launch and I'll by pass.

8 apps loaded and the phone took 3:13 to load up. Stick another dozen apps and I would wager it takes 10 minutes to start up. POS OS like the previous model. Give it a few weeks and watch it lag.

Personally I don't care about Android support. (I realize I may be in the minority on that one.) It doesn't factor into my decision to purchase. What I am more concerned about is that this phone is possibly a stop gap until the QNX phones are ready to ship. Kind of like what the so called Storm 3 was before it got scrapped. (I had the Storm and currently have the Storm 2.)

I like the 9850 and I am interested in getting it. I'm due for a "free upgrade" from Verizon I just wish I felt a little confident (and had more info on the QNX launch.) that I'm not going to regret it come Christmas time or early next year.

Stupid Verizon in Michigan had typos and I did not get the thing when I could have. They had it for $129.99 for a few hours and that is before my new every 2. damn damn damn damn!!!! actually went back to that store instead of the second store that told me of the price memo that was sent out that day and got it for the low price of $129.99-$30=$99.99 from verizon directly. I do not have to wait for a rebate or nothing and my old Tour is now unlocked thanks to, now I'll sell it online and make a lot of my new phones price back.

If any of you Crackberrys are military affiliated and have access to, you can order BB's through their system. It's called Mobile Center, I ordered my 9850 and it was $119 at check out. I almost bought the 9930 a few weeks ago, it's $139 at check out. These prices are not with mail in rebate, that's the price you pay when you are ready for check out.

Hey guys, I have this BB 9850 on Sprint. I just wanna know if there's a visual voicemail icon and if that works. Also, which exact version is installed on the phone? On the sprint one is and which version for vvm on the app management. Thanks in advance.

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Went into Verizon and tried the Torch. All I can say is LMAO. Great phone. Fast thru the apps, BUT The Torch I will PASS on.

As I expected, this POS OS 7 came loaded with 8 apps. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Mess. BBM, Windows Mess., Maps, and some other app. Once I updated all the apps at the store, it was time to reboot....3 minutes 13 seconds. Give me a break! That's 8 apps. Imagine if you try to fit 25 apps on that thing? The reboot time would be 8 minutes least!

I didn't stick around to download 20 apps and reboot. I left that store after a few minutes of playing with the phone. If my Storm 2 didn't have 66% of the apps it currently has on it, the thing wouldn't hourglass either. I would wager my left foot that the Torch would seize up with that many apps running. It's the same POS OS like the 6. The processor is better, but the thing isn't what it's made out to be.

Why would I choose that over an iPhone? Unless you're typing a million emails a day where you're sending proposals etc, I don't get what this new BB do that's so fantastic? NOTHING from where I stand. Great! They finally got into the ballpark with Droid and iPhone. Now I have to marry this for 2 years? Uh, NO! And I'm not paying an extra couple hundred bucks to get a lousy 1 year contract for a phone that's already outdated OS which will be replaced by QNX in 2012 and STOMPED by iPhone 5 next month.