BlackBerry Torch 9850 coming to Sprint August 21st

By Michelle Haag on 10 Aug 2011 06:12 pm EDT
Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9930

Well lookie here! More Sprint BlackBerry goodness! Sprint announced the BlackBerry Torch 9850 last week, but didn't reveal the date it would be available for purchase, stating simply they would be available "this fall". We've been saying for awhile now that August 21st would be the date for both the 9850 and the Bold 9930,and now that's been confirmed through the Sprint Playbook as well as the price which is listed at $449 outright or just $149 on a two year plan after instant and MIR. Sweet! Who's getting this one?!

Thanks Phil!

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BlackBerry Torch 9850 coming to Sprint August 21st


tried out the phone today...definitely missing the main ingredient of a BB: the stunning keyboard.

Good stuff. Although I'm not with Sprint, that's a good price. Too bad us Canadians have to pay top dollar and sign our lives away for 3 years just to get a decent phone price. We have to pay $450 JUST TO GET IT ON A 2-YEAR CONTRACT. Pure B/S, and we just take it....

EDIT: Just check Rogers, Telus or Bell and their 2-year contract B/S, you either have to have a 3-year contract or just buy the device...

Can't believe I'm saying this but....God Bless America.

I'm not sure how much they'll charge for it, but I'm guessing the same $30 they currently charge if you want tethering between your current BB and a Playbook (over Bluetooth). Let's hope they leave it at that price allow tethering to computers, etc. and continue allowing unlimited data...

9860 is HSPA+(pure GSM), 9850 is CDMA+GSM variant which means a world phone and will work in 3G mode only but not HSPA+(faux 4G)

Ahh come on ATT what the eff are thinking !!!!! You are still not going to sell many 9810 torches just fyi eh!!

I feel like sprinting on the 21st dammit!!

OH LORD!!!!! lol, Sprint customers have lots to be happy about nowadays. T-mo needs to announce a white 9900 to make me forget the fact that Sprint beating them to the punch (despite T-Mo being the 1st U.S. carrier to commit to eventually selling the 9900)

I'm snagging the Bold 9930, but will pick up 4 of these for the rest of my fam for early xmas presents! Awesome.

hahah, im only getting them early b/c the rest of my fam is due for an upgrade and they dont like their droids anymore! I tried to get them on BB's for the last 2 years but they refused until they saw the new torches headed to Sprint!

For some reason I think this phone will out sell the new Touch Bold.

Waiting to see if USCC announces anything.

I shot them an email, but they will probably blow me off..


The Bold 9000 being a GSM exclusive model left many CDMA customers salivating for the sweetness (BOLD design). That crave might give the Bold Touch the edge. Lets see what happens!

Sprint pushes Droids so hard that I feel they will market this phone much more than the 9930 do to the full touchscreen form factor. So you might be onto something.....

Awesome good job sprint. i left to AT&T for the torch and i have been very happy with my plan and service but if you think i am gonna wait till nov for this ur nuts. Hello sprint i am back ill be ready at your sprint store before it opens on the 21st

I have never been a Sprint customer, but if AT&T doesn't announce a release date soon for their BB 7 devices, I very well may become a Sprint customer on the 21st!

I've always wanted a full touch screen Blackberry but gave up waiting and jumped to Android. Now that the 9850 is launching I'm coming home to Blackberry. Can't wait until August 21!

My only problem is I need a QWERTY keyboard option as well. This is a cool phone, but damn AT & T with their exclusives. If Sprint could have had the model with touchscreen and pull out keyboard(9810), they would sell a ton of BB's.

This is great news! But I'm torn between this and the Bold! Maybe I'll just add another line and have both!!!! :0)

I love Sprint. As a customer for years, they have treated me so well. And now Sprint finally has an awesome lineup of phones, including the best two new BlackBerries! Whoo Hooo ... this new 9850 looks excellent to me !!! 3.7 inch all-touch screen BlackBerry ... I will actually be able to show off my pictures now! That's something I've always been too embarrassed to do on my old, but extremely faithful Tour 9630.

Interesting how the poster says 4 gigs of ROM, which I really doubt is the case. However I would gladly accept in my mind as the reason why it is being released after the new bold and torch slider.

450 American is like 440 Canadian and here the same phone will be here like 600. f-that. Time for an NYC run, anyone with me? ;)