BlackBerry Torch 9850 coming to Sprint in August

BlackBerry Torch 9850
By Bla1ze on 11 Jun 2011 05:43 pm EDT

The last we saw of the BlackBerry Torch 9850 / monaco was on a Sprint inventory sheet alongside the BlackBerry Bold 9930. While the BlakBerry Bold 9930 had a date at that time, the BlackBerry Torch did not. Now though, that inventory documentation appears to of have been updated and looking at the list now shows the BlackBerry Torch 9850 as arriving in 8/21/11. In some related information, we've also been hearing that the device most likely will turn up without those physical buttons we saw previously but that's not 100%. Alas, dates can and often do change but we've got our fingers crossed.

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BlackBerry Torch 9850 coming to Sprint in August


That's incorrect, the "Touch" will go to market as a "Torch" as referenced in the article as well from the previous Sprint inventory sheet. As for the OEM parts -- they can change at any point and have done so in the past.

the touch aka monaco is launching with the torch name. That way rim can strip down the number of brands offered much like when they eliminated the tour.

the cdma version will not, as far as we've seen have a slider form factor

Ok great. Thanks guys. Sorry I haven't been up to date had an affair with Mrs. Droid for a while :-( I admit to it. But am back to Mrs. Berry. As for the torch on sprint I won't go back. Love my torch with a real keyboard.

Why would they make the Torch 2 without those physical buttons? Wouldn't that make it a completely different phone? Where would one find out if they plan to remove the buttons? I have the first Torch and couldn't wait for the Torch 2 - that is until I heard this info.

Completely different phone. The article refers to the monaco, or to help people understand better, Storm 3. Different phone, same moniker.

he's talking about the monaco under the torch name . the torch slider available on att and t mobile will have physical buttons.

CB's previous post on this noted that the device they've been calling the Touch appears to have been rolled up under the Torch brand along with the AT&T-exclusive slider. The Sprint document lists it as Torch 9850 (Monaco). So this is NOT the Torch 2, also an AT&T device, but a different Torch altogether. Just like all those different Bolds across the various carriers.

Okay, I was confused for moment.. I've been looking forward to the "Touch" since I heard of it existence lol. I must have missed the article about it being branded as a "Torch" without the slide out keyboard. Still looking forward to it.. whatever it may be called.. I just hope it hits Verizon soon!

It was referenced as being a Torch here:

Good news for RIM if it is true. They will need to hit every US carrier during the summer if they hope to stop the decline of the US market.

I won a 9930 Bold from CB. Anyway they (CB) would give me a Torch instead? Just asking. Still VERY grateful either way. I wish I didn't have to wait until the end of August. Thanks again CB.

I could'nt see Sprint releasing BOTH the Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 on the SAME day....I still believe what the Sprint call center CSR told me that the Bold 9930 would try to be released late June up to mid-July, which IMO makes sense if the SKU list is updated now to include a release date for the Torch 9850. That way Evo 3D is released June 24th, Bold 9930 (hopefully July 15th) and then Torch 9850 August 21st. What's your honest opinion Bla1ze?

Can't see both rolling out the same day either but.. that's the best info we have right now and of course -- we all know anything posted is subject to change. Nothing is official until well, it's official. :)

Thanks Bla1ze...I'm like you, I can't wait to get the Bold 9930. I'm already on the pre-order list at the BlackBerry Store in Farmington Hills, MI. Will be there bright and early the day the Bold 9930 is released on Sprint. Let's all hope for mid July release :)

Yes the Bold 9930 will be a world phone like the Tour is and Bold 9650. But I think it'll be 4G available on the GSM HSPA+ if used of course in say Europe.

Thanks for the reply. I know the Bold 9930 will be a world phone but I'm curious about the 9850 Monaco/Torch.

bold 9900's won't roll in canada until rogers ready with the 4G campaign. this will be the flagship device for rollout in late august......

At least that date is accurate i called sprint when i found out & told them i have a question & she told me after my 5 first questions

What are the odds that the Torch 9850 can be unlocked to work on the Virgin Mobile U.S. CDMA network, seeing as how it's owned by Sprint?

its possible but sum ppl get they phone flashed but i know its possible they aint gone give away the lock code for free like verizon did for the storm 1 so you gotta bite the bullet

I have a feeling this thing might be loaded with a 4g antenna just a feeling but it wouldnt make sense since sprint is making changes to its network but this phone on sprint & verizon is going to create sum trouble for the current android devices backdoor with that is a date & month & device they want to drop a qnx superphone which is another 6 months away i think they have it right this time plus you dont have to change devices when qnx drop bcuz qnx can run on a 1ghz processor but it wont be snappy but on a dual core thats crazy speed but i wanna see how dev scale dwn qnx to run on older devices since were going to be on ROMS

Bla1ze, perhaps you should do a blog post informing people of the name change. Too many people asking the same question about the Torch 9800 slider, Torch2 9810 slider and now the Torch 9850 & 9860 full touch no slider.

They cant read the post says it but you know you have to break it down for some ppl all the way down


Now i will need to upgrade again. O well. It's only money.

Have all you BB fans got your PlayBook as of yet?

Late August for Sprint. Wonder when T-mobile and Verizon will get theirs. At least 2 phones plan to release before the 4th quarter. That might help sell on an earnings call.

Im wondering if the bold 9900 will get a refresh simular from 9700 to 9780. This because off the os update to 7.5 and there will no be qnx till late 2012 or 2013.
I wonder of Crackberry could do some research to this case of the bold 9900 gets a upgrade and what this will be. I hope for a duo core, 1gbram , ff cam and a 3 inch screen.
That certainly be qnx ready

"Non-camera" is for Government workers normally, who can't take a camera into the office because of the job role.

BB frustrates me more and more each day. RIM has got to stop with these exclusive deals. Have they seen what samsung is doing with the Galaxy S Line? Put the darn phone on every carrier you can!!! Exclusivity deals are ridiculous and un-needed. Im happy for Samsung with all the success they are having over the last couple years. Its about time someone realized that that is the way to release phones and take over marketshare.

I was a longtime berry user and have since switched to the verizon iphone. I will always keep my eye on what RIM is doing, but I have completely lost faith in their business strategy. And by the time this phone comes on sprint, the iphone 4S might be coming out. Lights out RIM.

Lata crackheads :)

I think it's about time RIM releases these new devices already. I'm losing sleep, can't eat, am always on the edge...all because I'm nervous about the uncertainty of the release of my beloved Bold 9930. Heck, even when I'm sleeping with my fiancee I imagine the Bold 9930...last night i moaned "Bold 9930" and she made me sleep on the couch after that...this insanity must stop!!!!!!! RIM is making us go berserk!