BlackBerry Torch 9850 (Monaco) device simulator leaked!

By Bla1ze on 14 Jun 2011 07:57 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 9850

If you fancy playing around with a BlackBerry Torch 9850 we have bad news -- you can't as of yet. But, you can now grab the device simulator and get as close as possible to the real thing for now. Given that this is a brand new device, meaning it's not from the Bold, Curve or even really the Torch series as we know it -- there is sure to be some surprises within the simulator. Most notably, the new keyboard layout is something to be on the look out for.

Since everyone always asks "What is this for?" when we post this kind of stuff -- it's a device simulator for BlackBerry developers to test their apps on. If you're not a developer or just generally have no interest in playing with a device you can't yet physically touch -- this isn't for you. Cool? Alright then, hit the links below to grab the install file.

Source: N4BB

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BlackBerry Torch 9850 (Monaco) device simulator leaked!


Agreed 100% if they actually call it a Torch... How can you have 2 different form factors called the same thing? Torch with and without keyboard? That's like having a netbook and a tablet and calling them both laptops. Foolish people. Kevin brought up the Bold Touch going back to numbers, makes no sense either for such an anticipated device whose qualifying factor is that it is "touch". Call it the bold touch for christ's sake. Go bruins.

well it doesn't make sense to call it the bold touch cause it's not a bold. if anything they should have called it the torch touch but that's just goofy. honestly i would abolish the awful torch and call this the torch 2 but i doubt people would dig that. one thing i truly don't understand is why this phone is 98xx anything? it's not a torch. once this comes out, the torch will be reduced to a "curve" like line and this will be the new torch. i personally love the name "blackberry touch" but i seriously doubt it will be launched as that. let's hope it's not the Volt as rumored, lol. oh and, Go Canucks! Bruins...please..come on bud, like really? i mean really?? Honestly...

I doubt the name will "confuse" any adults who actually use their brains. The name won't affect the performance of the device.

Probably a very accurate simulator of how the actual device performs... ;) The performance of the simulators is usually a little rough though.

if this simulator is accurate of how the device performs, then I'll get a Droid. It crashed and now I can't use it anymore. If I am to pay $200 for a BB, it better work. I was looking forward to getting the Bold 9930 but since that one's running the same OS, I am seriously reconsidering it. who would want a paper weight anyway?

how exactly do you use the simulators? because I have the 9900 simulator and 9800 and the only time I can use it is with theme builder.. -__-

You run them and they will open a window with a virtual version of the device. You can do almost everything with it, which is good for developers to test apps and themes.

If you're on Vista or 7, just type 9900 on the start menu and you should see the simulator launcher.

Thank you, it worked! I might have to re-download both of theme though (and eventually download this one) because my other 2 won't let me do anything, but thanks again.

why are all these simulators sluggish and slow? doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a simulator in the first place?. i guess i should be happy as this one actually works whereas the 9900 didn't.

plus bla1ze giving attitude on a tuesday. damn. i don't wanna be around for friday lol. :p

We developers need this devices for testing our code. Of course real devices are better, but we dont have a device with the same screen resolution.

I hope developers find this helpful and more apps are developed for BlackBerrys. RIM has been very clumsy with its' efforts to attract the consumer market. My biggest gripe is the lack of quality inexpensive apps made for RIM devices. I hope things change soon in this regard.

Of course it has bugs. It's a leak of a beta. And betas are designed for the purpose of flushing out bugs. The software level is probably way off from what will be in the final released phone. And no doubt the device will appear differently to the current image.

Most stuff seems to work, except the browser.

And at a guess the memory settings are incorrect.

The fact this has leaked is more interesting than the sim itself. This is the second consecutive time sims have been available prior to a device launch. In the past regular developers had to wait till post launch to get access to sims.

it crashed twice on me already...I am looking forward to the Bold 9930 but if it crashes like this one... really don't need another slow Blackberry, I already have a Curve 8330.

i just noticed something: the simulator has touch buttons for answer/end, menu and back functions and also the answer/end keys are colored green/red. But if you do a google search for torch 9850 the resulting images have actual buttons and no color. on a video on youtube, the same device has touch buttons and no colored keys... I wonder what's going on? is this a real device or a RIM phantasm ...