BlackBerry Torch 9850 headed to Verizon

By Adam Zeis on 24 Aug 2011 11:45 am EDT

BlackBerry Torch 9850 Verizon

While we didn't really hear too much on the BlackBerry Bold 9930 before it made its way to Verizon, it managed to sneak out in the US in just a matter of days. Next on the list, some Verizon customers are hoping to see the BlackBerry Torch 9850 land on Big Red sometime in the near future. According to this poster seen in a Verizon Wireless retail store, that vision may soon be a reality. We haven't heard much at all about the Torch 9850 coming to Verizon, but this image just might spark the rumor mill. We'll see what other details we can find out, but for those of you waiting on the Torch 9850 -- just hang in there a bit longer.

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BlackBerry Torch 9850 headed to Verizon


It kind of does . . . AND it doesn't have raised buttons on the bottom.

But I wouldn't read too much into that. Its likely a disconnect between VZW marketing departments and hardware people.

I need this phone ASAP.

IF VZW did get them to make a custom, button-less unit, it'd probably also have the GPS disabled except for VZW Navigator and have no wifi.
...not that Big Red has a track record.

I like what I've seen of this device, but I don't think it will take the place of my 9930. Love it too much.

anyone notice that the buttons are NOT raised on that one? old image? or different version?

pretty sure the 9850 show in a video with VZ branding HAD the buttons.

Come on already...been waiting since the first mention of a storm3.....lets go just tell us when...ahh..ehm I mean ah that looks nice I might check it out.

What a tease. Don't post this until there is confirmation from Verizon. This pic was tweeted a few days ago and posted in the forums. Thanks for getting my hopes up.

Adam, sorry to nitpick here, but your fifth word needs to be "hear" not "here."

Otherwise, I'm glad to see this possibly land on Big Red. Dying to try out some new phones as I'm ready to throw my Storm 2 through the wall.

another tidbit... if you search on VZW for "Torch" it pulls up blackberry products (like the 9930 and Tour)... hmmmmm

if you take a closer look at the 9330 Certified Pre-Owned model listed on their site when searching for Blackberry - its listed in 2 different colors in one box. Black and Fuchsia

perhaps they are considering this as the missing "eighth" entry?

I can't wait! I'm so excited about this that I'm about to piss my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this since last Thanksgiving!

I dont think that is the torch 9850 cause it doesn't have the separated buttons at the bottom like in other pictures. I think it could be the upcoming curve touch.

But it does look like it has the same length as the Torch. Looks to be longer than the Curve is purported to be, which feel will be just like the Storm.

It definitely looks like the Torch's form factor. It would be interesting though if Bid Red actually got RIM to remove the buttons. Which could explain the delay.....but who knows. Its most likely mix up with some of the older pics without the buttons.

All I know is that I need this phone ASAP to replace my Storm2! Lets got Verizon, hurry it up!!!!

What a tease! I saw this headline come up on the browser on my 9530 but because I didn't have all day I went to the computer to check it out (hint, hint). I appreciate the need to keep the buzz going but this is underwhelming.

WOW! That looks great! I hope this Verizon Torch comes to see the light of day very soon! I wanted one back when i saw the ads for it on AT&T (yuck! Did AT&T for years and NOT going back), but I went Android instead because I didn't want a physical keyboard hogging up my screen real estate anymore. I got tired of the tiny screen on the Tour.

I would come back to BB for this handset (especially if it was LTE-capable), lol.

why is it called a Torch when its the next Storm? I want Verizon to get the real Torch 9810

If you read the poster, it says "Blackberry Torch" underneath it, so I don't think it's the upcoming curve. Like most everyone has said, it's probably just an old picture. Doesn't matter to me's FINALLY coming! Wooo! Party hat is on! = )

BlackBerry has just announced that US Cellular will be carrying the 9850! I checked out the link and the buttons are physical on their version.

Here's the link to US Cellular's 9850 page:

Edit: I shortened the link!

To reiterate what amg5281 said...I talked with a VZW rep as she was letting me play with her work 9930...I asked about the 9930 they told me they didn't have it at first then she showed me hers...which was nice. But in the convo she mentioned a new Torch coming September 1st.

Take it for what it's worth...

Same here!.. I got my 9930 ordered on the 16th (so I have till the 29th to return it?..) & does anyone know if I have to do a shipped return or store return?.. :(
I can't wait to get this 9850!!! & please VZW if you somehow attempted to get a button-less Torch then WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really do love the 9930, but I had the storm1 & storm 2 and liked the size, full touch screen etc. So I am hitting up a Sprint store tomorrow to test out the Torch there and then decide. The big risk for me is losing my unlimited data plan. I know it will happen eventually with Verizon (nothing is forever) but perhaps I can get CS to make a small exception for me given my long standing business and significant monthly donation.

We'll know right around the 30th so we will have less than a day to make a decision to switch. I really am trying hard to not want that lovely piece of machinery esp the gorgeous screen. Ill trade my 9930's NFC for the 9850's autofocus camera anyday but I'm wondering if I'm going to get screwed with a 2x $35 restocking fee becuase I bought 2 charge pods (office and home :D) to go along with my 9930. Anyone have experience with Verizon in a similar situation?

I spoke with a very helpful VZW CSR last night about returning my 9930 and what to do since the 9850 hasn't been announced yet. He let me know that if you are currently on an unlimited data plan (which I am) you can cancel your data plan and will have 14 days to reactivate it back to an unlimited data plan. I always caution folks to reconfirm anything they read online and get notes put on your account.

He also suggested that I could do a store return on the 29th (he would notate my account) which would give me until 9/12 to make the call and not lose my unlimited forever.

I guess I will be taking that plunge but I have my stuff ready to be boxed up for tomorrow just in case.

Perfect timing ! Much like others my company was figuring out options when we did not hear of a (global phone) to replace current BB storm. We are about to move from Verizon to AT&T - so hope we get a confirmation soon.

So you are saying that you actually saw the 9850 in a Verizon store? Please elaborate here ... The wait is killing us !

If you somehow worked to get a button-less Torch due to the fact that you're the original "touchscreen" BlackBerry carrier.. Then WOW!.. I will literally internally combust & die hahaha :) :) :)
& does anyone know if they can help me?.. I got the 9930 ordered on the 16th so when is my 14 days?.. The 29th or the 28th? (& by shipment or store return?...) Thanks for any help!..

If you ordered online or over the phone, your return date is going to be the 30th. Meaning as long as on the 30th the phone leaves your possession and is pick-up by the courier (FEDEX or UPS) and you call VZW and give them the tracking number, you're in the clear. If you purchased in the store you can return also by the 30th (close of business for that particular local "corporate" VZW retail store) NOT an authorized retail I need to meantion.

RIM--Doing the Damn Thang!

this is appetizing! i am in to big screens. what happens to the apps you buy in OS7? if you go to a QNX device next year?

Dear T-Mobile,
You really need to jump in this action and get the Torch 9860! Everyone else is making a move (even the company who is going to buy us out) as we sit and wait for something to happen, what's up?! Get the lard out of your butt and LET'S GO!!!!!!!

lady at the verizon booth said they (RIM) are releasing two devices the bold and a touch device i can only assume thats the torch. she said it will be soon. And that was maybe 2 weeks ago so i think next month well be seeing the torch roll out

Ive been with the storm for some time now. started off with the first storm loved it till it had problems but stuck with it then upgraded to the storm2 and i still have it its a good phone but its time to upgrade i just walked into a sprint store cuz they have both the bold and torch on display played with both phones for an hour and i cant wait to get it but the reason i had the storm was cuz my thumbs are a bit wide so it was uncomfortable for me to type with a physical keyboard but now the new bold is out and i love the way it looks and feels so now im in a dilemma should i get the bold or stick with the full touch me guys

I have the 9930 and previously owned a 9650, 9550, and 9530 in that order. I'm a big dude too and I think the greatness of the 9930 keyboard makes gives the 9930 a slight advantage over the 9850's full size touch screen. However, they are both very comfortable to use. For me its going to come down to other factors such as the screen size and whether the larger display will hinder the performance of the torch touch. Either way its an exciting time to be a blackberry fan!

I just got back from a vacation in Canada and definitely made time to head to a Wireless store before the new models arrive at our VZW showrooms. The 9900/30 had a great keyboard as far as that goes but the screen is still tiny in smartphone terms. The 9850/60 is just awesome. Great size. Perfect for your pocket (no gigantor Droid Incredible here, thankfully) and so light weight. The thing just fits in your hand and the back is slightly rubberized for great grip (similar to my PlayBook). The 9900/30 is a very nice Bold 9000. The 9850/60 is something special. If you've loved the Storm as much as many of us have then there is absolutely no comparison between the two new products. The 9900/30 is somewhat anachronistic frankly, a throwback for BlackBerry diehards (and other old people scared of touchscreens) in a a world clearly going towards an all touchscreen future. Why anyone would give up screen space for browsing and reading emails in favor of a keyboard and tiny screen where the web appears in 2 pt font and requires constant scrolling and zooming is beyond me. I used to own a 9000, no interest in going back to that waste of time. Especially when you can still use RIM's amazing SureType which makes typing on my 9530 WAY faster than on my 9000.

I for one can't wait for the 9850 to arrive. Us Storm fans have gotten short shrift for years, even from the CrackBerry elite who deride the device as a big "gimmick", but this phone will hopefully finally shut them up.

Wait it out. It's worth it bro.

All the talk about the extra spots when you do a search... If you click on the Iphone and such it does the same thing. I think Verizon's site is retarded when it comes to calculating items... or it may just as well be that it's counting the different color selections as different phones but only using 1 picture.

yessssssssss!!! i can't wait. i was gonna switch to at&t but this gives me hope that i can now get the torch 9850 with verizon. i have the storm 2. neeeeeed an upgrade ASAP!

Remember the chart that was posted here a few weeks ago announcing the "poosible" release dates of all the BB's for all the carriers??
well if you remember it said Sept 1st for this phone on VZW!!!!!
EVERY date on it has been pretty accurate if not spot on!!!
so that would mean 4 days til i come home to Blackberry...and good bye DROID!!!!!

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

I hope it's coming to VZW I still have the original Storm and I don't want to move to a smaller screen. The 9930 looks great but I love that big screen, come on Verizon!!!