BlackBerry Torch 9850, Curve 9350 appear on US Cellular rebate flyer

U.S. Cellular
By Bla1ze on 11 Jul 2011 11:48 am EDT

U.S. Cellular is gearing up for the release of the BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Curve 9350. Both devices have no appeared on their mail-in rebate forms. Beyond them appearing there though -- not much other information can be found within the forums. The rebate is good from July 15 to November 20, so a launch of these two devices could happen any time between now and then. Maybe RIM will make their official announcement the day they hit store shelves, that would be a change. Thanks, everyone who sent this in!

Source: Howard Forums



What the HELL happened to the BOLD 9930 ? The need to drop the Curve 9350, and just carry the Torch 9850 and the BOLD 9930.

They are screwing sooo many customers out of a truly amazing device. SMDH ! ! !


Or.......they could just add the 9930. I don't think they should remove the Curve. It's a much improved, very sleek, and yet inexpensive model.


This is great news! I wish we could get some news or rumors about the 9930 though. Another thing to remember, the current rebate form shoes the Style but it never made it through testing. I hope these new devices fare better.


Great news. I was told they were going to carry the "Torch" aka Monaco a couple months ago but it's good to see it in writing. I would probably prefer the Bold, but this does peek my interest.


Does anyone know if U.S. Cellular will offer the rebate if you buy the Blackberry at full price?


No. The rebate is a reward for essentially renewing your contract.